Last night (To the UK) Chris Brown and Rihanna followed each other on Twitter. It was a BIG shock to both RihannaNavy (Rihanna’s Fans/Stans) and Team Breezy (We all know who Team Breezy is :-)). However it seems like one party ain’t happy about the situation at all.

Everyone clearly knows what happened between Chris Brown & Rihanna. If you don’t know you must Google it because I am not here for that. I personally am glad they are following each other because it’s time to FORGIVE and move on. In March Rihanna relaxed the restraining Order against Chris Brown; which meant that they can now speak to each other publicly and attend the same events without any restrictions. Chris Brown was originally ordered to not come within 50 Yards of Rihanna and 10 yards if they attended the same public events.

A Rihanna fan tweeted Rihanna this:

“I never thought you would go back with him! You better not, Its your life but you do have people that look up to you. e.g. young girls”

Rihanna Replies:

“It’s fuckin’ Twitter, not the alter. Calm Down!” 


WELL! Me personally I am happy they are following each other. Rihanna is single Chris isn’t BUT it is obvious that the love that they had was strong. HOWEVER Rihanna cannot be talking to her FANS like that! It wasn’t even a Fan it was a STAN! How r u gonna swear after your fans!? And people claim that Chris Brown is Unprofessional for throwing chair’s out of a window!? To be honest I can see why Her and Chris was fighting that night because Rihanna CLEARLY is CHEEKY and is not afraid to show it.However she and Chris are still young and you can see that by their actions! If you ask me there made for each other!

Moving on I think it will be nice to see them two give Love a 2nd try! Chris has been through enough now. It’s clear he didn’t mean to do what he did and the Media has token it far! Let bygones be Bygone’s! As for Chris Brown’s girlfriend… You need to be prepared for when Chris chucks up the Deuces.