X-Factor Judge’s Categories Revealed

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MTV UK posted earlier on today a speculation of which Judge gets what categories in this year’s X-Factor. So Lets see Who has got who!

Gary Barlow – Boy’s

Kelly Rowland – Girls

Tulisa Contostavlos – Groups

Louis Walsh – Over 25’s

I think this is a WISE Choice. So far I am glad that Kelly has got the girls because the recent act that shocked us last week “Misha Bryan” Kelly Rowland will be the only person to give her the RIGHT songs and mentor her right. I am happy that Tulisa has got the Groups, coming from a “Pop” group herself she can advise them how to handle certain situations. However for Louis to be dumped with the Over 25’s, Well – Life isn’t fair. However I am proud that he got the Over 25’s as Louis is the reason behind JEDWARD! 

F.Y.I – Things could CHANGE. This was posted by MTV UK, so if it’s not true then don’t blame me. Blame MTV! 🙂


X-Factor Winner to be Dropped from Simon Cowell’s Label

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Recent news has surfaced that the winner of 2009’s X-Factor, Joe McElderry will be dropped by Simon Cowell’s Label!

Check out the news here:

The rumours have been circulating for months but insiders say that Simon Cowell will drop Joe McElderry from his record label within weeks.

The 19 year old singer beat Olly Murs to the X Factor crown in 2009. He subsequently released his debut album ‘Wide Awake’ in October 2010. His first single ‘Ambitions’ climbed to number six in the UK charts, while his followup release “Someone Wake Me Up” floundered at number 68. In contrast, Olly’s debut single, “Please Don’t Let Me Go” charted at number one on the UK Singles Chart. His second official single “Thinking of Me” charted at number four and a week later his debut album, Olly Murs charted at number two on the UK Albums Chart.

Because of disappointing sales it is now expected that Joe will be dropped by SYCO when his contract finishes at the end of this month. A source at Syco reportedly told New! magazine that the company has no plans to offer Joe a new deal.

The move will not come as a shock to Joe, or most of his fans. The writing seemed to be on the wall when he moved back into his mum’s South Shield’s home last month and while fellow X Factor winner Leona Lewis is judging on American reality TV shows, he’s performing at a holiday park at Hopton, near Great Yarmouth.


Well…. It’s Not a Shock to be honest; but Joe could have made it if there was a bit more effort put into him. However when he won I knew that he was going to go down slop. Joe cannot dance and his pretty much another Gareth Gates. He telling the world that he was Gay didn’t seem to help him either. As nobody wasn’t really looking in his direction to be another Will Young, after-all… Where is Will Young? There are so many requirements you need in this day and age to have the X-Factor! But it’s a shame that Jedward, Olly and Even CHER Lloyd are bigger than the actual winner. Matt Cardle better read this news and prays that this doesn’t happen to him, because at the moment Cher Lloyd has become a trending topic and has been all over the Media, whereas Matt has been in hiding working on his new album. He is another Victim that could go down slope if he doesn’t release the right material.

X-Factor: Walk Away or Stay

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X-Factor this week was “Wham! week” With a touch of George Michael. There was a lot of press circling a certain contestant this week on X-Factor, but all that will be revealed as the blog goes on. I Was kind of excited to see who will sing what this week. My favourite song by George Michael is Faith, and iWas very anxious to see who will sing it, and if they will sing it good.

First to open the show was Lloyd with my favourite song by George Michael. Yes – he performed Faith, and surprisingly he sang it well! It was in his vocal range. Lloyd also done something to his hair which made him look a bit better, he also had fake tan on him (which iDidn’t see the need for) But this performance was okay! Lloyd does need a MASSIVE improvement though!

Next to perform was Stacey, she sang “I Can’t Make You Love Me – George Michael”. She looked stunning, but iDo think she should do more than singing ballads! It was a bit pitchy as well. But Stacey is a brilliant singer and she could be in the line to win, but last week’s performance was better than this week’s performance. I felt the emotion with last weeks performance, this week it was just all about her vocals which was kind of on point. Stacey would defiantly get far. However iDo think Stacey looks like Leona Lewis!

Then it was John & Edward to do their Weekly exercise (aka jumping and down on stage). It was very predictable that John & Edward was going to perform a Wham! song. They can’t sing ballads which we all will see later. What was up with JEdwards Skinny Jeans! They was too tight! They looked like they was entertaining Simon though,  But here is the dreadful performance

This week the Press was surrounding Danyl, because he ran out of the X-Factor studios throwing a tantrum because Simon wouldn’t let him sing the song he wanted to sing (which he ended up singing in the end anyway) also Danyl threaten to quit the show. Danyl you must learn you are not a Diva yet! You cannot be throwing Tantrum’s because your not getting your own way! U haven’t even won the show yet and ur throwing unnecessary tantrums! And the thing about u quitting is RIDICULOUS! It’s a once in a life time to be on X-Factor, do not take that for-granted Son! The public could take that from u at any moment in time! Going back to his performance Danyl was trying to hard in the song and he went a bit off tune, without a doubt Danyl can sing, but iThink he needs to tone it down. But iDo agree with Cheryl Cole his image is on point!

Olly was after Danyl, and sorry to say it, Olly was a big threat to be in the Bottom 2, this week. Also it was predictable that He was going to sing “Faster love” I personally want to hear Olly sing a Ballad. I do want him to slow it down a bit. Olly is dancing week in week out. iActually want him to do a Stacey and stand still and sing 🙂 But yes iWas fearing that Olly would be in the bottom two this week.

The winner was next to perform. Yes the WINNER! I’ve found my winner! Joe McElderley to WIN! However – during the video of Joe going home to see his family and College friends, Joe was walking like Beyoncé in the video… Joe that is a big No No! Tone it down! Do not get to feminine! Scariest thing is – He actually knows how to do the Beyoncé walk… Moving on! This performance Was Brilliant! Joe has a good voice! And He can SING! His performance touched me and was a good way to end the show! Joe McElderley to win X-Factor by far! He is brilliant! Joe turned me into a big fan! I do agree with Louie It was the best performance of the night!

X-Factor: Jamie Rocks Out!

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X-Factor this week was very interesting! And iWas determined that John & Edward and Lloyd would be in the bottom two! I was expecting them to! However I Was mistaken! This week we had Shakira performing her single “Did It Again” and also the X-Factor Finalist performed their single “You Are Not Alone” which all money raised is going to charity.

This week the contestants performed “Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen” which iThink was a bit HIGH for all the male singers in the competition but they pulled it off well. It was very melodramatic performance.


Next was the Contestants to perform their new single “You Are Not Alone”. I personally thought it was lip-synced but that can be justified that it wasn’t because the song was performed different to how the studio version of the track is. For example on the track Rachel’s vocals are more powerful but in the performance you can hardly hear Rachel! By the way iWant Joe’s white jacket! It was good seeing Miss Frank and everybody else again. Also the staging was good as well.

Shakira was next singing her new single. I don’t like the single and her performance was okay. Thats all I have to say about Shakira :-). To be honest iHave no idea why she was on X-Factor in the first place! She’s not a great singer! She can’t teach the contestants nothing apart from Belly Dancing!

The result was announced and Jamie & Lloyd was in the bottom two! iWas highly shocked at this! I was expecting It to be Lloyd and John & Edward. Jamie is a brilliant singer, wasn’t expecting him to be in the Bottom 2 at all, but iGuess everybody needs to have their time in there. Everybody has to feel the fire at some point. Lloyd’s felt it more than Jamie though, but that’s the way this competition goes.

Jamie sang “The Show Must Go On” Which obviously was fantastic and was just brilliant! Here’s Jamie battling to keep himself in the competition:

Lloyd was next singing Last Request. Which I Like this song by the way! Rachel sang it at Boot Camp, which Rachel sang brilliantly obviously! But this song did kind of suit Lloyd. But Lloyd is not a brilliant singer. I don’t think he is that good enough to be in X-Factor by far! Here is Lloyd’s performance

The Judges came to a verdict and it went to deadlock. One thing I have to say is KARMA IS A BITCH! Because Simon wasn’t expecting it to go to Dead-lock, but it did! Now he knows how it feels when your on the verge to loosing your act Simon! Karma hit Simon Cowell in the face hard! As he sent to dead-lock a few times which got the WHOLE nation upset! Heres the result of who got sent home:

See you soon Jamie. You was a brilliant singer and God has a lot of things in store for u! Keep your head up!

X-Factor: Who Is the Queen?

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X-Factor’s theme this week was “Queen Week”. The only song iKnow from Queen is “We Will Rock U” that’s round about it! iWasn’t born when Queen was Star struck!

To start of this week’s show was the Rocker himself Jamie Archer Who sang Radio Ga Ga, which me personally was a good song choice! Because Jamie knows how to impress the crowd. But Cheryl said she doesn’t like Jamie’s afro! iDid! It needed a bit of Hairspray and some Grease! It suited him to be honest. But was Jamie’s afro enough?

Lloyd Daniels came along singing “A Little Thing Called Love”. iAm not a big fan of Lloyd! He is still in the competition for his looks! Which is just disgraceful! X-Factor has become an entertainment show these days not a Singing Competition! It’s Ridiculous! Lloyd’s vocals are not strong enough at all! Hearing his album would be like listening to my own funeral! iJust might turn deaf! Get Lloyd out! His not good vocally! On another note – Lloyd people have been searching for ur hairstyle on the Internet… iDon’t see whats special about ur hair but… others…somehow… do!

Olly broke his little finger trying to punch John & Edward! (Joking) He broke his little finger by punching a pole while playing with John & Edward. Olly came with his typical performance… Olly is always dancing and doing some sort of musical. I’m not saying he isn’t good at what his doing at this present moment but iPersonally want to see Olly sing some Ballads to be honest. iWant to see his vocals expand, Right now i’m just seeing the same thing… Olly please come with something different! Ur one of my favourites. His getting a bit to predictable.

Joe McElderry is now my new Favourite to win X-Factor! This guy is very serious! And iLove his performances. However he does seem a little Will Young or Gareth Gates, but Joe does have his own little spin on him, but he does have a Will Young and Gareth Gates image to him. Joe’s performance was good! iLike the fact that he used the choir! Forget what Louis Walsh said about the Choirs… Joe’s performance was Class… Wasn’t brilliant but it was class! Joe needs to belt out a Note and I’ll be on my way to buy his ALBUM! Joe to WIN!

John & Edward … Sang Under Pressure By Queen. Lets mention that one of the twins nearly dropped by smashing through the white paper. Then Calvin Harris decided to run on stage with a PINEAPPLE to mimic JEdward’s hair! This performance was a bit of a shambles… but when is John & Edwards performance ever together? It’s a shame they have Lovers! Also JEdward had a little spin on things and put “Ice, Ice baby” in the song! God knows how… God Knows Why! But Louis Walsh needs to get his head sorted seriously!

Stacey sang a very heart-felt/Soul-ful song! She sang “Who Wants to Live Forever” which iPersonally believe was a VERY good performance! At the start iFelt that Stacey was Boring me! She is becoming to be another Leona Lewis. Stacey just needs to sort out that little Geeky and snorty personality! Which makes me LAUGH every time iThink of her being in an Interview. If Stacey does music like how she sang on this song this week… iWould buy her records! Her voice really suits soulful songs! Well done Stacey! iWasn’t feeling u last week but this week u nearly gave me goosebumps! Well done!

Big Mouthed – Drama King! Danyl Johnson was next and last person to perform! iCan’t help but say that when Danyl sings and hits his high notes he looks like he is YAWNING! Danyl sort that out man! Your mouth opens WIDE when u hit them notes! U look like ur about to Swallow the microphone! This performance was Okay. The choir was okay the song was okay… iDon’t think it personally suited him but it was an okay performance. The last note was very on point! However Louis there is a problem with a singer being Arrogant and has a big MOUTH while singing! A Big PROBLEM!

The Bottom Two was very upsetting!

X-Factor: One Step Away

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x-Factor Logo 2009 X-Factor’s Sunday’s show was Well interesting! We had the return of X-Factor’s Princess: Leona Lewis performing her new single “Happy”, and also we had Black Eyed Peas performing “Meet Me Halfway”. Not only was the special guest’s interesting but the Bottom Two result was interesting and who went home was VERY interesting!

The X-Factors contestants performed Katy Perry – Hot And Cold, for their group performance, and it was TERRIBLE! Jamie sounded way out of tune! and it was just a bad choice of song! Stacey is really enjoying “Sexing up her look” Isn’t she!?

So it was time for Black Eyed Peas to perform. X-Factor haven’t uploaded the video of Black Eyed Pea’s performing this week. But iWill give u the Low Down anyway. Fergie was on a MOON for half of the performance! Don’t ask me why because iDon’t know the answer. A-lot of people was worrying that Fergie might “Drop of the Moon!” That will be hilarious! Will.I.Am had to fly in from the back of the studio to the stage! and the other two just had a standard Entrance! The performance was okay, Fergie decided to express her strong vocals during the performance. The performance was okay. Nothing spectacular really happened during the performance to be honest!

Leona’s performance wasn’t SPECTACULAR either! I’m being honest! Simon cannot talk about Stacey being boring by standing there performing tracks, or he cannot talk about Stacey not being Sexy enough because… LEONA JUST STOOD THERE! And that’s what bored me about this performance. Leona needs to learn to give the camera Men something to do! iPersonally believe that Leona could have moved, her standing there was so BORING! And iReally like this track, but this performance wasn’t spectacular! Leona Lewis can u please move during ur performance’s. iWouldn’t go to non of her concerts if she’s just gonna STAND THERE! Leona u have a BIG STAGE USE IT!

john and edwardAfter these performance’s the results was announced… The bottom two was:


Everyone was happy about this! Everyone was tweeting “GOODBYE JEDWARD”. Me personally iWasn’t expecting Lucie to be in the Bottom Two. iWas expecting Lloyd to be in there, but recently this competition has become very unpredictable! So its time to Battle.

Lucie sang “One Moment In Time – Whitney Houston” this performance was Good! All of Dannii’s acts have talent and iThink they have a big possibility of winning the show! But Lucie was not in the race of winning because iThink she would turn into another Miley Cyrus, and iDon’t like Miley so iWon’t like Lucie! But this performance was good! Better than John & Edwards anyway!

Satan was up next … No words need to describe these Boys heres the performance

The Results was annouced: Simon Cowell is an ASS HOLE! He Did that on purpose! There was no need for him to send it to Dead lock! Because if Danyl, Jamie or Olly was in the Bottom Two – Dead lock will not be an OPTION! I’m tellin u! My Mum said that he sent it to Dead Lock and it back-fired my mum said he was actually trying to proove to Louis that the Public actually Hate John & Edward but it back-fired! Because – Look how long they’ve lasted in the competition! Its obvious they have more Lovers than haters! So now a good act has left the competition and the worst acts are still there! And we blame… Simon Cowell & Us British public!

X-Factor: Lets make a Movie

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x-Factor Logo 2009X-Factors theme this week was Film week. This weeks theme was inspired by the contestants going to a film premiere of a Christmas Disney Film during the week. iWas expecting someone to sing something from Dreamgirls – but that never happened.

To start yesterdays show was Stacey Solomon,stacey singing “Son Of a Preacher Man”. Stacey was told to sex it up, but Stacey was saying she doesn’t know how to “sex it up” Which iFelt was a very contradicting statement! Because – Stacey has a son! To have a son… U must have “Sexed it up” sometime during ur life! Stacey’s performance was – Okay. It wasn’t her best, but she hasn’t done a performance that iCan say was bad. So She gets a past from the negative comments this week. The only thing iCan say about Stacey’s performance is that her hair looked like she was going to the corner shop! If X-Factor’s Hairstylist thinks that Stacey’s hair was “Sexy” they need to go back to school!

Olly MurrsNext to perform was Olly. Olly is one of my favorite Contestants left in the competition. But unfortunately this song was very predictable. To be honest iThought Olly would have sung this during big band week, He sang “Twist and Shout by The Isle Brothers”. The dancing was very Olly, and his becoming very predictable! NO – Olly this must change if u want to carry on being my Favorite. iFeel that Olly is holding back! iWant to hear some notes of his belting out! However it was a good performance! As always, Olly’s personality always comes out in his performances but iDo want to see some Soul, or some heart-felt songs for Olly to sing. He is getting TO Predictable!

lloydLloyd was after Olly. Last week Lloyd was in the Bottom Two, so he had to come back and fight this week. Lloyd sang “Stand By me – Ben E. King” during this performance Lloyd let out the biggest note he has ever done WITHIN HIS LIFE! – Yes – HIS LIFE! This song was the best song choice Cheryl has chosen for Lloyd! iStill don’t think he can win the competition but this week’s performance was sort of the best performance he has done so far!

jamieJamie came and performed “Crying – Roy Orbinson”. I don’t think Jamie’s performance was the best… but it wasn’t the worst. Simon is defiantly struggling choosing songs for Jamie, as he had to change the original song this week. Jamie does have a Rock voice, and there is Rock Soundtracks, but Jamie will get to predictable! But iCan’t help but say that Jamie doesn’t suit no over genre but Rock! iCan’t help but point out that Jamie had the same clothes he had during the “Diva Week”. Hmmm – I’m not just not to sure on Jamie’s performance, and iDid think he was vulnerable this week!

Lucie Jones performed a song from “Camp Rock” she performed “This Is Me – Demi Lovato”. It was so luciepredictable to me that Lucie was going to perform a Disney soundtrack song! She looks like the type of Teenager to sit there and love The Jonas Brothers, and buy the CD of the soundtrack! Lucie’s performance was Okay, I felt that she felt comfortable! It looked like she felt so comfortable that it looked like she was performing in her room. But it was an alright performance! I thought she would be safe after this performance.

DanylDrama King was next! And he has a new look! Danyl has cut his hair off! It’s about time – because he was looking like Aston from JLS for a HOT minute! The new look on Danyl suits him! I’m not going to lie, he does look like a star now! Danyl sang “Purple Rain” In my eyes no-one can sing Purple Rain like how Ruth Lorenzo did last year! But Danyl can pass! It was Okay. He looks like his yawning when he hits them big high notes. iThink u cannot change Danyl’s cocky/arrogant/over-confident attitude! If his been like that for Years its gonna take him a WHILE to change!

Satan and his Demon’s was next aka John & Edward. They performed Ghostbusters, and tried to hi-Jack Michael Jackson’s Thriller in the performance as well. Let me just post the video because i’m getting fed up of expressing my opinions on these Demon’s every Flipping WEEK!

joeJoe McElderly was last but not least! And his Performance was the BEST in my eyes! It was the best performance of the night! iWas really touched by this song! He sang “Circle Of Life – Elton John”. I know it’s from the Lion King but this song was so TOUCHING! and his performance was very Heart-felt! Joe has just made it into my favorites to win X-Factor! I never really liked him before, but this week iLiked him! He seems so humble as well! Well done Joe! This week u stepped up on http://ItzMally.wordpress.com

So That was this weeks performances. Who do u think was the best?

Sunday’s Show review coming soon!