I am very proud to say that the UK is producing a lot of talent recently. With Adele gaining chart success worldwide and Rebecca Ferguson being independent on making the music that she loves, and the topic of this album review – Emeli Sande! I’m ready for the UK to takeover.

Emeli Sande has released her debut album “Our Version of Events”. The first time I heard of Emeli Sande was on Tinie Tempah’s album “Disc-Overy” where she featured on a track called “Let Go”, from then I was a fan of her voice but didn’t take time to research into her. Then we heard her on Professor Green’s single “Read All About” which went to Number one within the UK and was number one for two weeks. Now we are enabled to indulge into Emeli Sande personally with “Our Version of Events”.

Emeli starts the album with her hit single “Heaven” which is a personal favourite of mine. The track is very modern and I can see why it was a success on the UK Charts. However the album isn’t just for the mainstream crowd. I would like to talk about a track called “Where I Sleep” which has a smooth reggae beat to it but is very soulful. With the lyrics such as:

“See…the times are changing I`m sure on nothing and I know except this is us, this is love and this is where I’m home! In a world that`s breaking, When nothing is for keep, But this is us, this is love And this is where I sleep.”

Emeli gives very good relationship advice on the track called “Maybe”. This track breaks down the symptoms of a relationship that is breaking. Emeli gives recommendations to try and revive the relationship. The track could be seen as simple but it is very soulful. Continuing on from the track “Maybe” we have the track “Suitcase”. This to me is a continuous of “Maybe”. “Suitcase” caught my heart when I heard the chorus, I was left speechless. “My baby’s got a suitcase. Telling me it’s too late. But don’t anybody – please don’t ask me why! Cause all I did was love him, but I can’t stop him walking. My baby’s got a suitcase, please don’t ask me why!” I know there has been someone out there that can relate to this song! Have you ever loved someone and they just up and left and you don’t why? “Suitcase” is for you.

Emeli’s third single of the album “Next to me” has to be my outstanding favourite track on the album. The production of the track just appeals to me! It’s defiantly the track on the album that I find myself turning up my speakers and repeating continuous times!

You must also check out Emeli Sande’s simplistic version of “Read All about It (Part IV)”. Emeli belts out this song with a piano alongside her. I’ve noticed that this is a fan favourite track off the album and it is a favourite of mine.

I find myself listening to Emeli Sande’s album while washing the dishes, cleaning my room, packing away clothes etc. It is defiantly an album to listen to whilst doing house chores. However I would also listen to this track on a Friday night with a glass of wine to let my mind relax. However I still believe that we have not heard the best of Emeli’s vocal range. I still feel that there is more to come of Emeli Sande, this is just the beginning of a young English lady on the road to success. I would defiantly recommend this album to anybody of any age! It appeals to all ages in my eyes.

My favourite tracks:

  • Heaven
  • My Kind Of Love
  • Where I Sleep
  • Clown
  • Daddy (feat. Naughty Boy)
  • Maybe
  • Suitcase
  • Next To Me
  • Hope
  • Read All About It (Part IV)