News has surfaced that Cheryl Cole will be Returning to X-Factor US. After it was reported that she was SACKED, they are bringing her back. Check out the Info:

She’s back.

Just one week after British singer Cheryl Cole was axed from “The X Factor” because Fox executives thought her accent was too thick, she’ll return to the show.

Cole has been reinstated as a judge after Simon Cowell — the creator of the singing competition — fought hard to get her job back, reports the UK’s News of the World.

Sources also tell TMZ that the Girls Aloud singer was brought back on “X Factor” because she was owed a $1.5 million paycheck whether or not she actually appeared on the show — and it made more sense for Fox to bring her back on and not lose their money.

Although it was never officially announced Cole was removed from “X Factor,” it was widely reported she had been replaced by the Pussycat Dolls singer, Nicole Scherzinger, who originally was the show’s host.

It was also speculated that Cole lacked chemistry with fellow judge Paula Abdul.

The American version of “X Factor” also features music mogul L.A. Reid as a judge, and will premiere on Fox in September.

Shall I Tell you what I think? I think the ONLY reason Fox brought her back is because Simon must have THREATENED to leave the show, as the Media has BLOWN this situation up and have already made Simon seem the bad one. It doesn’t make much sense because once a company decides to sack someone they don’t really care whether their going to lose money they just want to see you walking through a door and for you to NEVER Return. Simon must have had SERIOUS words with the bosses at FOX, or I wonder who sucked who’s d**k? Regardless my reaction to this piece of information is this….