My Top 12 Favourite Singles Of 2012

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Some of you may not know, but throughout the course of the year I make playlists of all the songs/singles/albums that I am feeling every month of the year. As it’s the end of 2012 I thought I’ll share what my most played singles of the year were, every track representing a month in the calendar. Whilst I was doing this, I noticed that the start of 2012 was a weak start for music! Sorry to side-track, let’s get down to business.

12. Mary Mary‘Go Get It’

A lot of people don’t know that I like to listen to Gospel music from time to time. One of my favourite inspirational/Gospel tracks that took my heart this year has definitely been Mary Mary’s ‘Go Get It’. The song brought deliverance to my soul on such a ratchet level. I was finding myself running around my room shouting ‘GO GET IT! GO GET IT! GO GET IT! GO GETCHO BLESSING!!”. I just want to encourage everyone to go getcho blessing within 2013! It’s yo’ time!

11. Melanie Fiona‘This Time (feat. J. Cole)’

Melanie Fiona has taken the award as one of my favourite albums this year. However, ‘This Time’ has also been one of my favourite singles she’s released this year. Not because it features one of my favourite rappers, J. Cole, but because it was a good contemporary R&B track. The reason why this record is one of my favourite singles from ‘The MF Life’ is because it isn’t the typical ballad that you would hear from Fiona, I really took a liking to the record, not only because of the appealing beat, but because of the lyrical content as well. With better promotion, I believe ‘This Time’ would’ve crossed over and been a big hit not only on Urban radio charts but on Pop radio as well. Hopefully, Fiona’s team steps it up a notch in 2013!

10. 2 Chainz‘No Lie (feat. Drake)’

I was very late when I heard ‘No Lie’ by 2 Chainz. Mainly because I am not a fan of 2 Chainz’s shouting, so I was out of the loop for a good minute. Despite that, one day I turned on my radio and heard this song and from there it became one of my favourite songs! I was drawn to the song by Drake’s verse. You can’t deny, Drake has a unique tone that can make you instantly like a record. ‘No Lie’ was my head bopping track of the spring!

9. Azealia Banks‘212 (feat. Lazy Jay)’

The party anthem of 2012! I wasn’t sure who the artist behind this track was when I first heard it until someone told me. From that moment onwards, it was another anthem of my summer! The climax of the song is what makes this record what it is! If ‘212’ hasn’t been the highlight record of your year then you’ve been living under a rock. Please be free to dance like a white boy to this record, because I casually will.

8. Misha B‘Home Run’

I’ve always been a fan of Misha B from the days when she was on ‘The X-Factor’. When she released her mixtape, ‘Why Hello World’, earlier on this year, ‘Homerun’, was the stand out record on the project for me. Despite the duration of the mixtape version being only 1 minute, I still took a liking to the track. However, when she released the full version of the record it became another summer anthem of 2012! I even came up with my own adlibs; “Misha bludclart B you da baddest! Misha bludclart B you da baddest! Look at what you’ve done, done!”

7. Rick Ross‘Stay Schemin (feat. Drake and French Montana)’

I bet you’re shocked to see this song on the list! As we’ve already established, I can be ratchet at times. However, I like to bring out the hood in me too. ‘Stay Schemin’ brought out the hood side of me this year. Every time I heard this track it made me want to smoke weed and kick back and relax, and I don’t even smoke, never mind smoking weed! See how influentially music can be! Staying on track, this track was an anthem for me and a real close friend of mine! I definitely was Schemin’ throughout 2012.

6. Rita Ora‘How We Do (Party)’

Rita Ora exploded onto the music scene with her single ‘R.I.P. (feat. Tinie Tempah)’. I would’ve liked R.I.P. if Ora released a version without Tinie Tempah; he spoiled the record for me. However, when ‘Party & Bullshit’ (The original track name) surfaced on the internet, it was my anthem for a while; it was even my ringtone for a long period! It’s the perfect song to shout whilst you’re walking to the clubs with a water bottle filled Vodka and Coke. Please crank up the volume to this party anthem!

5. Emeli Sande‘My Kind Of Love’

Emeli Sande definitely has been the best breakthrough artist of 2012. Her album ‘Our Version of Events’ has received the credit it deserves and I am more than content with the success she has gained from it. ‘My Kind Of Love’ was the fourth single to be lifted off the project and it was one of those records that speak the truth in a considerate manner. Am I the only one that found myself shouting “THAT’S WHEN YOU FEEL MY KIND OF LOVE” every time I heard the track? The video gave a whole different meaning to the song and that’s the beauty of this single, it can relate to a lot of different situations. 2012 has definitely been Emeli Sande’s year!

4. Rebecca Ferguson‘Too Good To Lose’

I really enjoyed Rebecca Ferguson’s debut album, ‘Heaven’. I was definitely over the moon when she released ‘Too Good To Lose’ as a single as it is one of my favourite tracks from the album! The video suited the record perfectly, every time I heard the track on the radio, I turned up the volume and was singing along to it at the top of my lungs. It is one of those records that will brighten up my day! Even though the record didn’t do well on UK singles chart, it was still one of my favourite tracks of 2012. Ferguson is too underrated; I’m hoping that she becomes a bigger star within the upcoming year.

3. Ciara‘Sorry’

Ciara’s career hasn’t been easy over the past couple years. However, within 2012 we really saw the songstress try to get her career back to where it was. Ciara released ‘Sorry’ this autumn and as soon as I heard the song, I was speechless. The record say’s everything that had been on my mind for a while. I was nearly drawn to tears. I didn’t know Ciara had that kind of power! I found myself listening to ‘Sorry’ in the morning, on my way to university, on my way home from university, on my way to work, on my way back home from work and once again before I went to sleep. It’s safe to say I was addicted to this record! ‘Sorry’ really captured my heart!

2. Keyshia Cole‘Enough Of No Love (feat. Lil’ Wayne)’

*GASP* Keyshia Cole is not #1 on my top 12 Favourite singles of 2012!? Shock horror! I have to be honest with myself. Everyone knows I love Keyshia Cole with all my heart and nothing is going to change that. She exploded back onto the music scene with ‘Enough of No Love’ scoring her first top 10 R&B hit since ‘Trust (feat. Monica)’. This record was my ringtone and I couldn’t stop quoting the song on my Twitter. It just weighed into certain situations that were happening in my life at the time. This is another reason why I love Keyshia Cole; she always pops up at the right time! ‘Enough Of No Love’ may not be #1 but you know it was another anthem of mine throughout the last quarter of the year!

1. Solange‘Losing You’

Solange has taken the crown for my FAVOURITE single of 2012! When Solange returned to the music scene with ‘Losing You’ I was astounded as to how she came back with a fresh sound! One thing I love Solange for is her diversity and her will power to stand out from the crowd! She never conforms and always stays in her lane. ‘Losing You’ was repeated constantly. Despite it being released during the last quarter of the year, it still had a huge impact on me. In fact, it is currently my ringtone! In the words of Tamar Braxton – Miss Knowles, you did that!

So there we have it, my top 12 favourite singles of 2012. It was very difficult to pick 12 tracks but I got there in the end! Do you agree with the list? What were your favourite singles of 2012?


Beyonce’s New Track

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There has been a buzz around Beyonce’s new song. I don’t think it is going to be a Single. However if it was it would do well anyway. Beyonce’s new song “Move Ya Body” which is a Remake of “Get me Bodied” From her 2nd album “B-Day” and “Single Ladies” from her 3rd Album “I Am… Sasha Fierce” has surfaced on the internet.

Beyonce has teamed up with US First lady, Michelle Obama and the National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation. The aim is to help child obesity in America. This is to encourage the kids to DANCE!



If the song gets released on iTunes (Which most likely it will) it will sell more copies than Ciara’s Basic Instinct ALBUM! (I like Ciara but it’s the truth!)

When I first heard the preview of the song I thought Beyonce was getting lazy! How is she gonna do a REMAKE of “Get Me Bodied”? However now that I’ve heard the full thing and seen the Routine…. I think this woman can pull off ANYTHING!

Beyonce’s new single is meant to be hitting airwaves very SOON! I think this is a Teaser of what’s coming!

Dawn Richard’s #ATellTaleHeart Mixtape Review [Download Link Included]

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Dawn Richard, just in case you didn’t know she is the main singer in Dirty Money, the new found name of Diddy’s money making strategy. Dawn used to be a part of Danity Kane. Now touring the world with Diddy and released an album with Diddy called “Last Train to Paris”, she is now getting a name for herself and getting the recognition that she deserves.

Dawn has released a mixtape called “A Tell Tale Heart” I became a fan of Dirty Money when I heard a track called “Love Come Down” which wasn’t on their album “Last Train to Paris”. In fact I quite despise “Last Train to Paris”! However I still wanted to see what Dawn Richard had to offer on her mixtape especially since it didn’t have the annoying man “Diddy” on it, I wanted to hear what she sounds like as a Solo artist.

Dawn has impressed me! I really wasn’t expecting the mixtape to impress me the way it did. However the mixtape does have some tracks that will receive the biggest negative bashing ever.

FOR EXAMPLE: Superhero (Accapella). Dawn love – Accapella does not include Auto tune and if it does in your books then I am seriously worried!

However Dawn does have some good tracks on this mixtape that are very Single Worthy! For example “Me Myself and Y” the smooth vocals and beat will defiantly get a lot of radio play! Another track that I think is class is “Broken Record”.

Dawn Richard sounds like a Cross between Ciara/Brandy and sounds a bit like Toni Braxton. She defiantly sounds like Ciara within the track “Vibrate”

Tracks that are defiantly worth listening are:

  • Superman
  • Biggest Fan
  • Me Myself & Y
  • Broken Record
  • Vibrate
  • Bulletproof

Download the mixtape here

The mixtape is a good effort from Dawn Richard! I hope to see more Solo stuff from her! I personally think Dawn is smart, If I was Dawn I would use Diddy to gain some Fame and get a name for herself and then she should move on to Bigger and better things! Because she defiantly can make it big within the right hands and the right team, because Diddy is only going to use her and Dirty Money to make the numbers in his Bank Account rise!

Ciara Basic Instinct – Album Review

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Ciara has hit back with her Basic Instinct album which has been anticipated from July this year. I am big fan of Ciara and since her first flop “Fantasy Ride” everybody has had something negative to say about her. I have nothing against Ciara and want her all the best. Before I get into this review I want to say that Fantasy Ride was a GOOD ALBUM! It was a Solid album and doesn’t deserve the status that it’s got.

Basic Instinct – the Follow up to Fantasy Ride. Ciara has said that she is feeding back to her fans on this album. When I heard this I was expecting Ciara to take it back to the Goodies days, The “Promise” days! The “Like a Boy” days! We hear the first singles that Ciara has dropped: Ride, Speechless and Gimme Dat – All good tracks that have gained positive feedback. Especially Ride which has gave every girl the opportunity to learn how to Ride the BEAT! I have loved every single that Ciara has dropped off the album even the leaks such as her verse on Wacka Flocka Flame’s “Hard in the Paint”. So you can guess that I was kind of excited as her Fans/Stans were.

Firstly I would like to Praise Ciara on the track “Basic Instinct (U Got Me)” track. Within this track we hear Ciara Rapping! And it’s not SO BAD! She defiantly got flow, nobody can knock her for that. She introduced the album in a Good way. But I was kinda disappointed when I took a further listen to the album :-(.

I was expecting the album to have more than 11 tracks. Probably 14 CiCi! Especially since we’ve been waiting so long. I was expecting so much MORE! I don’t see the hype around “Heavy Rotation” maybe I need to listen to it more. However I do like “You Can Get It” it reminds me of “Tell me what your name is” and “Promise”. However don’t get me wrong… The album is a good album – However the record label shouldn’t have waited so long to release it! The best songs on the album have already been released. Speechless, Gimme Dat and Ride make the album what it is! “You Can Get It” has to be on the options for the next single! The record label should have left songs such as Speechless in the dark until the album was released. I do have a strong feeling that “Turn It up (feat. Usher)” will be the next single though, which surprisingly I am NOT feeling! I preferred “Turntables (feat. Chris Brown)” of the Fantasy Ride album. However coming to think about it… Turntables did grow on me because I didn’t like it when I first heard it.

Maybe Basic Instinct is an album that will grow on me. I won’t give up on it because I am a fan of Ciara and wish her success in everything. But the anticipation that was around Basic Instinct hyped me up for basically songs that I’ve already been feeling!? Or for a album that has to grow on me? I was expecting a STRAIGHT Reaction to the album. Maybe you will see me post another review of Basic Instinct in a couple of Months like what I did for Alexandra Burke.

The Deluxe Version of Basic Instinct features ALL the videos that Ciara has done. However this is only available on iTunes.