Recent rumors have been circulating on Dannii Minogue leaving The X-Factor. There hasn’t been a reason but Dannii wrote on her own personal blog why. Check out the news from 3am.

Naughty little sources told our brethren at the Mirror that it was her decision to leave after the first audition dates were changed three times, ruining her chances to fly to the UK. They said: “She’d had enough of being messed around and treated like she was insignificant. The third change of dates was the final straw.”

And Dannii wrote on her blog this week: “I’m not furious, upset or livid. We simply couldn’t make the dates work.”

It’s now thought that Dannii’s decision to go has caused chaos behind the scenes on the show and ITV bosses are getting a little tired of a dithering Simon.

Important X Factor folk are apparently worried about the other judges – who will sit alongside Gary Barlow and Louis Walsh – one of which is rumoured to be Tulisa Contostavlos off N Dubz.

A show source, otherwise known as The Gobby Show Source, said: “ITV wants things signed and sealed but Simon is still changing his mind and thinking of new names. The feeling is that without Cheryl and Dannii a big sexy female star is needed.

“If they end up with Tulisa and Kelly Rowland, who are the favourites for the jobs, fans will be very disappointed.”

Well Kelly Rowland is the right Person however that N-Dubz chick is not replacing Dannii she’s most likely replacing Cheryl as her and Cheryl are on the same level when singing is in perspective! But this years X-Factor shall be interesting, just to see how everything will fall to place. Louis just might feel VERY uncomfortable. However Simon has had his eye on showing Dannii the door for a while.