Apple have released news that with their new iOS5 software they are looking to include the app called “iMessage” which would most certainly be a threat to Blackberry users that only buy Blackberry’s for BBM.

iMessage is set to send unlimited messages to any Apple device with iOS5. Including iPod Touches, iPad’s and obviously iPhones. iMessage will not only let you send Messages, but also Photo’s, videos and also Group messaging. Not only that but also its going to display when the message has been¬†delivered & Read! And also show when the person is typing.

For those who have more than One Apple product; if you start a conversation with someone on iMessage on your iPad and if you want to take it to your iPhone you will be able to do that.

iMessage will be supported by 3G and WiFi Coverage.

This WILL compete with BBM however, When Apple mean that its only supported by 3G and WiFi Coverage is a bit of a Con. As 3G coverage is NOT Everywhere. The question is… Would this be another Facetime where you can only access it at home aka within a Wi-Fi coverage? If Apple are only going to make iMessage in 3G/Wi-Fi coverage’s then they’re going to need to improve that because with BBM you can have that with GPRS/EDGE/3G Coverage so Blackberry would have a win over Apple on this. However with Blackberry you cannot access BBM without the Blackberry Date Package which is ¬£5 in the UK, so either way; Both companies are making money either way. However Apple have specific apps that only work on a 3G Coverage or in a Wi-Fi zone. This is very interesting!

The REAL Competition has begun. Can’t wait for it to be released.