The track listings to Mary J. Blige’s new album was released yesterday. A shock to the system came about when we saw that the one and only Beyoncé Knowles will feature on a track on Mary J’s new album!

1. Next Level
2. 25/8
3. Feel Inside (Ft. Nas)
4. Midnight Drive (Ft. Brook Lynn)
5. Don’t Mind
6. No Condition
7. Loving A Woman (Ft. Beyonce)
8. Mr. Wrong
9. Empty Prayers
10. Why (Ft. Rick Ross)
11. Masterpiece
12. Living Proof
13. Describe
14. You Know U Want This

Deluxe Edition

15. Journey Continues
16. Miss Me With That
17. Someone to Love Me (Naked) (Ft. Lil Wayne & Diddy)

[Urban Bridgez]

This feature is most defiantly going to get Mary’s fans and Beyoncé’s fans happy! I’m hoping that it doesn’t sound nothing like “Put It In a Love Song.” I Liked “Put it in a Love song” but I know we all was expected a ballad! Apparently a video for “25/8” will premiere mid October. Mary J. Blige album is set to be released on November 21st. 

OH has anybody noticed that the Nicki Minaj feature that was supposed to be on the album didn’t make it? Interesting!