Kelly Rowland – Lay It On Me (Feat. Big Sean) [Music Video]

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Kelly Rowland has impressed us again with her new video “Lay It on Me”. “Lay it on me” is Kelly’s 2nd single of her album “Here I am” check out Kelly getting sexy in the video with Big Sean and an Elephant.

This video is very Sexy from Ms. Rowland. Can she get any sexier? I really enjoyed this video though. Despite it being simple, it is a nice visual. Kelly’s album “Here I Am” is in stores now! Go and buy that album!!


Could Jennifer Hudson help Kelly Rowland chose the Finalist’s on X-Factor?

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A Picture has leaked that Jennifer Hudson was helping Kelly Rowland chose the finalist for this year’s X-Factor!!

This is some GOOD News! Beyoncé and Michelle was rumored to be the one’s helping Kelly to choose who goes in the finals. It was kind of obvious for it to have been Beyoncé, even though it would have been Nice for Beyoncé to give her opinion! However Jennifer Hudson is GOOD Enough. Especially since Jennifer came from a TV show like X-Factor (American Idol) Jennifer will be able to see if the contestants are ready for what the TV show has to offer!

I honestly think that this year’s X-Factor is going to be another smash! Its sort of going downhill after Alexandra’s series. Matt Cardle is sizzling out already and his single hasn’t even hit the shelves! Joe McElderry is doing whatever he can to keep himself out of an Overdraft!

This series of X-Factor just needs to bring forth a GOOD Artist that will sell records and STAY Relevant. From watching the show I feel that we got some good contestants on our hands 🙂

X-Factor Judge’s Categories Revealed

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MTV UK posted earlier on today a speculation of which Judge gets what categories in this year’s X-Factor. So Lets see Who has got who!

Gary Barlow – Boy’s

Kelly Rowland – Girls

Tulisa Contostavlos – Groups

Louis Walsh – Over 25’s

I think this is a WISE Choice. So far I am glad that Kelly has got the girls because the recent act that shocked us last week “Misha Bryan” Kelly Rowland will be the only person to give her the RIGHT songs and mentor her right. I am happy that Tulisa has got the Groups, coming from a “Pop” group herself she can advise them how to handle certain situations. However for Louis to be dumped with the Over 25’s, Well – Life isn’t fair. However I am proud that he got the Over 25’s as Louis is the reason behind JEDWARD! 

F.Y.I – Things could CHANGE. This was posted by MTV UK, so if it’s not true then don’t blame me. Blame MTV! 🙂

Kelly Rowland – Here I Am [Album Review]

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There has been so many mishap’s with Kelly’s music career. I Really think that people thought she was going to give up, but she hasn’t and I personally believe that this album is the album of a Fighter. This album was meant to be released last year, but after so many failed Single choices such as “Rose Coloured Glasses” and also “Grown Ass Woman” not only that, but deciding to not have Matthew Knowles as her manager no more. Kelly decided to re-do the whole album and give it a different feel. That’s when we received “Motivation”!

“Motivation” is Kelly’s first #1 R&B single as a Solo artist, the single has had a HUGE Success within America, and here she is with her 3rd Studio album “Here I Am”. Many people have said that they feel like this is the album that they’ve been waiting on from Kelly since she left Destiny’s Child. Kelly enter’s the album with a track called “I’m Dat Chick” which is an up-tempo Club banger song with a thumping beat! This song will defiantly have the chick’s catching a huge Ego Boost when this track comes on in the club. She then runs into a Mid-Tempo track called “Work it Man” which talks about past relationships and how much baggage she has but the man who she’s got now is willing to carry the baggage and work it out. Quite a good track however with an unknown rapper that I haven’t heard before but his verse is quite good!

A Track that she defiantly needs to release as her 3rd single choice is “Feelin’ Me Right Now” this song really reminded me of Fantasia’s “Falling In Love Tonight”. The beat to this song is crazy, it’s a mid-tempo for the club that you can defiantly whine up your waist too! Apart from it being a sexy track, it still gives that Independent encouragement for the ladies.

Another track that she defiantly must have on her Single choices is defiantly is “Turn It Up”. The title is not what you think! Kelly is talking about telling her ex’s Present girlfriend about all his little secrets. She even drops this Line “What goes around, comes around buy another round!” But instead of creating a bitter R&B track Kelly makes another hit for the radio! This will defiantly blow up the radio stations! It defiantly is a UK Friendly track as well! I Smell success with this song! It’s a must listen to track from the album.

Kelly keeps her R&B roots on this album, she does keep it sexy but keeps it classy as well. She doesn’t have heartbreaking songs on it as she did with Ms. Kelly, But this album is a nice album to listen to! I think Kelly really did well with this album. I really think it’s a good effort. I’m not sure about Grammy worthy, but Motivation is defiantly Grammy worthy! The album is short but sweet. I enjoyed listening to this album! I personally believe that Kelly deserves a round of applause!

Tracks I Like

  • Work it Man
  • Motivation
  • Lay It On me
  • Feelin’ me Right now
  • Turn It Up
  • All of the Night
  • Keep It Between Us
  • Commander

Kelly Rowland Confirmed to be a Judge on X-Factor

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It has FINALLY been confirmed that Kelly Rowland will be a Judge on this years X-Factor. Check out the news from the Daily Mail.

American pop star Kelly Rowland is to join hit TV show the X Factor.

The singer, 30, is expected to be formally announced as joining the show as a new judge in the coming days. The decision comes just day after Dannii Minogue surprisingly left the hugely popular ITV series.

Today, Miss Rowland expressed her excitement at joining the show.

She said: ‘The X Factor is an amazing show. I love Simon [Cowell] because he’s so honest. Everything he says I agree with. I don’t know what kind of judge I’ll be.’

Miss Rowland will be the third newcomer joining the panel when the programme returns later this year.

Take That star Gary Barlow has already been confirmed to appear in the series. And  Tulisa Constavolos – from pop band N-Dubz –  is also due to be announced.

They will join Louis Walsh, a long-running judge on the programme.

The revamp comes after both Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell decided to leave the UK version of the programme to launch the US show.

Miss Rowland has enjoyed a hugely successful pop career in the past, both as part of band and as a solo artist.

She was one third of US group Destiny’s Child. Her two band-mates were Beyonce Knowles – who has gone on to become one of the world’s biggest female stars – and Michelle Williams.

It’s finally coming together. Without Kelly Rowland I think I wouldn’t even be INTERESTED in watching this year’s X-Factor. Kelly is going to be giving some GOOD tips to the contestant as Kelly has had YEARS of Experience. This will also be good for Kelly’s career, as Motivation is her biggest selling R&B song in the US, Her personality alone will win over everybody in the UK. I can’t wait! I’d also like to say Congratulations to Kelly as she would be the first Afro Caribbean Judge on the X-Factor.

Why Dannii Minogue is leaving The X-Factor

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Recent rumors have been circulating on Dannii Minogue leaving The X-Factor. There hasn’t been a reason but Dannii wrote on her own personal blog why. Check out the news from 3am.

Naughty little sources told our brethren at the Mirror that it was her decision to leave after the first audition dates were changed three times, ruining her chances to fly to the UK. They said: “She’d had enough of being messed around and treated like she was insignificant. The third change of dates was the final straw.”

And Dannii wrote on her blog this week: “I’m not furious, upset or livid. We simply couldn’t make the dates work.”

It’s now thought that Dannii’s decision to go has caused chaos behind the scenes on the show and ITV bosses are getting a little tired of a dithering Simon.

Important X Factor folk are apparently worried about the other judges – who will sit alongside Gary Barlow and Louis Walsh – one of which is rumoured to be Tulisa Contostavlos off N Dubz.

A show source, otherwise known as The Gobby Show Source, said: “ITV wants things signed and sealed but Simon is still changing his mind and thinking of new names. The feeling is that without Cheryl and Dannii a big sexy female star is needed.

“If they end up with Tulisa and Kelly Rowland, who are the favourites for the jobs, fans will be very disappointed.”

Well Kelly Rowland is the right Person however that N-Dubz chick is not replacing Dannii she’s most likely replacing Cheryl as her and Cheryl are on the same level when singing is in perspective! But this years X-Factor shall be interesting, just to see how everything will fall to place. Louis just might feel VERY uncomfortable. However Simon has had his eye on showing Dannii the door for a while.

Beyonce’s New Track

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There has been a buzz around Beyonce’s new song. I don’t think it is going to be a Single. However if it was it would do well anyway. Beyonce’s new song “Move Ya Body” which is a Remake of “Get me Bodied” From her 2nd album “B-Day” and “Single Ladies” from her 3rd Album “I Am… Sasha Fierce” has surfaced on the internet.

Beyonce has teamed up with US First lady, Michelle Obama and the National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation. The aim is to help child obesity in America. This is to encourage the kids to DANCE!



If the song gets released on iTunes (Which most likely it will) it will sell more copies than Ciara’s Basic Instinct ALBUM! (I like Ciara but it’s the truth!)

When I first heard the preview of the song I thought Beyonce was getting lazy! How is she gonna do a REMAKE of “Get Me Bodied”? However now that I’ve heard the full thing and seen the Routine…. I think this woman can pull off ANYTHING!

Beyonce’s new single is meant to be hitting airwaves very SOON! I think this is a Teaser of what’s coming!

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