So the official video of Beyonce “Run the World (Girls)” video has finally been released. Beyonce TEASED her fans by releasing an EXTENDED Preview of the song on American Idol; then told her fans that the FULL version of the video would be released 30 mins later. Diva antics or what?

The video is “BLAH” to me. I expected so much more. I am about to go in:

  1. Why does Beyonce have 2 boys dancing with her at the start of the video if “Girls” run the World?
  2. Why did she pay the men just to stand there? She could have had a Dance battle with them to show that Girls run the World
  3. She could have did some Rhythm Nation Sh*t like what she does when she Performs “Ring The Alarm” LIVE.

She hyped this video up. The Previews made me assume that there was going to be a War. The video is OKAY, it’s not TERRIBLE but she could have done this and she could have done that. Call me judgmental or a Hater or whatever. I personally believe the video is Diva Part II. She could have even made a Remake of “Lose my Breath”. Either way the video would win awards because its not terrible I just was expecting so much more! Anyway the video is here, her Fans can stop crying now.