X-Factor Judge’s Categories Revealed

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MTV UK posted earlier on today a speculation of which Judge gets what categories in this year’s X-Factor. So Lets see Who has got who!

Gary Barlow – Boy’s

Kelly Rowland – Girls

Tulisa Contostavlos – Groups

Louis Walsh – Over 25’s

I think this is a WISE Choice. So far I am glad that Kelly has got the girls because the recent act that shocked us last week “Misha Bryan” Kelly Rowland will be the only person to give her the RIGHT songs and mentor her right. I am happy that Tulisa has got the Groups, coming from a “Pop” group herself she can advise them how to handle certain situations. However for Louis to be dumped with the Over 25’s, Well – Life isn’t fair. However I am proud that he got the Over 25’s as Louis is the reason behind JEDWARD! 

F.Y.I – Things could CHANGE. This was posted by MTV UK, so if it’s not true then don’t blame me. Blame MTV! 🙂


Kelly Rowland Confirmed to be a Judge on X-Factor

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It has FINALLY been confirmed that Kelly Rowland will be a Judge on this years X-Factor. Check out the news from the Daily Mail.

American pop star Kelly Rowland is to join hit TV show the X Factor.

The singer, 30, is expected to be formally announced as joining the show as a new judge in the coming days. The decision comes just day after Dannii Minogue surprisingly left the hugely popular ITV series.

Today, Miss Rowland expressed her excitement at joining the show.

She said: ‘The X Factor is an amazing show. I love Simon [Cowell] because he’s so honest. Everything he says I agree with. I don’t know what kind of judge I’ll be.’

Miss Rowland will be the third newcomer joining the panel when the programme returns later this year.

Take That star Gary Barlow has already been confirmed to appear in the series. And  Tulisa Constavolos – from pop band N-Dubz –  is also due to be announced.

They will join Louis Walsh, a long-running judge on the programme.

The revamp comes after both Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell decided to leave the UK version of the programme to launch the US show.

Miss Rowland has enjoyed a hugely successful pop career in the past, both as part of band and as a solo artist.

She was one third of US group Destiny’s Child. Her two band-mates were Beyonce Knowles – who has gone on to become one of the world’s biggest female stars – and Michelle Williams.

It’s finally coming together. Without Kelly Rowland I think I wouldn’t even be INTERESTED in watching this year’s X-Factor. Kelly is going to be giving some GOOD tips to the contestant as Kelly has had YEARS of Experience. This will also be good for Kelly’s career, as Motivation is her biggest selling R&B song in the US, Her personality alone will win over everybody in the UK. I can’t wait! I’d also like to say Congratulations to Kelly as she would be the first Afro Caribbean Judge on the X-Factor.

X-Factor: The Semi Final

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The Competition is drawing to a Close and we are now within the Semi-Final and its Michael Jackson Week! iCan’t wait to see who sings what song!. Who ever goes home will be very emotional but it is what it is.  As the same from last week. The Contestants will be doing Two Songs.

Olly was the first to perform this week. As we usually expect from our Olly. He had an Up-Tempo song. But iFelt that his performance was missing something and he would be a risk this week to go home! But his first song was O-Kay iWas feeling it a bit lol 🙂

iDo think it was his second song that made me feel that he would be a risk of going home this week. His dance moves made him look like he was having a fit, but iDo agree with Louis! This song wouldn’t make him get into the final! This song was a BIG FAIL!

The wonderful Joe was up next he was GOOD! He sang “She’s Out Of My Life” there hasn’t been another male Singer like Joe. He connected with the song, he felt the emotion! And He was just great! Well done to Joe! His the winner in my eyes I’m telling you! iDo Agree with Louis as well! There is a big gap in the Music Industry that needs a Male singer like Joe!

NOW JOE’S SECOND SONG BLEW ME AWAY! His AMAZING! He sang Mariah Carey Open Arms. This is a Personal favorite of mine! And JOE SANG IT WELL! He gave me goosebumps! I Was like this boy needs to win! TEAM JOE ALL THE WAY! Joe to WIN!

Stacey was next to perform “The Way You Make Me Feel”. It was good to see Stacey moving. But you could tell that she was uncomfortable, but she looks good. If she learnt some rhythm she would be good to go! But you could tell she was very uncomfortable/Nervous especially when she was walking along the chairs. But it was an OKAY performance. Her vocals was a bit shaky but it was Okay! And iDo agree with Simon… It’s not her at all.

Stacey did come HARD on her next song! She Belted out a BIG NOTE! Nearly sent shivers down my spine! She is a good singer its such a shame that X-Factor is not looking for a female winner…


Now – It would have to be Danyl that had to sing my FAVOURITE MICHAEL JACKSON SONG!? He sang Man In The Mirror! And iWasn’t to happy he sang it to be honest! Not to mention he got the lyrics wrong! But apart from me being bitchy about his performance it was OKAY. Including with the choir, Next time he decides to sing my favourite Michael Jackson tell him to sing the lyrics right! iWas not happy about that… But the performance was OKAY!

His second performance he sang “I Have Nothing” which is one of my Favourite Whitney Houston songs. iWas expecting Danyl to open his mouth a little bit wider during this performance! But he never! such a shame! and iPersonally believe that this performance was WEAK! He could have done so much better with a Whitney Houston classic! What is wrong with him! He took “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength” and now “I Have Nothing” Danyl… come on big mouth… Sort it out!

X-Factor: Can iDo a Double

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X-Factor this week was the first week that the contestants perform twice in the live shows. I wanna see how the contestants are going to handle to this, and what they produce… Lets see…


Danyl Johnson was first to perform aka Drama King! His first performance was Relight my fire. I didn’t like this performance at all! Danyl looked really Gay. As Cheryl said he looked Camp! When iSaw this performance from Danyl first thing iThought was “he should be recruited into JLS” His dancing was the most cheesiest thing ever! iDidn’t like this performance at all!  However his second song was real good! He sang “Your Song – Elton John” And it was magical. The best performance Danyl has ever done in my eyes! The little choir was cute but at first iWasn’t to keen on the choir! But this performance was really good!

Next was Lloyd. The weakest singer in the competition. He cannot sing at all and it’s a DISGRACE! His still in the competition because of his looks! This song was terrible for him! Actually every song for him is terrible! His not a performer his not a Singing artist. He is just a model and that’s round about it! This is Lloyds first song called “A Million Love Songs”

His next song was OKAY! Lloyd is a ballroom singer! His a mellow singer… A guitar singer? Something like that… He cannot hit high notes at all! God knows how he manged to get THIS Far in the competition because when it hit the chorus he goes WAY off tune! U know what else is hilarious about Lloyd’s performance? His back dancers had BEER BELLY’S! Just look @ them! They ain’t fit at all! 


Now Olly Murs sang “Love Ain’t Here Anymore” Now… i’ve been waiting for Olly to sing a mellow song… Now iWished iNever asked now… He can kinda do it… But it doesn’t suit him… and something about his vocals just don’t suit him… or maybe its the song… The performance was pulled off though… I don’t know… something about it just wasn’t right. Olly’s second performance was better, Olly is a dancer… but he does need a variety, because he can’t do an album of full dance music? Or can he? hmmmmm

Here is the winner of X-Factor aka Joe McElderly. iLiked Joe’s performance it was up-tempo. Joe also has Swagger (Yes iSaid he has Swagger) Do u see his jacket!? His vocals was on point! He was brilliant! Joe to win X-Factor!

His next song sent chills up peoples spin, It was still but very touching! I Like Joe’s voice! iDo think he is a winner of this competition! He is brilliant! He sang “Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word” and here it is:

Stacey was last  to perform, Stacey can belt out notes without a doubt! She could be a winner of X-Factor but iDon’t think we want another female winner. Actually iDon’t think that X-Factor wants another female winner. Stacey is a good singer however iDo wish she could dance or move… because she is becoming another Leona Lewis and i’m not looking for another Leona Lewis we got one we don’t need another. But Stacey has talent but it’s plainly obvious that X-Factor doesn’t want another Female winner. Here is Stacey performing a Classic version of “Rule The World”

The next performance from Stacey was her singing another Ballad. She is a good singer but… There is something there that doesn’t give her the winner position. She sang “The Way You Look Tonight”. iDo love the say she is so nervous when it comes to the Judges comments. Simon said she isn’t a singer like Leona Lewis and Alexandra Burke. iDo Think she is another Leona Lewis though…

X-Factor: Who Is the Queen?

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X-Factor’s theme this week was “Queen Week”. The only song iKnow from Queen is “We Will Rock U” that’s round about it! iWasn’t born when Queen was Star struck!

To start of this week’s show was the Rocker himself Jamie Archer Who sang Radio Ga Ga, which me personally was a good song choice! Because Jamie knows how to impress the crowd. But Cheryl said she doesn’t like Jamie’s afro! iDid! It needed a bit of Hairspray and some Grease! It suited him to be honest. But was Jamie’s afro enough?

Lloyd Daniels came along singing “A Little Thing Called Love”. iAm not a big fan of Lloyd! He is still in the competition for his looks! Which is just disgraceful! X-Factor has become an entertainment show these days not a Singing Competition! It’s Ridiculous! Lloyd’s vocals are not strong enough at all! Hearing his album would be like listening to my own funeral! iJust might turn deaf! Get Lloyd out! His not good vocally! On another note – Lloyd people have been searching for ur hairstyle on the Internet… iDon’t see whats special about ur hair but… others…somehow… do!

Olly broke his little finger trying to punch John & Edward! (Joking) He broke his little finger by punching a pole while playing with John & Edward. Olly came with his typical performance… Olly is always dancing and doing some sort of musical. I’m not saying he isn’t good at what his doing at this present moment but iPersonally want to see Olly sing some Ballads to be honest. iWant to see his vocals expand, Right now i’m just seeing the same thing… Olly please come with something different! Ur one of my favourites. His getting a bit to predictable.

Joe McElderry is now my new Favourite to win X-Factor! This guy is very serious! And iLove his performances. However he does seem a little Will Young or Gareth Gates, but Joe does have his own little spin on him, but he does have a Will Young and Gareth Gates image to him. Joe’s performance was good! iLike the fact that he used the choir! Forget what Louis Walsh said about the Choirs… Joe’s performance was Class… Wasn’t brilliant but it was class! Joe needs to belt out a Note and I’ll be on my way to buy his ALBUM! Joe to WIN!

John & Edward … Sang Under Pressure By Queen. Lets mention that one of the twins nearly dropped by smashing through the white paper. Then Calvin Harris decided to run on stage with a PINEAPPLE to mimic JEdward’s hair! This performance was a bit of a shambles… but when is John & Edwards performance ever together? It’s a shame they have Lovers! Also JEdward had a little spin on things and put “Ice, Ice baby” in the song! God knows how… God Knows Why! But Louis Walsh needs to get his head sorted seriously!

Stacey sang a very heart-felt/Soul-ful song! She sang “Who Wants to Live Forever” which iPersonally believe was a VERY good performance! At the start iFelt that Stacey was Boring me! She is becoming to be another Leona Lewis. Stacey just needs to sort out that little Geeky and snorty personality! Which makes me LAUGH every time iThink of her being in an Interview. If Stacey does music like how she sang on this song this week… iWould buy her records! Her voice really suits soulful songs! Well done Stacey! iWasn’t feeling u last week but this week u nearly gave me goosebumps! Well done!

Big Mouthed – Drama King! Danyl Johnson was next and last person to perform! iCan’t help but say that when Danyl sings and hits his high notes he looks like he is YAWNING! Danyl sort that out man! Your mouth opens WIDE when u hit them notes! U look like ur about to Swallow the microphone! This performance was Okay. The choir was okay the song was okay… iDon’t think it personally suited him but it was an okay performance. The last note was very on point! However Louis there is a problem with a singer being Arrogant and has a big MOUTH while singing! A Big PROBLEM!

The Bottom Two was very upsetting!

JLS Album Review


JLS Album CoverSo JLS have dropped their first Debut album titled “JLS”. At first iWasn’t a big fan of JLS, their first single “Beat Again” Was too cheesy for me, and it was just shit especially the video. But they released their second Single “Everybody In Love” which was more R&B than PopJLS Album Cover, and iReally liked  “Everybody In love”. I had to listen to this album to see if the album was more like Everybody in Love or Beat Again… In my eyes its like Beat Again!

JLS are using Auto-tune in a track on their album called “Crazy For You”. I personally think there is no need for them to use Auto-Tune! Aston has a strong enough voice.

This album really doesn’t make it! However there is a song iLike off there… JUST ONE SONG! JLS Album Review StarsWhich is “Close To You” which has the Chris Brown “With You” feel to it. The rest of the album is more of Pop/Dance music. Not my type of music at all! But if ur a Pop/Dance person then u will defiantly like this album. If u think that its going to be more like “Everybody In Love” ur going to be highly disappointed! iThink its best u just buy the singles… The album is not Fantastic at all! iThink Louis is turning them into another Blue, But Blue was better than this!

X-Factor: One Step Away

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x-Factor Logo 2009 X-Factor’s Sunday’s show was Well interesting! We had the return of X-Factor’s Princess: Leona Lewis performing her new single “Happy”, and also we had Black Eyed Peas performing “Meet Me Halfway”. Not only was the special guest’s interesting but the Bottom Two result was interesting and who went home was VERY interesting!

The X-Factors contestants performed Katy Perry – Hot And Cold, for their group performance, and it was TERRIBLE! Jamie sounded way out of tune! and it was just a bad choice of song! Stacey is really enjoying “Sexing up her look” Isn’t she!?

So it was time for Black Eyed Peas to perform. X-Factor haven’t uploaded the video of Black Eyed Pea’s performing this week. But iWill give u the Low Down anyway. Fergie was on a MOON for half of the performance! Don’t ask me why because iDon’t know the answer. A-lot of people was worrying that Fergie might “Drop of the Moon!” That will be hilarious! Will.I.Am had to fly in from the back of the studio to the stage! and the other two just had a standard Entrance! The performance was okay, Fergie decided to express her strong vocals during the performance. The performance was okay. Nothing spectacular really happened during the performance to be honest!

Leona’s performance wasn’t SPECTACULAR either! I’m being honest! Simon cannot talk about Stacey being boring by standing there performing tracks, or he cannot talk about Stacey not being Sexy enough because… LEONA JUST STOOD THERE! And that’s what bored me about this performance. Leona needs to learn to give the camera Men something to do! iPersonally believe that Leona could have moved, her standing there was so BORING! And iReally like this track, but this performance wasn’t spectacular! Leona Lewis can u please move during ur performance’s. iWouldn’t go to non of her concerts if she’s just gonna STAND THERE! Leona u have a BIG STAGE USE IT!

john and edwardAfter these performance’s the results was announced… The bottom two was:


Everyone was happy about this! Everyone was tweeting “GOODBYE JEDWARD”. Me personally iWasn’t expecting Lucie to be in the Bottom Two. iWas expecting Lloyd to be in there, but recently this competition has become very unpredictable! So its time to Battle.

Lucie sang “One Moment In Time – Whitney Houston” this performance was Good! All of Dannii’s acts have talent and iThink they have a big possibility of winning the show! But Lucie was not in the race of winning because iThink she would turn into another Miley Cyrus, and iDon’t like Miley so iWon’t like Lucie! But this performance was good! Better than John & Edwards anyway!

Satan was up next … No words need to describe these Boys heres the performance

The Results was annouced: Simon Cowell is an ASS HOLE! He Did that on purpose! There was no need for him to send it to Dead lock! Because if Danyl, Jamie or Olly was in the Bottom Two – Dead lock will not be an OPTION! I’m tellin u! My Mum said that he sent it to Dead Lock and it back-fired my mum said he was actually trying to proove to Louis that the Public actually Hate John & Edward but it back-fired! Because – Look how long they’ve lasted in the competition! Its obvious they have more Lovers than haters! So now a good act has left the competition and the worst acts are still there! And we blame… Simon Cowell & Us British public!

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