There has been so many mishap’s with Kelly’s music career. I Really think that people thought she was going to give up, but she hasn’t and I personally believe that this album is the album of a Fighter. This album was meant to be released last year, but after so many failed Single choices such as “Rose Coloured Glasses” and also “Grown Ass Woman” not only that, but deciding to not have Matthew Knowles as her manager no more. Kelly decided to re-do the whole album and give it a different feel. That’s when we received “Motivation”!

“Motivation” is Kelly’s first #1 R&B single as a Solo artist, the single has had a HUGE Success within America, and here she is with her 3rd Studio album “Here I Am”. Many people have said that they feel like this is the album that they’ve been waiting on from Kelly since she left Destiny’s Child. Kelly enter’s the album with a track called “I’m Dat Chick” which is an up-tempo Club banger song with a thumping beat! This song will defiantly have the chick’s catching a huge Ego Boost when this track comes on in the club. She then runs into a Mid-Tempo track called “Work it Man” which talks about past relationships and how much baggage she has but the man who she’s got now is willing to carry the baggage and work it out. Quite a good track however with an unknown rapper that I haven’t heard before but his verse is quite good!

A Track that she defiantly needs to release as her 3rd single choice is “Feelin’ Me Right Now” this song really reminded me of Fantasia’s “Falling In Love Tonight”. The beat to this song is crazy, it’s a mid-tempo for the club that you can defiantly whine up your waist too! Apart from it being a sexy track, it still gives that Independent encouragement for the ladies.

Another track that she defiantly must have on her Single choices is defiantly is “Turn It Up”. The title is not what you think! Kelly is talking about telling her ex’s Present girlfriend about all his little secrets. She even drops this Line “What goes around, comes around buy another round!” But instead of creating a bitter R&B track Kelly makes another hit for the radio! This will defiantly blow up the radio stations! It defiantly is a UK Friendly track as well! I Smell success with this song! It’s a must listen to track from the album.

Kelly keeps her R&B roots on this album, she does keep it sexy but keeps it classy as well. She doesn’t have heartbreaking songs on it as she did with Ms. Kelly, But this album is a nice album to listen to! I think Kelly really did well with this album. I really think it’s a good effort. I’m not sure about Grammy worthy, but Motivation is defiantly Grammy worthy! The album is short but sweet. I enjoyed listening to this album! I personally believe that Kelly deserves a round of applause!

Tracks I Like

  • Work it Man
  • Motivation
  • Lay It On me
  • Feelin’ me Right now
  • Turn It Up
  • All of the Night
  • Keep It Between Us
  • Commander