Rihanna’s new debut single “We Found Love” which is set to be the first single from her new album which is set to be released November 21st premiered hours ago on Capital FM. Check out what Rihanna has to offer.


Rihanna was going to Re-release “LOUD”. However things changed and now she is set to release a whole new album. From the sounds of this new single it would have been WISE for them to have Re-Released “LOUD”. If the tracks on this new album are just like this single then to be honest – I don’t want to listen to it. It seems like Rihanna is giving us Microwaved music. She has been known for changing her sound every once in a while but if this album is going to be a repeat of “LOUD” then I don’t want to hear it. Especially since “LOUD” was my least favourite album from her.

Rihanna needs to take a break. I was here for her during the era’s of “Good Girl Gone Bad” and “Rated R” but now she’s all up in my grill and I just need her to disappear for a WHILE.