So the classic Aaliyah and her CLASSIC song “One In a Million” get covers by boy band lead singer of B2K – Omarion. Omarion says that he is just paying HOMAGE to Aaliyah by remaking “One In A Million”. Well…

This sh*t is TERRIBLE. I say once again T E R R I B L E! I’ve heard this song being covered better at TALENT SHOWS! Omarion you was NOT paying Homage you felt BRAVE! Ur so wrong for this, Aaliyah is just gonna rise from the dead like she’s Jesus and be like “Who Run This Muthaf**ker!?” I can’t believe it. I seriously can’t believe I’m so disappointed!!

FYI – Omarion is releasing a Mixtape called “The Awakening”, well his defiantly awaking Aaliyah right now!