Her debut album was one of my most played albums of 2009. It was very refreshing to hear a fresh female singer that has soul and emotion. ‘The Bridge’ surely impressed me. So, when it came down to her sophomore album I was hoping that Melanie Fiona wouldn’t lose my interest, and thankfully she didn’t!

‘The MF Life’ started off rather rocky. ‘Gone and Never Coming Back’ was the first single to be released off the album. Which didn’t do so well in the Billboard charts, however, the track was a fan favourite. Every time BET 106 & Park played the video on their countdown she would trend on Twitter. The next single to be lifted off the project was ‘4am’. Unfortunately, I didn’t warm to this track first hand. Regardless of me not liking the track first hand, I didn’t give up on ‘4am’ and after a while I got into the concept and it became one of those tracks that I found myself repeating.

I’m telling you, when you hear this song, it will take your breath away…

‘The MF Life’ is very different. Melanie spoke about her love life in interviews before the album dropped, she informed interviewees that she has been broken hearted and she will be speaking about the heartbreak within the project. Automatically, I was excited to hear the album. Give me a heartbreak album over an album talking about “you a stupid hoe, you a stupid hoe, you a stupid hoe (stupid, stupid, stupid)” any day!  However, what I’ve learnt from ‘The MF Life’ is that when an artist say’s that the album is going to be about “Heartbreak” it doesn’t mean that it will be full of ballads. That’s defiantly something that I’ve learnt by listening to ‘The MF Life’.

Melanie opens up the album with the track ‘This Time’ which features Label band mate J. Cole. This track you hear Melanie singing about what she will do this time around now that Love has come. It has an appealing beat and will surely do well on urban radio stations.


‘The MF Life’ had to grow on me…

‘Wrong Side Of A Love Song’. Every time I hear this song, I go into a moment of silence. ‘Wrong Side of A Love Song’ is everything that the title says. However, you must reverse it around to a real life situation. Melanie states in the chorus “How did I end up of a long song?” Have you ever felt like you’re on the wrong side of life? Have you ever felt like this is not the life you’re meant to be living? Have you ever felt like you’re on the WRONG SIDE OF LOVE!? ‘Wrong Side of a Love Song’ will breakdown your feelings. Melanie opens up the song with “Where were you, when I needed a friend?” I’m telling you, when you hear this song, it will take your breath away. Not only with the lyrics but with Melanie’s vocals!

As I’ve previously stated, the album is not about ballads, and this next track proves my point. ‘Change The Record’ features rapper B.o.B.  I didn’t understand the track during my first listen of ‘The MF Life’. ‘Change the Record’ evaluates when you have someone in your life that is playing the same old games and it’s time for them to change the record. This track will defiantly appeal to the mainstream crowd and surely will do well on the charts if released as a single. With the catch phrase “I hear ya DJ, I hear ya DJ!” surely Melanie has a hit on her hands if she releases ‘Change the Record’ as a single.

Another track that will surely appeal to the mainstream crowd is the mash-up track ‘6AM’ which features T-Pain and remixes his track ‘5am’ and Melanie’s ‘4AM’.

In conclusion if you think ‘The MF Life’ is all about Ballad’s, you’d be mistaken. One thing I must congratulate Melanie about with this album is the fact that I never lost interest whilst listening to it. Whilst listening to albums you can get very bored of listening to the same topic throughout the record, Melanie didn’t do that with ‘The MF Life’, the album is very diverse. One track that shows her diversity is ‘Watch Me Work’. Melanie leaves the heartbreak alone on this track and starts to show off. In comparison to her previous album ‘Watch Me Work’ is very much like ‘Ay Yo’.

However, I must state that ‘The MF Life’ had to grow on me. I didn’t like the album at first because I was expecting ballads; I was shocked by the diversity of the album. Regardless, I didn’t give up on the album because it isn’t a terrible project, I just had to understand the concept of the album. I will surely recommend this album to anybody of any age, specifically a younger audience. I can see a little girl dancing in front of her mirror whilst listening to this project.

Out-standing tracks

  1. This Time (feat. J. Cole)
  2. 4AM
  3. Break Down These Walls
  4. Wrong Side Of A Love Song
  5. Running (feat. Nas)
  6. Change The Record (feat. B.O.B)
  7. Gone and Never Coming Back
  8. Can’t Say I Never Loved You
  9. 6AM (Feat. T-Pain)
  10. Gone (La, Da, Di) (feat. Snoop Dogg)
  11. Can’t Do This Anymore
  12. What Am I To Do

12/18 tracks