Simon Cowell Speaks on Cheryl Cole leaving The X-Factor

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Simon Cowell has finally spoken up about Cheryl Cole leaving The X-Factor. The media hasn’t given Simon a nice reputation recently. His been made out to look like the bad person with this WHOLE Situation. However Simon has finally spoken up about to Situation to the Daily Mail and here is what he had to say. Source

Simon and Will.I.Am had heated Words:

“The hardest thing to accept is that everyone has painted me as a monster because I embarrassed her, but the truth was I was protecting her. I just want people to be in the best place at the right time. When she turned down the UK show, we got back in touch and said, well she is still under contract with the US show so we invited her back. Her position was still there. We had some heated conversations with her US manager and he inferred this wasn’t a genuine offer. They thought that if she didn’t turn up on Wednesday then we wouldn’t pay her. We made it clear that she was always going to be paid in full. We got to the point on Saturday when we genuinely thought she was going to accept the offer but again neither she nor they returned any calls. So we’ve announced Nicole”

Simon says that Cheryl was very Uncomfortable

“Knowing Cheryl like I know her, we noticed she was quieter than normal, looked a bit uncomfortable but I put some of this down to nerves. The overall feeling was that she was slightly out her comfort zone in America, compared to what she was in the UK. If she had accepted my original offer, she would have made a sensational return and would have understood she was more comfortable in the UK than the US. I apologise that all this has become public and I understand the stress she is under, and I hate that. But we have all been under a lot of stress. When things like this happen I look at the contestant, they must think this is crazy. All the attention is on us. I am sorry this has caused so much anguish and embarrassment, but I stand by what I believe was the right intention. And I would say that to her face right now”.

Hopefully they are Still FRIENDS!

“I had a text from her last Wednesday. She said she felt let down but at the time she understood that it was a professional decision. I replied saying this was never personal or saying you were terrible. It wasn’t that she was terrible – she was good – I just thought she’d be happier in the UK. After the year she’d had with Ashleyand the whole malaria thing, you either shut it down and go for it or you have to be with your friends and family to deal with it. A hundred per cent I have to take full responsibilty because I do have a lot of sway. We areclose friends. I still hope we are but sometimes when you’re that close, when you’re making these decisions with someone’s life you have to be certain. I stand by what I said to her. I hope we’re still close friends. I’m sure if she was here now there would be a frank discussion, but will I work with her again? Definitely. She’s a star”

Was it all about the Money?

“The intention was to do it quietly and simply say to her that you have an option to rejoin the UK show. We were saying move to another show for even more money. There was offer of around £2.5million on the table including bonuses. So how is that sacking someone? If that’s being horrible to someone then I would be quite happy with someone doing that to me. She was certainly interested as we exchanged a few texts and she asked if she could have my dressing room at the studio and I said ‘of course’. Her management even asked for a legal waiver to her contract with the US show allowing her to open discussions with ITV. So we genuinely thought it was going to happen. But the big condition was that it was to be kept under wraps and she would make a big entrance last week at the Birmingham auditions and everyone would have loved it. But when the story got out, it changed everything. There was no more communication and we had set a deadline of Sunday, giving her six days to make a decision. That passed and we still had not heard anything. So we announced our UK judges.

Simon announces that Louis Walsh was FIRED!

“I genuinely thought she could return to the UK show and be triumphant. Louis knows. He was actually fired but then he came back to a triumphant return. She would have made a sensational return and would have understood she was more comfortable in the UK than she would be in the US. It was never vindictive It wasn’t personal. It was meant with best intentions. I was always going to honour the contract. I apologise it’s been made public”

Well… Doesn’t this seem VERY Messy? It’s a shame though. When you’re close to someone MONEY can spoil everything. I’ve said from the GET GO that Bringing Cheryl to the USA was a bad idea. America is a tough cookie they will eat you alive and that is exactly what has happened. It is such a shame. HOWEVER! Louis Walsh was FIRED!? Why wasn’t I notified!? Talk about GOSSIP!


Cheryl Cole to Return to “X-Factor US”

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News has surfaced that Cheryl Cole will be Returning to X-Factor US. After it was reported that she was SACKED, they are bringing her back. Check out the Info:

She’s back.

Just one week after British singer Cheryl Cole was axed from “The X Factor” because Fox executives thought her accent was too thick, she’ll return to the show.

Cole has been reinstated as a judge after Simon Cowell — the creator of the singing competition — fought hard to get her job back, reports the UK’s News of the World.

Sources also tell TMZ that the Girls Aloud singer was brought back on “X Factor” because she was owed a $1.5 million paycheck whether or not she actually appeared on the show — and it made more sense for Fox to bring her back on and not lose their money.

Although it was never officially announced Cole was removed from “X Factor,” it was widely reported she had been replaced by the Pussycat Dolls singer, Nicole Scherzinger, who originally was the show’s host.

It was also speculated that Cole lacked chemistry with fellow judge Paula Abdul.

The American version of “X Factor” also features music mogul L.A. Reid as a judge, and will premiere on Fox in September.

Shall I Tell you what I think? I think the ONLY reason Fox brought her back is because Simon must have THREATENED to leave the show, as the Media has BLOWN this situation up and have already made Simon seem the bad one. It doesn’t make much sense because once a company decides to sack someone they don’t really care whether their going to lose money they just want to see you walking through a door and for you to NEVER Return. Simon must have had SERIOUS words with the bosses at FOX, or I wonder who sucked who’s d**k? Regardless my reaction to this piece of information is this….

Why Cheryl Cole was Sacked from “X-Factor USA”


News has surfaced that Cheryl Cole has been SACKED from X-Factor USA before the Show even went to TV Screens. Reasons why Cheryl was SACKED below: Source

Cheryl Cole was dropped from the judging panel on “X-Factor” largely because producers were  concerned her English accent would be too difficult for an American audience to understand … sources close to the production tell TMZ.

There were other issues too — we’re told Cheryl and fellow judge Paula Abdul had a “lack of chemistry” … and Cheryl was more expendable.

Producers now want Cheryl to return to the UK version of the show — but according to sources, Cheryl’s royally pissed over how this situation was handled … and may sever ties with “X-Factor” entirely.

With Cheryl out, Steve Jones will be the only host on the show — which debuts in September — while Nicole Scherzinger fills the open seat on the judging panel.

Calls to Simon Cowell still haven’t been returned.

Shall I tell u what I think? BULLSH*T, Her English accent is very understandable. Its just the fact that she has NO talent. No TALENT what so ever. She can dance and she can have a little TONE in her voice and that’s about it. She really didn’t need to try and conquer America, because she really isn’t in the place to try and Conquer it. Simon was VERY wrong for bringing her over there in the First place. It is VERY Clear that the American audience wasn’t feeling her AT ALL and neither was the Producers! Also to hear that she don’t plan on returning to the X-Factor UK makes me even happier because we got Kelly Rowland who is sh*ttin’ on Bitches’ right now. Cheryl can keep it moving!

Kelly Rowland Confirmed to be a Judge on X-Factor

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It has FINALLY been confirmed that Kelly Rowland will be a Judge on this years X-Factor. Check out the news from the Daily Mail.

American pop star Kelly Rowland is to join hit TV show the X Factor.

The singer, 30, is expected to be formally announced as joining the show as a new judge in the coming days. The decision comes just day after Dannii Minogue surprisingly left the hugely popular ITV series.

Today, Miss Rowland expressed her excitement at joining the show.

She said: ‘The X Factor is an amazing show. I love Simon [Cowell] because he’s so honest. Everything he says I agree with. I don’t know what kind of judge I’ll be.’

Miss Rowland will be the third newcomer joining the panel when the programme returns later this year.

Take That star Gary Barlow has already been confirmed to appear in the series. And  Tulisa Constavolos – from pop band N-Dubz –  is also due to be announced.

They will join Louis Walsh, a long-running judge on the programme.

The revamp comes after both Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell decided to leave the UK version of the programme to launch the US show.

Miss Rowland has enjoyed a hugely successful pop career in the past, both as part of band and as a solo artist.

She was one third of US group Destiny’s Child. Her two band-mates were Beyonce Knowles – who has gone on to become one of the world’s biggest female stars – and Michelle Williams.

It’s finally coming together. Without Kelly Rowland I think I wouldn’t even be INTERESTED in watching this year’s X-Factor. Kelly is going to be giving some GOOD tips to the contestant as Kelly has had YEARS of Experience. This will also be good for Kelly’s career, as Motivation is her biggest selling R&B song in the US, Her personality alone will win over everybody in the UK. I can’t wait! I’d also like to say Congratulations to Kelly as she would be the first Afro Caribbean Judge on the X-Factor.

Why Dannii Minogue is leaving The X-Factor

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Recent rumors have been circulating on Dannii Minogue leaving The X-Factor. There hasn’t been a reason but Dannii wrote on her own personal blog why. Check out the news from 3am.

Naughty little sources told our brethren at the Mirror that it was her decision to leave after the first audition dates were changed three times, ruining her chances to fly to the UK. They said: “She’d had enough of being messed around and treated like she was insignificant. The third change of dates was the final straw.”

And Dannii wrote on her blog this week: “I’m not furious, upset or livid. We simply couldn’t make the dates work.”

It’s now thought that Dannii’s decision to go has caused chaos behind the scenes on the show and ITV bosses are getting a little tired of a dithering Simon.

Important X Factor folk are apparently worried about the other judges – who will sit alongside Gary Barlow and Louis Walsh – one of which is rumoured to be Tulisa Contostavlos off N Dubz.

A show source, otherwise known as The Gobby Show Source, said: “ITV wants things signed and sealed but Simon is still changing his mind and thinking of new names. The feeling is that without Cheryl and Dannii a big sexy female star is needed.

“If they end up with Tulisa and Kelly Rowland, who are the favourites for the jobs, fans will be very disappointed.”

Well Kelly Rowland is the right Person however that N-Dubz chick is not replacing Dannii she’s most likely replacing Cheryl as her and Cheryl are on the same level when singing is in perspective! But this years X-Factor shall be interesting, just to see how everything will fall to place. Louis just might feel VERY uncomfortable. However Simon has had his eye on showing Dannii the door for a while.

JLS Try R&B…

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A track just leaked from JLS called “You Got me”. JLS have been working on their new album; according to them they’ve recorded Over 30 Songs. They’re has also been whispers that they’ve had studio time with Swizz Beats. If you’re a R&B Fan like I am you’ll know that JLS music is not R&B however the UK Charts like to categorise them as R&B; For what reason? I do not know. Here is JLS song called “You Got Me” which is very much R&B…

The song is catchy and it could be very successful if they release it as a single. The beat is catchy and smooth. It’s about time JLS did some R&B! All this dance and Pop CRAP, was getting on my nerves as they auditioned for X-Factor with a Boyz II Men song not with a Westlife song! I can’t wait to hear their album…

Nicole Scherzinger to Host “The X-Factor US”

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News has surfaced that NICOLE SCHERZINGER is set to HOST The X-Factor US. Former Pussycat Doll LEAD Singer is set to HOST “The X-Factor US”. I repeat HOST! Hosting is what Dermot and Ryan Seacrest do on the shows like X-Factor UK and American Idol. Check out the news from Rap-Up :

Nicole Scherzinger has a new gig. After months of speculation, the former Pussycat Doll has been announced as one of the hosts for the U.S. edition of Simon Cowell’s “X Factor.”

The 32-year-old singer will divide her time between music andhosting the singing competition, reports The Hollywood Reporter. Cowell’s reality show is set to air in September onFox, but Scherzinger will be present for the auditions when they kick off Sunday in Los Angeles.

The multi-platinum artist recently released her solo debut Killer Love in the U.K. and is prepping the U.S. release for this summer, which will include the first single “Right There” featuring 50 Cent.

Joining Scherzinger as co-host is Steve Jones, a U.K.television personality who’s hosted British programs including the “T4 Music” series and BBC One’s quiz show “As Seen on TV.”

Former Island Def Jam CEO Antonio “L.A” Reid and British songstress Cheryl Cole will join Cowell on the judges’ panel, with a fourth to be announced soon.

SORRY… BUT WHAT THE F**K is Simon playing at!? Nicole Scherzinger to HOST but Cheryl Cole must sit down and JUDGE!? Nicole had a BIGGER impact on The X-Factor UK when she had to fill in for Cheryl and Dannii. Now Simon has decided to make her HOST! I can’t believe it! I’m actually angry at this. I can’t believe Nicole actually agreed to it! That’s like telling Beyonce to Host American Idol and have Ke$ha Judge! How you gonna switch up the roles like THAT!? Nicole is a BETTER singer than Cheryl! Man… I’m FINISHED. Good luck with The X-Factor US, already I’m not feeling the show!

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