Album Review: Monica ‘New Life’

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Without a doubt, Monica is one of my favourite female R&B singers. If you’re not familiar with the quote “kick down your doors and smack your chick!” then you’ve been missing out;  as that quote comes from Monica’s best album of her career thus far; ‘After The Storm’. A lot of people are waiting for Monica to release a project superior to the latter. With her new album ‘New Life’ being released earlier this week, could Monica outshine her 2003 album? It’s very unlikely.

As I carried on listening to the project, I became very reckless and frustrated; ‘New Life’ is very dull!

Monica’s ‘New Life’ hasn’t been easy, the album was pushed back numerous amount of times just so they could reconstruct the project. The track ‘Anything (To Find You)’ was released on 2nd August 2011, the record features the oversized rapper, Rick Ross. However, how many of you were aware that Monica originally wanted Lil’ Kim to be on the record? As you’ve probably gathered, Lil’ Kim didn’t make the final cut of the record because of sampling issues, which left Monica releasing the track with just Rick Ross. The track climbed to #25 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, and is featured on the deluxe edition of the album. Have you seen the video to ‘Anything (To Find You)’ video? Watch it below:

Have you heard ‘Anything (To Find You) featuring Rick Ross & Lil’ Kim? Listen to it here:

Monica then released the cut ‘Until Its Gone’ on September 27th 2011. This track got lost in the wind with Monica’s label issue’s and had less to nothing promotion. However, regardless of the wondering single, Monica still released a video for the record. Watch the video for ‘Until Its Gone’ below:

The album has no spark and it is very disheartening! I cannot stress how underwhelming this album is.

Despite the statistics for these records, I took a liking to both tracks. However, I lost all excitement for ‘New Life’ when Monica decided to reunite with her old friend, Brandy. The lasttime we heard from this duo was 14 years ago when they released Grammy Nominated, ‘The Boy Is Mine’. Trying to gain another hit, Monica & Brandy released ‘It All Belongs to Me’, which unfortunately, is underwhelming! The Rico Love cut see’s these ladies claiming back their “Macbook’s” and telling their partner’s to “lock off” their Facebook because all of these things belong to them.  Have you seen the video to ‘It All Belongs to Me’? Watch it below:

Now that we’ve got the singles out of the way, it’s time to discuss the project. ‘New Life’ opens up with an intro that feature’s Mary J. Blige. The Intro consists of Monica “Packing up her yesterday’s” and Blige comparing Monica’s old life to her present, through a phone conversation. I think the intro is very unnecessary and tacky. Monica could’ve scrapped up a better intro than the latter. As I carried on listening to the project, I became very reckless and frustrated; ‘New Life’ is very dull!

I found ‘New Life’ very frustrating because; I was expecting Monica to bring the fire back in R&B. Let’s create a scenario; you give someone the Olympic torch, and they run with it recklessly, drop it and out the fire. That’s how I feel when it comes to ‘New Life’.There was a buzz for R&B at the start of 2012. A lot of people were anticipating that Monica and Brandy, along with other artists, were going to bring back the fire in R&B. So far, Monica hasn’t brought anything towards the genre. The album has no spark and it is very disheartening! I cannot stress how underwhelming this album is. I was expecting Monica to really deliver on this album; instead she gave me music that I can tap my foot to whilst on public transport.  I really wish I can pin-point specific tracks that were outstanding on her album, but they all pretty much sound the same. However, one track that really stood out to me was ‘Time to Move On’. This track reminded me of ‘Misty Blue’ on Monica’s sophomore album ‘The Boy Is Mine’. The latter has a Gospel vibe to it, and has to be the most eccentric thing Monica has done with this album.

Furthermore, Monica really needs to let go of her past. She spoke about it on her previous album ‘Still Standing’ and she is still on the same bandwagon. Same album, different CD. I’ll forgive Monica for the lack of enthusiasm in this album as she has been going through a transition with her record label, but I advise her to get back into the studio and start putting the fire back; not only in R&B but also in her music!

Finally, if this project is a representation of Monica’s New Life then it must be very boring, and inevitable.

Brandy, you’re next.

Worth Listening To:

  • Daddy’s Good Girl
  • Until It’s Gone
  • Amazing
  • Cry
  • Time to Move On
  • Anything (To Find You) (feat. Rick Ross)

Monica – Anything (To Find You) [Feat. Rick Ross & Lil’ Kim] [New Music]

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Monica’s new single has just surfaced on RapUp. This track is lifted off her new album “New Life”. The track features Rick Ross and the infamous Lil’ Kim! Check out the track below!

Well… I think the song will grow on me! However Lil’ Kim’s verse is quite dope! I’m glad she didn’t take a blast at Nicki Minaj because LORD knows that’s what everybody was thinking when they heard that Lil’ Kim was going to be on the track. But I think the song is a Grower.








Lil’ Kim – Black Friday [Review]

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This has been longly anticipated! Its been talked about everywhere! Twitter, Facebook, Radio Interviews, Magazine Interviews. I’m surprised this hasn’t even hit Newspapers (It probably has but not within the UK). Lil’ Kim’s “comeback” mixtape “Black Friday” became availble online!

I would first like to Laugh at Lil’ Kim for charging people $9.99 for her mixtape. Times are hard. Lil’ Kim is an example of that. She gotta pay the bills some way, some how! Another thing I want to laugh at is – Lil’ Kim fans claiming that they brought the mixtape, but NON of them even spoke about the tracks until it was made availble online for FREE.

Before I get into the review. If U didn’t know (then ur late) but Lil’ Kim and Nicki Minaj have industry beef. Lil’ Kim is mad at Nicki Minaj because Lil’ Kim feels that Nicki Minaj has hi-jacked Lil’ Kim’s swagger and persona, and she’s mad that Nicki Minaj hasn’t payed Homage [showing respect, giving her props]. Instead Nicki Minaj has been throwing indirect lyrics such as:

“Yeah, I Took the Spot she Gone – POOF!”

“So Let me get this straight…. Wait – I’M THE ROOKIE!? When my features and my shows 10x ur Pay! 50K for a verse – NO ALBUM OUT!”

“Is this the Thanks that I get for Putting u bitches On? Is it My fault that all of u bitches Gone!? Shoulda sent a thank u note U little hoe, Now Imma wrap ur coffin with a BOW!”

“Nicki she just mad because U took the spot! WORD – That bitch mad because I took the spot! Well if you ain’t shittin’ it then get off the pot! Got some Niggaz out in Brooklyn that will OFF UR TOP.”

Theirs probably even more. Lil’ Kim obviously isn’t having it, and has fought back with her mixtape “Black Friday”. Nicki Minaj’s debut album is called “Pink Friday”. Now to be honest Lil’ Kims mixtape is no where near Nicki Minaj’s album or Mixtapes. The quality of Black Friday is poor.

Lil’ Kim does her own version of Rihanna’s “Man Down” which is Terrible. The Track is called “Cheatin'” which I believe Lil’ Kim is going at Faith Evans in this track. Regardless of who’s she going in on. Lil’ Kim shouldn’t have touched this track.

Lil’ Kim also takes on Keri Hilson “Pretty Girl Rock” which is also a Terrible remake. And shouldn’t have been touched by Lil’ Kim at all. Not to mention she also done her own version of Kanye West’s “All of The Lights” Which Lil’ Kim ONCE AGAIN! Should have been LEFT ALONE! As Lil’ Kims version is Just TERRIBLE. I cannot stress how terrible these remakes are.

Lil’ Kim also decided to do her version of Nicki’s “Did It On Em'”. Using the SAME BEAT. And nearly the same lyrics. Lil’ Kim calls hers “Pissin’ on em” Which one again is TERRIBLE and is no where near Nicki Minaj’s track. The only track that Lil’ Kim goes real hard in is the track “Black Friday” which is still weak but was worth an effort. Kim drops this line:

“Who the FUCK want War!? I’ll FedEx Beef straigh to ur front door!”

“I’m turning Pink Friday into Friday 13th”

She also brings up Drake within this track as well. But still the track is a bit Wack and the video is a bit wack too.

Lil’ Kim has a interview on the mixtape which explans why she is so bitter towards Miss Minaj. I recommend that you listen that. Its quite humorous especially when she states that she thinks Nicki Minaj is Bi-Polar. Quite humorous.

Their is also A track on the mixtape that has Nicki Minaj on it. I guess this is the track that Nicki and Kim was working on before all this beef started. The track speaks for itself as Nicki’s verse is better than Kim’s. Nicki just steals the show.

Moving swiftly on. Their is only Two tracks that I like off Lil’ Kim’s mixtape and thats “6 Foot Tall” and “Buy U Music Feat. Keri Hilson” The rest is just a bit swag. I preffered the tracks where Kim wasn’t coming after anybody and just spoke generally. For example their is a track where she gets quite sexual. Reminds me of the Kim from the 90’s.

Hopefully this album that she’s working on is going to be Good. But for now. This Beef is getting out of hand and petty. And the mixtape doesn’t deserve to be bought. It should be downloaded free of price.


Keri Hilson – No Boys Allowed [Album Review]


Okay, the second album from Keri Hilson! Her first album “In a Perfect world” was one of my favourite albums of 2009! Keri is a good song writer! When she puts soul into her songs you can feel the soul. For example go and listen to “Where Did He go?” “Intuition” and also “Alienated” these all show Keri’s soulful side, this is the side of Keri Hilson that I like.

The first single that Keri Hilson dropped of her new album “No Boys Allowed” was “Breaking Point” this wasn’t a strong choice for the first single of the album, but Breaking Point grew on everybody, but didn’t grow quick enough for the charts. The Second single that Keri dropped was the Fantastic “Pretty Girl Rock” Pretty Girl Rock is another anthem! This should have been Keri’s first single! Then Keri went and dropped the bomb on us with the video to “The Way You Love Me” which caused uproar on social networks such as Twitter! People were shocked at Keri’s “Pussy Popping” and her lyrics that consisted of “Fuck me, Fuck me; It’s the way you fuck me!” to follow up afterwards she did a interview with Perez Hilton and said “I don’t want to make love, I just want to get fucked!” coming from me I was shocked by all this ATROUCIOUS language that Keri was using, I am a fan and I’m used to her keeping it “CUTE”. After this outcome of Keri’s “The Way you Love me” I was intrigued to see where this album was going.

I heard “Buy you” when it was leaked with Lil Kim. I liked the version of the song with Lil’ Kim’s verse. I think it would have been a good way to bring Lil’ Kim back into the industry (even though I know she hasn’t left). But as we know Keri didn’t use the Lil’ Kim version on the album she has the J. Cole version on the album. Which nothing wrong with that, Buy You is one of the best song’s on the album! Can be compared to her “Get Your Money Up (feat. Keyshia Cole & Trina)” on her In a Perfect World album.

Summing up this review in short words, I wasn’t too impressed with Keri’s album. I felt like something was missing. When I heard the title was going to be called “No Boys allowed” listening to her previous work I was thinking it’s going to be some Soulful – R&B heartbreaking songs that was going to give you some Soulfood, However it is an album full of some sexual songs and a few heart-comforting songs here and there.


Tracks that grew on me were “Bahm, Bahm” and “One night Stand (feat. Chris Brown)”. One Night stand grew on me because it has Chris Brown in it. Despite what’s happened to Chris Brown in the past you cannot deny that when u see his name featuring on a track you are intrigued to listen!

One track that I didn’t like when it leaked was “Toy Solider” but when listening to the album I like this track very much! This is the Keri Hilson that I Love and this is the kind of material I was expecting on No Boy’s Allowed! Another track that is similar to Toy Soldier is “All the Boy’s” These tracks [in my eyes] Make this album what it is. Keri’s vocals in “All the Boy’s” really suits her! Wish she would make more songs like this!

“Pretty Girl Rock featuring Kanye West (remix)” is Unnecessary. I am sorry to say. Didn’t do anything for me at all!

However, No Boy’s Allowed is a good effort from Keri Hilson, but I really do wish that on her next album she mixes a bit of “Pretty Girl Rock” and a bit of “All The Boys” together! I need the soulful side of Keri Hilson back. None of this “Fuck me, Fuck me” Business.

Nicki Minaj – Pink Friday Album Review


Okay, one of the most anticipated albums this year “Pink Friday” was released 22nd November! Here is my review:

I am not a fan of Female Rappers apart from my Homegirl Missy Elliott! So I didn’t know about Nicki Minaj until people started talking about her on Twitter, even then I didn’t know what she was about! I realised everyone was calling themselves Barbie’s and Ken’s and I was really a bit baffled but didn’t do research. The first song that made me realise who/what Nicki Minaj is about was “Bedrock” when she dropped the line “Let me put this pussy on ya sideburns” as dirty as it may sound it was said more classier than Keri Hilson’s “Fuck me, Fuck me – It’s the way you fuck me!” ANYWAY! After that I only heard her drop some serious bar’s on peoples song I realised okay this chick is a bit serious, however I still was in the Dark about her. I didn’t download her mixtapes or anything. I didn’t realise what I was missing! Futher more, her mainstreams tracks leaked such as “Massive Attack” and her Bars on “Hello, Good Morning”. Also her verse on Ludacris’s “My Chick Bad”. I started to build a passion for her. Then I finally downloaded her Mixtape “Beam Me Up Scotty” like a Month before her album release… and I seriously missed A LOT! This Chick is BAD!

When Pink Friday was released I was excited! After hearing “Beam Me Up Scotty” and her Features and the songs that were released before the album such as “Your Love” and “Right Thru Me” and not to forget her EPIC verse on Kanye West’s “Monster” I was ready for it. Pressed Play on the album and what do I hear?

“I hear them coming for me. Because the top is lonely! What the Fuck they gon’ say? What The fuck they gon’ say? I’m the best bitch doing it! I am the best bitch doing it!”

From these Bar’s I was GASSED.

Romans Revenge when it first leaked I wasn’t too fond of it. But when I researched into the beef between her and Lil’ Kim… Romans Revenge GOES HARD – Lyrically!

Moving swiftly on, the song “Moment 4 Life (feat. Drake)” which defiantly will be the next song that everybody will be posting on their Facebook Statuses and Twitter Bio’s, this song most defiantly is yet another classic not to mention one of the BEST on the album!

I have spoken to a few of Nicki Minaj’s fans/Stan’s and some of them are very disappointed. Saying that Nicki isn’t the same she is more mainstream and that she has changed. I cannot relate to this because I wasn’t a fan from the Beginning however Nicki addresses this on “Dear Old Nicki” which has to be the most emotional song on the album! This song is the HIGHLIGHT of the album! I’m not going into it too much because it’s best that you need to investigate for yourself. But the bar that got me on this track has to be this:

“Yo, did I chase the glitz and glamour, Money, Fame and power? Cause if so that will forever go down my lamest hour.”

Before I even end this review – You have to get the DELUXE Edition of the album! Just for my FAVOURITE Tracks:

  • Superbass
  • Blow Ya Mind
  • Girls Fall Like Dominoes

I cannot stress enough how GOOD I think this album is. I Hope I’m not the only one that feels like this. Seriously if you haven’t listened to it, I would recommend that you listen to it. She literally is shutting every Rap bitch in the game down. However still got Love for My girl Missy Elliott! LOL! Go Get Em Nicki! Its Pink Friday HOE!