Drake told Billboard that his new album “Take Care” will be released October 24th. Tomorrow will be a Year since Drake’s Debut album “Thank Me Later” was released. A Year has gone by so quickly! I’m still quoting “I Know way to many people here right now that I didn’t know last year! WHO THE FUCK ARE Y’ALL!?” In the mean time Drake has dropped his new song “Marvin’s Room” on us to keep us anticipated for the album!

The song is about Drake calling up a past lover while his drunk and telling her to “Fuck that Nigger”. Basically Drake is still in Love with the girl and he wants her back but she’s got a new man now! How many of us have been in this situation? How many of us have made drunk phone calls and regret it in the morning? But only regret it because it is the truth and sometimes when our Drunk Alter-Ego’s release the truth we can’t handle it. This song is so REAL and I like Drake for bringing stuff like THIS to the table. A lot of people (Mostly Boy’s who think their TOO HARD!) don’t like Drake because “His too emotional”. Well if being emotional isn’t in the symptoms of being a Human being then I don’t know what is!

Can’t wait to see the Facebook Statuses I’m going to see soon saying “Fuck that Nigguh!”