Omarion Covers Aaliyah’s “One In A Million”

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So the classic Aaliyah and her CLASSIC song “One In a Million” get covers by boy band lead singer of B2K – Omarion. Omarion says that he is just paying HOMAGE to Aaliyah by remaking “One In A Million”. Well…

This sh*t is TERRIBLE. I say once again T E R R I B L E! I’ve heard this song being covered better at TALENT SHOWS! Omarion you was NOT paying Homage you felt BRAVE! Ur so wrong for this, Aaliyah is just gonna rise from the dead like she’s Jesus and be like “Who Run This Muthaf**ker!?” I can’t believe it. I seriously can’t believe I’m so disappointed!!

FYI – Omarion is releasing a Mixtape called “The Awakening”, well his defiantly awaking Aaliyah right now!


Lil’ Kim – Black Friday [Review]

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This has been longly anticipated! Its been talked about everywhere! Twitter, Facebook, Radio Interviews, Magazine Interviews. I’m surprised this hasn’t even hit Newspapers (It probably has but not within the UK). Lil’ Kim’s “comeback” mixtape “Black Friday” became availble online!

I would first like to Laugh at Lil’ Kim for charging people $9.99 for her mixtape. Times are hard. Lil’ Kim is an example of that. She gotta pay the bills some way, some how! Another thing I want to laugh at is – Lil’ Kim fans claiming that they brought the mixtape, but NON of them even spoke about the tracks until it was made availble online for FREE.

Before I get into the review. If U didn’t know (then ur late) but Lil’ Kim and Nicki Minaj have industry beef. Lil’ Kim is mad at Nicki Minaj because Lil’ Kim feels that Nicki Minaj has hi-jacked Lil’ Kim’s swagger and persona, and she’s mad that Nicki Minaj hasn’t payed Homage [showing respect, giving her props]. Instead Nicki Minaj has been throwing indirect lyrics such as:

“Yeah, I Took the Spot she Gone – POOF!”

“So Let me get this straight…. Wait – I’M THE ROOKIE!? When my features and my shows 10x ur Pay! 50K for a verse – NO ALBUM OUT!”

“Is this the Thanks that I get for Putting u bitches On? Is it My fault that all of u bitches Gone!? Shoulda sent a thank u note U little hoe, Now Imma wrap ur coffin with a BOW!”

“Nicki she just mad because U took the spot! WORD – That bitch mad because I took the spot! Well if you ain’t shittin’ it then get off the pot! Got some Niggaz out in Brooklyn that will OFF UR TOP.”

Theirs probably even more. Lil’ Kim obviously isn’t having it, and has fought back with her mixtape “Black Friday”. Nicki Minaj’s debut album is called “Pink Friday”. Now to be honest Lil’ Kims mixtape is no where near Nicki Minaj’s album or Mixtapes. The quality of Black Friday is poor.

Lil’ Kim does her own version of Rihanna’s “Man Down” which is Terrible. The Track is called “Cheatin'” which I believe Lil’ Kim is going at Faith Evans in this track. Regardless of who’s she going in on. Lil’ Kim shouldn’t have touched this track.

Lil’ Kim also takes on Keri Hilson “Pretty Girl Rock” which is also a Terrible remake. And shouldn’t have been touched by Lil’ Kim at all. Not to mention she also done her own version of Kanye West’s “All of The Lights” Which Lil’ Kim ONCE AGAIN! Should have been LEFT ALONE! As Lil’ Kims version is Just TERRIBLE. I cannot stress how terrible these remakes are.

Lil’ Kim also decided to do her version of Nicki’s “Did It On Em'”. Using the SAME BEAT. And nearly the same lyrics. Lil’ Kim calls hers “Pissin’ on em” Which one again is TERRIBLE and is no where near Nicki Minaj’s track. The only track that Lil’ Kim goes real hard in is the track “Black Friday” which is still weak but was worth an effort. Kim drops this line:

“Who the FUCK want War!? I’ll FedEx Beef straigh to ur front door!”

“I’m turning Pink Friday into Friday 13th”

She also brings up Drake within this track as well. But still the track is a bit Wack and the video is a bit wack too.

Lil’ Kim has a interview on the mixtape which explans why she is so bitter towards Miss Minaj. I recommend that you listen that. Its quite humorous especially when she states that she thinks Nicki Minaj is Bi-Polar. Quite humorous.

Their is also A track on the mixtape that has Nicki Minaj on it. I guess this is the track that Nicki and Kim was working on before all this beef started. The track speaks for itself as Nicki’s verse is better than Kim’s. Nicki just steals the show.

Moving swiftly on. Their is only Two tracks that I like off Lil’ Kim’s mixtape and thats “6 Foot Tall” and “Buy U Music Feat. Keri Hilson” The rest is just a bit swag. I preffered the tracks where Kim wasn’t coming after anybody and just spoke generally. For example their is a track where she gets quite sexual. Reminds me of the Kim from the 90’s.

Hopefully this album that she’s working on is going to be Good. But for now. This Beef is getting out of hand and petty. And the mixtape doesn’t deserve to be bought. It should be downloaded free of price.


WeAreTeamBreezyMixtape [Download Link]

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WHO’S FAN’S GO HARDER THAN #TEAMBREEZY!? They have just made a Mixtape for their Idol! And #TeamBreezy got some Talent! Its rather cute. Its the effort/Thought that counts!

Download the mixtape  here