Hello to all the viewers of my blog! I’ve got an announcement to make! I wasn’t sure how to do this. I was going to do it as a video but I didn’t like how I looked in the video.

As you all know I have been writing a lot of things on my blog and it can’t stop there! I would like to take you back to a post a posted a while back.

Malachi Speaks 


My writing has improved so much since then.


I now write for TrueExclusives . This blog is owned by a guy called Silent. Something’s that you’ll see on TrueExclusives will be on my blog and some things that you’ll see on TrueExclusives won’t be on my blog. I will be retweeting links and posting this stuff on my Facebook/Twitter to keep you guys up to date. Just to be clear I am not deleting my wordpress! This is just a step forward to get my name out there! Thank you so much for the support with my Blog at wordpress. Please continue to show the support to my blog and to TrueExclusives as well. Love you guys!

True Exclusives

True Exclusives Twitter