So the X-Factor Contestant – Cher Lloyd has finally brought her new song to the surface. I Didn’t like her when she was apart of X-Factor and I Don’t think I’m going to like her after hearing this new song called “Swagger Jagger”. Please check out what Cher Lloyd has to offer:

Here is what Cher Lloyd has to say about the song being leaked.

i’ve never been this upset ever! 

i worked so hard, and people wanna ruin it for me, if you wanted to hurt me you’ve done a great job.

please dont do this to me. i wish i was at home with my family, i’ve been through enough this year.

WELL!  I don’t know WHO Cher Lloyd is calling a “Swagger Jagger” when she CLEARLY copies everything what Cheryl Cole/Rihanna does! Tattoo’s, Hairstyles! The whole lot. So I guess she is singing this song to herself. This song right here…. is just… It sounds like a NURSERY RHYME! If this is her official Single then I cannot WAIT to see the video, because the day I see the video is the day that tears stream down my face in LAUGHTER.

Swagger Jagger my ass.