Tyga has been appealing to me recently. Not because his dyed his hair blonde but his music seems to keep calling me! His new song “Far Away” which is meant to be the sentimental single of his first album “Careless World”, has really appealed to me, I’m very almost hooked on the song. Tyga is doing well for himself! Check out the song, this will DEFIANTLY blow up on the Radio!

This song is BANGING! It’s something that Nelly would do and Nelly got very popular doing songs like this; I mean look at “Just a Dream” that was played constantly everywhere! Tyga most defiantly needs to drop a HOTT video for this and he would be set to go. I’m looking forward to his album, because so far, Reminded and this song “Far Away” have both appealed to me. Round of applause for Tyga! He is going to go far!