A Press release by Alesha’s manager has been released that either she’s been Dropped by her record label or she has left. Artist’s usually say that they leave the record label to avoid embarrassment. Unless your name is Ciara and explain the reason why your last album failed and why you want to leave your record label, I usually go with that the artist got Dropped. Check out the Press release below:

Alesha would like to announce that after discussions with her record label, Asylum/Atlantic, we have decided not to extend her recording contract.

It became clear during our discussions that both Alesha and her label had some creative differences which we were unable to resolve and it was mutually agreed that the best course of action for both parties was to part company on good terms.

Alesha would like to thank Asylum records for their support and hard work over the past 2 albums and wish them all the best going forward.

We are currently in discussions with other labels and look forward to a new record in 2012.

Alesha is proud to have been Asylum Records first platinum selling artist and to have delivered them their first international success with “The Boy Does Nothing” which has now sold almost 1 million copies worldwide and was a top 10 hit in 20 countries.

Looking at the terrible video of “Drummer Boy” and her last album “The Entertainer” peaked in the Album charts at #84. I can see why they came into a deep discussion. However I believe she got Dropped and didn’t leave. If Alesha finds a new Recording contract I want to hear her try rapping one more time! Also she needs to release more songs like “Breathe Slow”.