Eminem – Space bound [Music Video]

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Eminem’s new video “Space Bound” has been anticipated to have been released since February. Fans have been waiting patiently. The video within its self is VERY Deep. Eminem never lets me down with the concepts of his music videos. This video right here is spectacular.

WOW… That Gun shot… WOW! Round of applause. This video left me speechless.


Mariah Carey – Memoirs Of an Imperfect Angel

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Before iStart anything! This album by far has got to be one of the best albums of 2009! And iWas NOT expecting this album to be So Good! The first single to be released of Mariah Carey’s album was “Obsessed”. Which was a come back song at Eminem. When iFirst heard this single iDidn’t like it but it grew on me, but iThought if Mariah Carey’s album gonna be like “Obsessed” the album is going to be Sh*t and might be a big flop! iWas highly Mistaken!


Mariah Carey starts off her album with a song called “Betcha Gon’ Know” to be honest iDidn’t like this song at first! But it grew on me! The lyrics in “Betcha Gon’ Know” is very deep! Its a Revenge song, so if u wanna get Revenge on a Ex this song is the track u shall listen to. Further on listening to the album iWas thinking… This album is okay. But that was the first listen!

The second listen is when this album WOWED me! iWas forever saying “SOMEONE SLAP MARIAHMariah Carey Album Review Stars CAREY” The reasons iWas saying this because songs like “Standing O” and “Up Out My Face (Reprise)” are just AMAZING tracks! iDidn’t think Mariah Carey had it in her! At first iDidn’t like Up Out my Face the actual song, but after the second listen and taking a careful listen to the lyrics iLiked it, and once again iWas saying “SOMEONE SLAP MARIAH CAREY” This BITCH is killing me with this album!

The album slows down near the end and Mariah Carey brought tears to my eyes on the track “Angels Cry” leading into the track “I Want to Know What Love is” It did indeed touched my emotional side and made me want to cry! iHave to give it to Mariah because the last song she made me cry on was “Through The Rain” with lyrics that Angels Cry drop:

Lighting Don’t strike, The Same place. When U and I said goodbye. I Felt the Angel’s Cry! True Love’s a gift. We let it slip. In a Storm, every night I feel the Angel’s Cry!

This track just might make u cry!

By far! This album is BRILLIANT and defiantly the one for the Collection! Well Done Mariah Carey on this album! Go out and buy it guys! The album is by far the best!