A Picture has leaked that Jennifer Hudson was helping Kelly Rowland chose the finalist for this year’s X-Factor!!

This is some GOOD News! Beyoncé and Michelle was rumored to be the one’s helping Kelly to choose who goes in the finals. It was kind of obvious for it to have been Beyoncé, even though it would have been Nice for Beyoncé to give her opinion! However Jennifer Hudson is GOOD Enough. Especially since Jennifer came from a TV show like X-Factor (American Idol) Jennifer will be able to see if the contestants are ready for what the TV show has to offer!

I honestly think that this year’s X-Factor is going to be another smash! Its sort of going downhill after Alexandra’s series. Matt Cardle is sizzling out already and his single hasn’t even hit the shelves! Joe McElderry is doing whatever he can to keep himself out of an Overdraft!

This series of X-Factor just needs to bring forth a GOOD Artist that will sell records and STAY Relevant. From watching the show I feel that we got some good contestants on our hands 🙂