The final version of Chris Brown’s “Next to You” video has been released. It was leaked a couple of weeks ago. The video is like a Movie. Check out the description of the video from Rap-Up

The Colin Tilley-directed clip opens with Brown and Bieber enjoying time with their girlfriends. Soon after the apocalypse hits Earth, causing mass destruction and separating them from their loved ones. Breezy searchesthrough the ravaged streets for his girl, but when he finds her, she is hit by a car and he must take a leap of faith to rescue her. Bieber’s story has a happy ending, but Chris’ future remains uncertain. Can love save the day?

OH! Trust Justin Bieber to have a Happy Ending and for Chris to walk away wondering if the Love of his life is going to be alive or not! I Like the video though! Its quite cool! Chris did that Run that he did in Takers! I was Praising Jesus when I saw that run! And did u see Chris catch the spirit in the dancing!? LOL! I really like this video. Someone make a version without Justin Bieber in it 🙂