Beyoncé – Love On Top [Official Music Video]

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The official video for Beyoncé’s “Love on Top” video has finally been released. Check out the visual!

It’s very simple, but I really enjoyed the video. I like the choreography and I liked the outfits. Some would say that she could have just saved her money with this video but I really like the Choreography! I’m kind of annoyed that they chopped out the second verse, but I believe that the video suits the song.



Beyoncé – Love On Top [Sneak Peak]

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There is NO Stopping King B Beyoncé! She has just released the video for “Countdown” and now she is getting ready to release the video to “Love On Top”. Check out the sneak peak of the video below!

Beyonce is really going for it with this album. I can’t knock her hussle as she is with child now. It’s a wise decision that she has recorded these video’s before the baby bump and releasing them one after another to remain relevant! As her stans will say “She’s pregnant and still slaying your Fav!” I can’t wait for the full video. It looks like the same choreography from the VMA’s performance, and I liked that choreography so lets see how this video pans out!

Beyoncé – Countdown [Official Music Video]

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Beyoncé has finally released the video to “Countdown”. After teasing us with a teaser earlier on in the week, she has now dropped the full video. Check out what “King B” had to offer.

Beyoncé really showed herself on this video. Despite having the baby bump she still produced a good video and shows that nothing limits her! The video is colourful and different. I wasn’t expecting it for this video. I was really expecting a “Why Don’t You Love Me” concept type of video. However I am happy regardless, Beyoncé is really showing that we can’t limit her!

Melanie Fiona – 4am [Official Music Video]

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The video to Melanie Fiona’s hot new single “4am” has premiered on VEVO! In the video Melanie’s boyfriend goes out partying and while his partying somebody spite’s his drink causing him to fall asleep whilst driving. In the midst of all the partying Melanie is sitting at home waiting for her boyfriend to come home to a cooked meal but in the end he doesn’t make it to the cooked meal and Melanie goes to bed alone. Check out the mind capturing video below!

I’ve always liked Melanie Fiona’s videos! This is defiantly another favourite! I wish her all the best with this album and this single! “The MF Life” December 6th!!

Beyoncé – Countdown [Preview]

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Beyoncé has given us a preview to her new video “Countdown” which is set to premiere this week Thursday. Check out Beyoncé being a clock and flaunting her Baby bump in the sneak-peak!

The video seems sassy! I don’t know why but it looks like it will be comical too! I thought the video was made before she had the Baby bump but it doesn’t look that way. I hope B ain’t doing no heavy routines in the video lol!

Drake – Headlines [Official Music Video]

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As Drizzy Drake gets ready to release his 2nd studio album “Take Care” on October 25th. He just dropped the video for “Headlines” which should be featured on the album. Check out the Video:

All I have to say is: “This nigga really ain’t cutting his hair anytime soon…”. Apart from that. This video is! I’m not really feeling this era at all!

Cher Lloyd – With Your Love [Music Video]

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I am not the biggest fan’s of Cher Lloyd, but I am afraid to say that this song has caught my attention. This is Cher Lloyd’s new single. Surprisingly I really like it. Its got a different feel compared to her first single “Swagger Jagger”. This song doesn’t sound like a Nusery Rhyme. Check it out for yourself:

I’m not to keen on the Rapper but I really like this song. I like how Cher doesn’t look like a Chav like she did with “Swagger Jagger”. This song might make it on my iPod – crucify me if you want, I understand.

What do you think of the song?

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