Mary J. Blige’s 10th Studio album “My Life II: The Journey Continues” hit stores this week Monday. It went into competition with Rihanna’s 6th Studio Album “Talk That Talk” and Michael Jackson’s “Immortal”. Let’s see if I think Mary’s 10th Studio is better than her competitors this week.

The intro within its self says it all. Diddy say’s on the Intro of the album “My Life 1 was a classic. So If you gon’ do it… you better come with it girl!” Mary J. Blige says that My Life 1 was all about the pain. However she doesn’t feel that pain no more. But did she bring “it” on My Life II? The album opens up with “Feel Inside” which features Nas. This track reminds me of Old school R&B/Hip-Hop. The track leaked a while back with Nicki Minaj but Nas really suits this track. Mary J even brings back her Alter-Ego “Brook Lynn”. However the track that Brook Lynn is on is a track that I am not feeling.

A Track that has to be the highlight of the whole album is Mary J’s cover of “Ain’t Nobody” the 90’s classic. Mary J takes this song to a next level. Mary could have easily gone the Dance/Techno route with this track but she kept it R&B and just put her spin on it. I really want Mary to make this song a single! Another track that I was feeling was “No Condition” which reminded me of some material that Mary did on her “Growing Pains” album.

Another track that is a highlight of the album is the Duet with Beyoncé “Love a Woman”. This track took a while to grow on me but it is real R&B and it’s nice to Mary and Beyoncé collaborating!

However I do have a problem with the album as a whole. I feel that Mary J focused too much on the album being old school. The album doesn’t seem recent. I feel the only track that doesn’t have an old school vibe to it is 25/8. However the rest of the album just seems very old school and I feel that’s where Mary went wrong with the album. The album took a while to grow on me but I didn’t give up on it even the tracks with Drake, Busta Rhymes and Rick Ross – I just wasn’t feeling them. Mary most defiantly needs to stick with the Sequel but not make it old school. I feel that she would have had a better album on her hands if she dropped the Old School feel and brought in a New Era of R&B.

BUT – The album is still better than “Talk That Talk”. Period.

Tracks that made my iPod

  1. Feel Inside (Feat. Nas)
  2. Ain’t Nobody
  3. 25-8
  4. No Condition
  5. Love a Woman (Feat. Beyoncé)
  6. Empty Prayers
  7. Someone to Love Me (Naked) (Feat. Lil’ Wayne and Diddy)

7/19 Tracks.