Could Jennifer Hudson help Kelly Rowland chose the Finalist’s on X-Factor?

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A Picture has leaked that Jennifer Hudson was helping Kelly Rowland chose the finalist for this year’s X-Factor!!

This is some GOOD News! Beyoncé and Michelle was rumored to be the one’s helping Kelly to choose who goes in the finals. It was kind of obvious for it to have been Beyoncé, even though it would have been Nice for Beyoncé to give her opinion! However Jennifer Hudson is GOOD Enough. Especially since Jennifer came from a TV show like X-Factor (American Idol) Jennifer will be able to see if the contestants are ready for what the TV show has to offer!

I honestly think that this year’s X-Factor is going to be another smash! Its sort of going downhill after Alexandra’s series. Matt Cardle is sizzling out already and his single hasn’t even hit the shelves! Joe McElderry is doing whatever he can to keep himself out of an Overdraft!

This series of X-Factor just needs to bring forth a GOOD Artist that will sell records and STAY Relevant. From watching the show I feel that we got some good contestants on our hands 🙂


Jennifer Hudson – No One Gonna Love You [Music Video]

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Jennifer Hudson has released the video for her 2nd US Single of her 2nd album “I Remember Me”. Jennifer is dropping some dance moves in this video! Coming from a Jennifer Hudson fan, this video ain’t like the other videos that she’s done before! It feature’s Hassan Johnson from “The Wire” as an unreliable boyfriend Check out how Jennifer deals with the whole situation!

“I Remember Me” – In Stores now. 

Jennifer Hudson – I Remember Me [Review]

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I have ALWAYS been a Jennifer Hudson fan. From the days where she was on American Idol. Her first album “Jennifer Hudson” Was one of my most played albums, ask anybody that saw me on a daily basis. “Spotlight” was a song I used to walk around singing DAILY! and Now she is back with her sophmore album “I Remember Me”.

When I first heard about “I Remember Me” was when Jennifer was on UStream and she debut her first single of the album “Where You At”. Jennifer talked about working with Alicia Keys, Ne-Yo and Swizz Beats on the album and straight away I was intrigued to hear what the album had instore for me! “Where You At” was automatically a favourite of mine because Jennifer’s vocals on the track are chilled and then she has a Climax right at the end. I think the song is just… “GENIUS”. It really expresses what Jennifer can do Vocally.

Moving on to the album. The album is delievering the R&B that I’ve been missing. Most artist’s have taken the Dance/Pop/Electro route and Jennifer keeps it R&B/Soul/Pop on this album. The first track that I was amazed by was “Angel” which definatly has to be the next single! The beat and the vocals in this track scream nothing but a number 1 hit! “Angel” was written by Alicia Keys I believe.

“I Remember Me” The track itself is an anthem in my eyes. I can relate to this, just like most J.Hud songs. The chorus is strong and its just Rich R&B.

“Everybody Needs Love” Is a next radio hit! Its a feel good song and a good inspiration song! Got that Pop/R&B vibe to it! Definatly radio friendly! This song will be a Success if its released as a single!

I wanna get on to a track called “Still Here” Which brings back the soul to the album. As you know Jennifer lost her mother and her brother and her nephew not that long ago. “Still Here” definatly seems to be the song that she dedicated to them. The lyrics are very soulful and heartfelt. This song could make you cry if you get involved in it. I can see her performing this!

“Why is It so Hard” Reminds me very much of Chrisette Michele. Reason being is because Ne-Yo has worked on a lot of material for Chrisette Michele and this song was written by Ne-Yo. Jennifer’s vocal’s in this track is so versatile! Something that I ain’t heard of her before. You can tell that she has grown, and this track right here is a Winner!

Overall “I Remember Me” Is a MUST Listen! You need to hear the growth and versatility that Jennifer is doing on this album. She is a BIG singer and you would think they would have her singing Balads and Mellow songs but this album is pretty much versitile! Something that Leona Lewis should try doing! This album is definatly going in my collection!

I just wanna say that my FAVOURITE song of the album is “I Got This” & “I Remember Me”! These songs right here are my Anthem! Mainly because – I CAN RELATE! But Jennifer ain’t got nothing to worry about! This is a SOLID album!

“I Remember Me” is releasing April 25th In the UK. March 22nd For US Fans. The Song “I remember Me” will also be the OFFICIAL UK Single of Jennifer’s album.