My Top 12 Favourite Singles Of 2012

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Some of you may not know, but throughout the course of the year I make playlists of all the songs/singles/albums that I am feeling every month of the year. As it’s the end of 2012 I thought I’ll share what my most played singles of the year were, every track representing a month in the calendar. Whilst I was doing this, I noticed that the start of 2012 was a weak start for music! Sorry to side-track, let’s get down to business.

12. Mary Mary‘Go Get It’

A lot of people don’t know that I like to listen to Gospel music from time to time. One of my favourite inspirational/Gospel tracks that took my heart this year has definitely been Mary Mary’s ‘Go Get It’. The song brought deliverance to my soul on such a ratchet level. I was finding myself running around my room shouting ‘GO GET IT! GO GET IT! GO GET IT! GO GETCHO BLESSING!!”. I just want to encourage everyone to go getcho blessing within 2013! It’s yo’ time!

11. Melanie Fiona‘This Time (feat. J. Cole)’

Melanie Fiona has taken the award as one of my favourite albums this year. However, ‘This Time’ has also been one of my favourite singles she’s released this year. Not because it features one of my favourite rappers, J. Cole, but because it was a good contemporary R&B track. The reason why this record is one of my favourite singles from ‘The MF Life’ is because it isn’t the typical ballad that you would hear from Fiona, I really took a liking to the record, not only because of the appealing beat, but because of the lyrical content as well. With better promotion, I believe ‘This Time’ would’ve crossed over and been a big hit not only on Urban radio charts but on Pop radio as well. Hopefully, Fiona’s team steps it up a notch in 2013!

10. 2 Chainz‘No Lie (feat. Drake)’

I was very late when I heard ‘No Lie’ by 2 Chainz. Mainly because I am not a fan of 2 Chainz’s shouting, so I was out of the loop for a good minute. Despite that, one day I turned on my radio and heard this song and from there it became one of my favourite songs! I was drawn to the song by Drake’s verse. You can’t deny, Drake has a unique tone that can make you instantly like a record. ‘No Lie’ was my head bopping track of the spring!

9. Azealia Banks‘212 (feat. Lazy Jay)’

The party anthem of 2012! I wasn’t sure who the artist behind this track was when I first heard it until someone told me. From that moment onwards, it was another anthem of my summer! The climax of the song is what makes this record what it is! If ‘212’ hasn’t been the highlight record of your year then you’ve been living under a rock. Please be free to dance like a white boy to this record, because I casually will.

8. Misha B‘Home Run’

I’ve always been a fan of Misha B from the days when she was on ‘The X-Factor’. When she released her mixtape, ‘Why Hello World’, earlier on this year, ‘Homerun’, was the stand out record on the project for me. Despite the duration of the mixtape version being only 1 minute, I still took a liking to the track. However, when she released the full version of the record it became another summer anthem of 2012! I even came up with my own adlibs; “Misha bludclart B you da baddest! Misha bludclart B you da baddest! Look at what you’ve done, done!”

7. Rick Ross‘Stay Schemin (feat. Drake and French Montana)’

I bet you’re shocked to see this song on the list! As we’ve already established, I can be ratchet at times. However, I like to bring out the hood in me too. ‘Stay Schemin’ brought out the hood side of me this year. Every time I heard this track it made me want to smoke weed and kick back and relax, and I don’t even smoke, never mind smoking weed! See how influentially music can be! Staying on track, this track was an anthem for me and a real close friend of mine! I definitely was Schemin’ throughout 2012.

6. Rita Ora‘How We Do (Party)’

Rita Ora exploded onto the music scene with her single ‘R.I.P. (feat. Tinie Tempah)’. I would’ve liked R.I.P. if Ora released a version without Tinie Tempah; he spoiled the record for me. However, when ‘Party & Bullshit’ (The original track name) surfaced on the internet, it was my anthem for a while; it was even my ringtone for a long period! It’s the perfect song to shout whilst you’re walking to the clubs with a water bottle filled Vodka and Coke. Please crank up the volume to this party anthem!

5. Emeli Sande‘My Kind Of Love’

Emeli Sande definitely has been the best breakthrough artist of 2012. Her album ‘Our Version of Events’ has received the credit it deserves and I am more than content with the success she has gained from it. ‘My Kind Of Love’ was the fourth single to be lifted off the project and it was one of those records that speak the truth in a considerate manner. Am I the only one that found myself shouting “THAT’S WHEN YOU FEEL MY KIND OF LOVE” every time I heard the track? The video gave a whole different meaning to the song and that’s the beauty of this single, it can relate to a lot of different situations. 2012 has definitely been Emeli Sande’s year!

4. Rebecca Ferguson‘Too Good To Lose’

I really enjoyed Rebecca Ferguson’s debut album, ‘Heaven’. I was definitely over the moon when she released ‘Too Good To Lose’ as a single as it is one of my favourite tracks from the album! The video suited the record perfectly, every time I heard the track on the radio, I turned up the volume and was singing along to it at the top of my lungs. It is one of those records that will brighten up my day! Even though the record didn’t do well on UK singles chart, it was still one of my favourite tracks of 2012. Ferguson is too underrated; I’m hoping that she becomes a bigger star within the upcoming year.

3. Ciara‘Sorry’

Ciara’s career hasn’t been easy over the past couple years. However, within 2012 we really saw the songstress try to get her career back to where it was. Ciara released ‘Sorry’ this autumn and as soon as I heard the song, I was speechless. The record say’s everything that had been on my mind for a while. I was nearly drawn to tears. I didn’t know Ciara had that kind of power! I found myself listening to ‘Sorry’ in the morning, on my way to university, on my way home from university, on my way to work, on my way back home from work and once again before I went to sleep. It’s safe to say I was addicted to this record! ‘Sorry’ really captured my heart!

2. Keyshia Cole‘Enough Of No Love (feat. Lil’ Wayne)’

*GASP* Keyshia Cole is not #1 on my top 12 Favourite singles of 2012!? Shock horror! I have to be honest with myself. Everyone knows I love Keyshia Cole with all my heart and nothing is going to change that. She exploded back onto the music scene with ‘Enough of No Love’ scoring her first top 10 R&B hit since ‘Trust (feat. Monica)’. This record was my ringtone and I couldn’t stop quoting the song on my Twitter. It just weighed into certain situations that were happening in my life at the time. This is another reason why I love Keyshia Cole; she always pops up at the right time! ‘Enough Of No Love’ may not be #1 but you know it was another anthem of mine throughout the last quarter of the year!

1. Solange‘Losing You’

Solange has taken the crown for my FAVOURITE single of 2012! When Solange returned to the music scene with ‘Losing You’ I was astounded as to how she came back with a fresh sound! One thing I love Solange for is her diversity and her will power to stand out from the crowd! She never conforms and always stays in her lane. ‘Losing You’ was repeated constantly. Despite it being released during the last quarter of the year, it still had a huge impact on me. In fact, it is currently my ringtone! In the words of Tamar Braxton – Miss Knowles, you did that!

So there we have it, my top 12 favourite singles of 2012. It was very difficult to pick 12 tracks but I got there in the end! Do you agree with the list? What were your favourite singles of 2012?


Album Review: Monica ‘New Life’

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Without a doubt, Monica is one of my favourite female R&B singers. If you’re not familiar with the quote “kick down your doors and smack your chick!” then you’ve been missing out;  as that quote comes from Monica’s best album of her career thus far; ‘After The Storm’. A lot of people are waiting for Monica to release a project superior to the latter. With her new album ‘New Life’ being released earlier this week, could Monica outshine her 2003 album? It’s very unlikely.

As I carried on listening to the project, I became very reckless and frustrated; ‘New Life’ is very dull!

Monica’s ‘New Life’ hasn’t been easy, the album was pushed back numerous amount of times just so they could reconstruct the project. The track ‘Anything (To Find You)’ was released on 2nd August 2011, the record features the oversized rapper, Rick Ross. However, how many of you were aware that Monica originally wanted Lil’ Kim to be on the record? As you’ve probably gathered, Lil’ Kim didn’t make the final cut of the record because of sampling issues, which left Monica releasing the track with just Rick Ross. The track climbed to #25 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, and is featured on the deluxe edition of the album. Have you seen the video to ‘Anything (To Find You)’ video? Watch it below:

Have you heard ‘Anything (To Find You) featuring Rick Ross & Lil’ Kim? Listen to it here:

Monica then released the cut ‘Until Its Gone’ on September 27th 2011. This track got lost in the wind with Monica’s label issue’s and had less to nothing promotion. However, regardless of the wondering single, Monica still released a video for the record. Watch the video for ‘Until Its Gone’ below:

The album has no spark and it is very disheartening! I cannot stress how underwhelming this album is.

Despite the statistics for these records, I took a liking to both tracks. However, I lost all excitement for ‘New Life’ when Monica decided to reunite with her old friend, Brandy. The lasttime we heard from this duo was 14 years ago when they released Grammy Nominated, ‘The Boy Is Mine’. Trying to gain another hit, Monica & Brandy released ‘It All Belongs to Me’, which unfortunately, is underwhelming! The Rico Love cut see’s these ladies claiming back their “Macbook’s” and telling their partner’s to “lock off” their Facebook because all of these things belong to them.  Have you seen the video to ‘It All Belongs to Me’? Watch it below:

Now that we’ve got the singles out of the way, it’s time to discuss the project. ‘New Life’ opens up with an intro that feature’s Mary J. Blige. The Intro consists of Monica “Packing up her yesterday’s” and Blige comparing Monica’s old life to her present, through a phone conversation. I think the intro is very unnecessary and tacky. Monica could’ve scrapped up a better intro than the latter. As I carried on listening to the project, I became very reckless and frustrated; ‘New Life’ is very dull!

I found ‘New Life’ very frustrating because; I was expecting Monica to bring the fire back in R&B. Let’s create a scenario; you give someone the Olympic torch, and they run with it recklessly, drop it and out the fire. That’s how I feel when it comes to ‘New Life’.There was a buzz for R&B at the start of 2012. A lot of people were anticipating that Monica and Brandy, along with other artists, were going to bring back the fire in R&B. So far, Monica hasn’t brought anything towards the genre. The album has no spark and it is very disheartening! I cannot stress how underwhelming this album is. I was expecting Monica to really deliver on this album; instead she gave me music that I can tap my foot to whilst on public transport.  I really wish I can pin-point specific tracks that were outstanding on her album, but they all pretty much sound the same. However, one track that really stood out to me was ‘Time to Move On’. This track reminded me of ‘Misty Blue’ on Monica’s sophomore album ‘The Boy Is Mine’. The latter has a Gospel vibe to it, and has to be the most eccentric thing Monica has done with this album.

Furthermore, Monica really needs to let go of her past. She spoke about it on her previous album ‘Still Standing’ and she is still on the same bandwagon. Same album, different CD. I’ll forgive Monica for the lack of enthusiasm in this album as she has been going through a transition with her record label, but I advise her to get back into the studio and start putting the fire back; not only in R&B but also in her music!

Finally, if this project is a representation of Monica’s New Life then it must be very boring, and inevitable.

Brandy, you’re next.

Worth Listening To:

  • Daddy’s Good Girl
  • Until It’s Gone
  • Amazing
  • Cry
  • Time to Move On
  • Anything (To Find You) (feat. Rick Ross)

Album Review: Nicki Minaj – ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’

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This “rapper” became one of my favourite artist’s when I discovered her mixtapes and her debut album. You cannot deny that Nicki Minaj, at one point in your life was one of your favourite female rappers to listen to. Her debut album, ‘Pink Friday’, was a huge success, it went platinum after a month of its release. We all thought that Minaj was going to be a dominant female in Hip-Hop. I wrote a review on her debut album when it was released. Just like Melanie Fiona’s debut album, ‘Pink Friday’ was one of my most played albums in 2010. Minaj has now released the follow-up to her debut album titled ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’. However, will I be playing this album continuously as I did with her previous album?

When Minaj started off this era I was very confused. A track titled ‘Roman in Moscow’ surfaced on the internet, which had everyone questioning how this album would sound; as ‘Roman in Moscow’ was appalling! After ‘Roman in Moscow’, she announced the first single off the album, ‘Stupid Hoe’. The dislikes on YouTube speaks for the song itself. The music video for the latter currently has 506,263 dislikes and has 233,642 likes. For those who have no mathematical intellect, the music video has more dislikes than likes. So, as nobody was dazzled by ‘Roman in Moscow’ or ‘Stupid Hoe’, what was next for Minaj? She releases a dance record, ‘Starships’. Which if you’re a fan of Minaj for her Rapping skill’s you would’ve been highly disappointed by ‘Starships’. ‘Starships’ is very pop-culture which is the definition of this album.

The opening of the album is defiantly the highlight of the record, especially for the Hip-Hop fans, or should I say “for the people that know quality music!”

The album opens up with the track ‘Roman Holiday’, which Minaj performed at the 2012 Grammy Awards. This track most certainly makes me laugh. Why, you ask? Because I was sitting there questioning Minaj’s writing skills! In the middle of the track Minaj starts mumbling lyrics, not only that but you have lyrics such as: “Witch………… Twitch……………. Bitch” When I heard these lyrics I couldn’t help but laugh. However, I did enjoy the track. Call me deluded, but I enjoy it when Minaj spazzes out. Maybe I have a personality disorder like Minaj? Only time will tell. Have you seen Minaj perform ‘Roman Holiday’ at the Grammy Awards? Watch it below:

Minaj then carries on the Hip-Hop vibe throughout the opening of the album. Can’t forget to mention, ‘Come on a Cone’ where Minaj breaks out singing about putting a dick in somebody’s face. The opening of the album is definitely the highlight of the record, especially for the Hip-Hop fans, or should I say “for the people that know quality music!” ‘I Am Your Leader’ we hear from absent rapper Cam’ron and the jelly-belly rapper Rick Ross. ‘I Am Your Leader’ is said to be a huge fan-favourite on the album. However, I only like the chorus; the track doesn’t appeal to me at all. On the other hand, I definitely took a liking to the track ‘Hov Lane’, ‘Beez in the Trap’ which features 2-Chainz and ‘Roman Reloaded’ which features label mate Lil’ Wayne. Unfortunately, after these tracks I started to lose interest in the album. Even the track ‘Right by My Side’, which features my favourite male artist, Chris Brown, couldn’t bring back my interest for the album.

If Minaj wants to be successful in Pop-culture she needs to have a look at Missy Elliott’s career.

As previously stated, I lost interest in the album after specific tracks. The reason behind this is because the album went from Hip-Hop to Pop. Minaj didn’t waste any time with the transition of genres on the record. After the track ‘Sex in the Lounge’ which features Bobby Valentino and Lil’ Wayne the album just becomes a David Guetta project. I became so disappointed in Minaj, I understand that as an artist you must experiment with different sounds, and I understand that she wants to have a lasting career. However, Minaj must realise that she cannot sing, and her singing all over these dance tracks is not acceptable! I could understand if Minaj rapped over these dance tracks like she did with David Guetta’s ‘Where Them Girls At’ but Minaj is just singing and dropping weak verses here and there and it’s disappointing!

When it comes to the “Pink Friday: David Guetta Reloaded” side of the album the only tracks I enjoyed were ‘Marilyn Monroe’ and ‘Young Forever’. However, the deluxe edition track ‘Va Va Voom’ might grow on me; It is very smooth and I have a weakness for smooth tracks.

Overall, I am very disappointed in this album. Minaj’s debut album was a SOLID record and I was hoping she would continue to release good hip-hop music. She has just proven that she gave me false hope. Minaj’s excuse for this unpleasant music is because she is a “Business Woman”. Lately I have noticed that when artists claim they are a ‘Business person’ it means that they are looking for a hit, something that will boost the zeros in their bank balance. Point out all the artists that say they are a ‘Musician’ and point out the artists that say they are ‘Business people’, compare their music and you have a sociology theory. If Minaj wants to be successful in Pop-culture she needs to have a look at Missy Elliott’s career. Elliott has done dance/pop tracks; however, the reason why Elliott was able to crossover is because she brought “hip-pop” into the industry. Elliott kept it very hip-hop when she crossed over and that is what Minaj needs to do!

Outstanding Tracks

  • Roman Holiday
  • Come On a Cone
  • Beez in the Trap (Feat. 2-Chainz)
  • Hov Lane
  • Roman Reloaded (Feat. Lil’ Wanye)
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Young Forever

Minaj has recently released the video to her upcoming single ‘Beez in the Trap (feat. 2-Chainz)’. Watch it below:

Album Review: Melanie Fiona – The MF Life

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Her debut album was one of my most played albums of 2009. It was very refreshing to hear a fresh female singer that has soul and emotion. ‘The Bridge’ surely impressed me. So, when it came down to her sophomore album I was hoping that Melanie Fiona wouldn’t lose my interest, and thankfully she didn’t!

‘The MF Life’ started off rather rocky. ‘Gone and Never Coming Back’ was the first single to be released off the album. Which didn’t do so well in the Billboard charts, however, the track was a fan favourite. Every time BET 106 & Park played the video on their countdown she would trend on Twitter. The next single to be lifted off the project was ‘4am’. Unfortunately, I didn’t warm to this track first hand. Regardless of me not liking the track first hand, I didn’t give up on ‘4am’ and after a while I got into the concept and it became one of those tracks that I found myself repeating.

I’m telling you, when you hear this song, it will take your breath away…

‘The MF Life’ is very different. Melanie spoke about her love life in interviews before the album dropped, she informed interviewees that she has been broken hearted and she will be speaking about the heartbreak within the project. Automatically, I was excited to hear the album. Give me a heartbreak album over an album talking about “you a stupid hoe, you a stupid hoe, you a stupid hoe (stupid, stupid, stupid)” any day!  However, what I’ve learnt from ‘The MF Life’ is that when an artist say’s that the album is going to be about “Heartbreak” it doesn’t mean that it will be full of ballads. That’s defiantly something that I’ve learnt by listening to ‘The MF Life’.

Melanie opens up the album with the track ‘This Time’ which features Label band mate J. Cole. This track you hear Melanie singing about what she will do this time around now that Love has come. It has an appealing beat and will surely do well on urban radio stations.


‘The MF Life’ had to grow on me…

‘Wrong Side Of A Love Song’. Every time I hear this song, I go into a moment of silence. ‘Wrong Side of A Love Song’ is everything that the title says. However, you must reverse it around to a real life situation. Melanie states in the chorus “How did I end up of a long song?” Have you ever felt like you’re on the wrong side of life? Have you ever felt like this is not the life you’re meant to be living? Have you ever felt like you’re on the WRONG SIDE OF LOVE!? ‘Wrong Side of a Love Song’ will breakdown your feelings. Melanie opens up the song with “Where were you, when I needed a friend?” I’m telling you, when you hear this song, it will take your breath away. Not only with the lyrics but with Melanie’s vocals!

As I’ve previously stated, the album is not about ballads, and this next track proves my point. ‘Change The Record’ features rapper B.o.B.  I didn’t understand the track during my first listen of ‘The MF Life’. ‘Change the Record’ evaluates when you have someone in your life that is playing the same old games and it’s time for them to change the record. This track will defiantly appeal to the mainstream crowd and surely will do well on the charts if released as a single. With the catch phrase “I hear ya DJ, I hear ya DJ!” surely Melanie has a hit on her hands if she releases ‘Change the Record’ as a single.

Another track that will surely appeal to the mainstream crowd is the mash-up track ‘6AM’ which features T-Pain and remixes his track ‘5am’ and Melanie’s ‘4AM’.

In conclusion if you think ‘The MF Life’ is all about Ballad’s, you’d be mistaken. One thing I must congratulate Melanie about with this album is the fact that I never lost interest whilst listening to it. Whilst listening to albums you can get very bored of listening to the same topic throughout the record, Melanie didn’t do that with ‘The MF Life’, the album is very diverse. One track that shows her diversity is ‘Watch Me Work’. Melanie leaves the heartbreak alone on this track and starts to show off. In comparison to her previous album ‘Watch Me Work’ is very much like ‘Ay Yo’.

However, I must state that ‘The MF Life’ had to grow on me. I didn’t like the album at first because I was expecting ballads; I was shocked by the diversity of the album. Regardless, I didn’t give up on the album because it isn’t a terrible project, I just had to understand the concept of the album. I will surely recommend this album to anybody of any age, specifically a younger audience. I can see a little girl dancing in front of her mirror whilst listening to this project.

Out-standing tracks

  1. This Time (feat. J. Cole)
  2. 4AM
  3. Break Down These Walls
  4. Wrong Side Of A Love Song
  5. Running (feat. Nas)
  6. Change The Record (feat. B.O.B)
  7. Gone and Never Coming Back
  8. Can’t Say I Never Loved You
  9. 6AM (Feat. T-Pain)
  10. Gone (La, Da, Di) (feat. Snoop Dogg)
  11. Can’t Do This Anymore
  12. What Am I To Do

12/18 tracks

Album Review: Emeli Sande – Our Version of Events

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I am very proud to say that the UK is producing a lot of talent recently. With Adele gaining chart success worldwide and Rebecca Ferguson being independent on making the music that she loves, and the topic of this album review – Emeli Sande! I’m ready for the UK to takeover.

Emeli Sande has released her debut album “Our Version of Events”. The first time I heard of Emeli Sande was on Tinie Tempah’s album “Disc-Overy” where she featured on a track called “Let Go”, from then I was a fan of her voice but didn’t take time to research into her. Then we heard her on Professor Green’s single “Read All About” which went to Number one within the UK and was number one for two weeks. Now we are enabled to indulge into Emeli Sande personally with “Our Version of Events”.

Emeli starts the album with her hit single “Heaven” which is a personal favourite of mine. The track is very modern and I can see why it was a success on the UK Charts. However the album isn’t just for the mainstream crowd. I would like to talk about a track called “Where I Sleep” which has a smooth reggae beat to it but is very soulful. With the lyrics such as:

“See…the times are changing I`m sure on nothing and I know except this is us, this is love and this is where I’m home! In a world that`s breaking, When nothing is for keep, But this is us, this is love And this is where I sleep.”

Emeli gives very good relationship advice on the track called “Maybe”. This track breaks down the symptoms of a relationship that is breaking. Emeli gives recommendations to try and revive the relationship. The track could be seen as simple but it is very soulful. Continuing on from the track “Maybe” we have the track “Suitcase”. This to me is a continuous of “Maybe”. “Suitcase” caught my heart when I heard the chorus, I was left speechless. “My baby’s got a suitcase. Telling me it’s too late. But don’t anybody – please don’t ask me why! Cause all I did was love him, but I can’t stop him walking. My baby’s got a suitcase, please don’t ask me why!” I know there has been someone out there that can relate to this song! Have you ever loved someone and they just up and left and you don’t why? “Suitcase” is for you.

Emeli’s third single of the album “Next to me” has to be my outstanding favourite track on the album. The production of the track just appeals to me! It’s defiantly the track on the album that I find myself turning up my speakers and repeating continuous times!

You must also check out Emeli Sande’s simplistic version of “Read All about It (Part IV)”. Emeli belts out this song with a piano alongside her. I’ve noticed that this is a fan favourite track off the album and it is a favourite of mine.

I find myself listening to Emeli Sande’s album while washing the dishes, cleaning my room, packing away clothes etc. It is defiantly an album to listen to whilst doing house chores. However I would also listen to this track on a Friday night with a glass of wine to let my mind relax. However I still believe that we have not heard the best of Emeli’s vocal range. I still feel that there is more to come of Emeli Sande, this is just the beginning of a young English lady on the road to success. I would defiantly recommend this album to anybody of any age! It appeals to all ages in my eyes.

My favourite tracks:

  • Heaven
  • My Kind Of Love
  • Where I Sleep
  • Clown
  • Daddy (feat. Naughty Boy)
  • Maybe
  • Suitcase
  • Next To Me
  • Hope
  • Read All About It (Part IV)

My Most Played Tracks of 2011! / What I’m Listening to for January 2012

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Hello Guys, as 2011 has come to an end I would like to share with you the most played artists/albums I played during the year. Artists such as Katy B, Tiffany Evans, Adele, Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, Keyshia Cole, Chris Brown, J. Cole and Jay-Z and Kanye West are all included! Check out the playlist below:


  1. Keyshia Cole – “Calling All Hearts”
    Take Me Away
    Better Me
    I Ain’t Thru (Feat. Nicki Minaj)
    Long Way Down
    So Impossible
    Confused In Love
  2. DJ Khaled – Legendary (feat. Chris Brown, Keyshia Cole & Ne-Yo)
  3. Keri Hilson – Bahm Bahm (Do It Once Again I Want You)
  4. Alicia Keys:
    Distance and Time (The Element Of Freedom)
    Juiciest (Songs In A Minor 10th Anniversary) [Deluxe Edition]
  5. Jennifer Hudson – “I Remember Me”
    I Got This
    Where You At
    I Remember Me
    Why Is It So Hard
    Everybody Needs Love
    No One Gonna Love You
    Still Here
    Feeling Good
  6. J. Cole – “Cole World: The Sideline Story”
    In The Morning (Feat. Drake)
    Work Out
    Lost Ones
    Nobody’s Perfect (Feat. Missy Elliott)
    Daddy’s Little Girl
  7. Alexandra Burke – Perfect
  8. Kelly Rowland – Motivation (Feat. Lil’ Wayne)
  9. Katy B – “On A Mission”:
    Katy On A Mission
    Power On me
    Broken Record
    Lights On (feat. Ms. Dynamite)
    Go Away
    Easy Please Me
  10. Nicki Minaj – “Pink Friday”:
    Girls Falls Like Dominoes
    Moment 4 Life (feat. Drake)
  11. Bruno Mars:
    The Lazy Song (Doo Wops  & Hooligans)
    It Will Rain
  12. Adele – Rolling In The Deep
  13. Diggy Simmons – Copy Paste
  14. JoJo – The Other Chick
  15. Beyonce – “4”
    Start Over
    Love On Top
    End Of Time
    Schoolin’ Life
    Dance For You
    Run The World (Girls)
    I Care
    I Was Here
  16. Beyonce – Move Your Body (feat. Swizz Beats)
  17. Monica – Anything (To Find You) (feat. Rick Ross)
  18. Tyga:
    Far Away (feat. Chris Richardson)
    Reminded (feat. Adele)
  19. David Guetta – “Nothing But The Beat”
    Repeat (Feat. Jessie J)
    Where Them Girls At (Feat. Flo-Rida & Nicki Minaj)
    I Just Wanna Fuck (feat. Timabaland & Dev)
  20. Jay-Z & Kanye West – “Watch The Throne”
    Ni**as In Paris
    Who Gon’ Stop Me
    Lift Off (Feat. Beyonce)
  21. The Weeknd – The Morning
  22. Jessie J – “Who You Are”
    Who You Are
    Big White Room
    Who’s Laughing Now
  23. Michael Jackson – Keep Your Head Up
  24. Teairra Mari – Round & Round
  25. Chipmunk – Champion (feat. Chris Brown)
  26. Kanye West:
    All Of The Lights (My Beautiful Dark Fantasy)
    Mama’s Boyfriend
  27.  Chris Brown – “F.A.M.E”
    Look At Me Now (feat. Busta Rhymes & Lil’ Wayne)
    She Ain’t You
    Wet The Bed (Feat. Ludacris)
  28. Ms. Dynamite – Neva Soft
  29. Jennifer Lopez – Run The World
  30. Nicole Scherzinger – Right There
  31. Dev – Bass Down Low (feat. The Cataracs)
  32. Jordin Sparks – I Am Woman
  33. Lady GaGa – Marry The Night
  34. K. Michelle – How Many Times
  35. Wiley – Numbers In Action
  36. Misha B – Rolling In The Deep (X-Factor Performance)
  37. Kelly Clarkson – Mr. Know It All
  38. Willow Smith – Fireball (feat. Nicki Minaj)
  39. Drake – “Take Care”
    The Motto (feat. Lil’ Wayne)
    Take Care (Feat. Rihanna)
    Lord Knows (Feat. Rick Ross)
    Shot For Me
  40. Rick Ross:
    I Love My Bitches
    You The Boss (feat. Nicki Minaj)
  41.  Tiffany Evans – Won’t Find Me
  42. Melanie Fiona – 4AM
  43. Lil’ Wayne – How To Love
  44. Marvin Sapp – The Best In Me
  45. Mary J. Blige – “My Life II: The Journey Continues (Act 1)”
    Mr. Wrong (feat. Drake)
    Feel Inside (feat. Nas)
    Ain’t Nobody
    Empty Prayers

However, despite all these tracks getting played the most throughout the months of 2011. My most played Track of 2011 is: “Jennifer Hudson – I Got This”.

What I’m listening to for January 2012!

  1. Little Mix – Cannon ball
  2. Rebecca Ferguson – “Heaven”
    Nothings Real But Love
    Shoulder To Shoulder
    Fairytale (Let Me Live My Life This Way)
    Fighting Suspicions
    Diamond To Stone
    Too Good To Lose
  3. Aaliyah – Loose Rap
  4. Erykah Badu – Call Tyrone
  5. K. Michelle – For My Cinderalla’s
  6. Chris Brown – Strip (feat. K.Mac)

Happy New Year Guys! Don’t forget I write for TrueExclusives now! Please do check out my articles over there!

What I’m Bumping: December

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This is the playlist for what I’m bumping this December. Also what I’m playing for Christmas! November went missing but here is December’s! Lets check it out!!

  1. Drake – Take Care
    Shot For Me
    Crew Love (Feat. The Weekend)
    Take Care (feat. Rihanna)
    Marvins Room
    Make Me Proud (Feat. Nicki Minaj)
    Lord Knows (feat. Rick Ross)
    Hate Sleeping Alone
  2. Jessie J – My Shadow
  3. Rebecca Ferguson – Nothing’s Real but Love
  4. Mariah Carey – Merry Christmas II You
    Santa Clause is Coming to Town (Intro)
    Oh Santa
    Oh Come All Ye Faithful
    Oh Holy Night
    One Child
    All I want For Christmas Is You (Extra Festive)
    When Christmas Comes
  5. Mariah Carey – When Christmas Comes (feat. John Legend)
  6. Keyshia Cole – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
  7. Destiny’s Child – 8 Days Of Christmas
    8 Days Of Christmas
    Spread A Little Love On Christmas Day
    Platinum Bells
    Proud Family (feat. Solange and Destiny’s Child)
    White Christmas
    A “DC” Christmas Medley
  8. Chris Brown – This Christmas
  9. Mariah Carey – All I Want For Christmas Is You (Original)
  10. S Club 7 – Never Had a Dream Come True
  11. Mary J. Blige – My Life II: The Journey Continues (Act I)
    Feel Inside (feat. Nas)
    Ain’t Nobody
    Love a Woman (feat. Beyonce)
    Empty Prayers
    Someone To Love Me (Naked) (Feat. Diddy & Lil’ Wayne)
    Mr. Wrong (Feat. Drake)
  12. Beyonce – End Of Time (Live at Roseland)
  13. Rihanna – Talk That Talk
    Talk That Talk (feat. Jay-Z)
    Cockiness (Love It)
    Birthday Cake
    Roc Me Out
    Watch ‘n’ Learn
  14. Bruno Mars – It Will Rain
  15. TLC – Sleigh Ride
  16. Rebecca Ferguson – Fairy Tale (Let Me Live My Life this Way)
  17. Keyshia Cole We Could Be

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