Jennifer Hudson – I Remember Me [Review]

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I have ALWAYS been a Jennifer Hudson fan. From the days where she was on American Idol. Her first album “Jennifer Hudson” Was one of my most played albums, ask anybody that saw me on a daily basis. “Spotlight” was a song I used to walk around singing DAILY! and Now she is back with her sophmore album “I Remember Me”.

When I first heard about “I Remember Me” was when Jennifer was on UStream and she debut her first single of the album “Where You At”. Jennifer talked about working with Alicia Keys, Ne-Yo and Swizz Beats on the album and straight away I was intrigued to hear what the album had instore for me! “Where You At” was automatically a favourite of mine because Jennifer’s vocals on the track are chilled and then she has a Climax right at the end. I think the song is just… “GENIUS”. It really expresses what Jennifer can do Vocally.

Moving on to the album. The album is delievering the R&B that I’ve been missing. Most artist’s have taken the Dance/Pop/Electro route and Jennifer keeps it R&B/Soul/Pop on this album. The first track that I was amazed by was “Angel” which definatly has to be the next single! The beat and the vocals in this track scream nothing but a number 1 hit! “Angel” was written by Alicia Keys I believe.

“I Remember Me” The track itself is an anthem in my eyes. I can relate to this, just like most J.Hud songs. The chorus is strong and its just Rich R&B.

“Everybody Needs Love” Is a next radio hit! Its a feel good song and a good inspiration song! Got that Pop/R&B vibe to it! Definatly radio friendly! This song will be a Success if its released as a single!

I wanna get on to a track called “Still Here” Which brings back the soul to the album. As you know Jennifer lost her mother and her brother and her nephew not that long ago. “Still Here” definatly seems to be the song that she dedicated to them. The lyrics are very soulful and heartfelt. This song could make you cry if you get involved in it. I can see her performing this!

“Why is It so Hard” Reminds me very much of Chrisette Michele. Reason being is because Ne-Yo has worked on a lot of material for Chrisette Michele and this song was written by Ne-Yo. Jennifer’s vocal’s in this track is so versatile! Something that I ain’t heard of her before. You can tell that she has grown, and this track right here is a Winner!

Overall “I Remember Me” Is a MUST Listen! You need to hear the growth and versatility that Jennifer is doing on this album. She is a BIG singer and you would think they would have her singing Balads and Mellow songs but this album is pretty much versitile! Something that Leona Lewis should try doing! This album is definatly going in my collection!

I just wanna say that my FAVOURITE song of the album is “I Got This” & “I Remember Me”! These songs right here are my Anthem! Mainly because – I CAN RELATE! But Jennifer ain’t got nothing to worry about! This is a SOLID album!

“I Remember Me” is releasing April 25th In the UK. March 22nd For US Fans. The Song “I remember Me” will also be the OFFICIAL UK Single of Jennifer’s album.


Jazmine Sullivan – Love Me Back Album Review

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Jazmine Sullivan has returned with her sophomore album “Love Me Back”. After Jazmine’s first album “Fearless” I have been a fan! From the songs Dream Big, Call me Guilty, Fear, Need U Bad, Lions, Tigers and Bears and After the Hurricane I was excited to see what Jazmine is going to offer with this new album.

The first single that Jazmine dropped from the album was “Holding you Down (Going in Circles)” Compared to “Bust your Windows” I really liked this single more than Bust your Windows. Bust your windows had to grow on me. I liked the lyrics but didn’t like her voice. I’m being honest Jazmine Sullivan’s voice had to grow on me. I wasn’t amazed by her vocals when I first heard it. Anyhow Jazmine Dropped the Second single “10 Seconds” which I don’t like! However with plenty of Radio play I just might end up liking it.
Firstly I didn’t know that Jazmine was releasing her album in November! I was expecting it to come out in 2011, someone isn’t doing good promotion! So from the buzz around the Album I heard that Jazmine had worked with Prince on this album. Prince is a LEGEND. The track that I believe Jazmine worked with Prince on is the track “Good Enough” This track has Prince written all over it but it is a GOOD track with the lyrics:

“And if I’m not good enough – Then baby there’s the door. I bet you, you won’t find another fool who Gon’ give you more”

Then we have Jazmine giving us the Reggae vibe that she gave us with “Need U Bad” she’s giving us this on the tracks “Love you long time” and exits the album with a Reggae vibe with the track “Luv Back” These tracks are what makes the album fun! Jazmine really suits the Reggae vibe, Suits her better than the artists that original where raised in the Caribbean (No shade to Shontelle or Rihanna). I have to say that “Luv back” has to be my favourite track of this album!

Moving swiftly on to the only feature on the album – “U Get On My Nerves (feat. Ne-Yo)”. Surprisingly – I don’t like Ne-Yo as an Artist, so when I saw his name on the album I felt uncomfortable! But this track is a GOOD TRACK! With lyrics such as

“You get on my damn nerves, My damn nerves, My damn nerves, I’m so glad we’re not together now!”

It probably looks like a Nursery rhyme just reading it but I’m telling u this song is a CLASSIC. Especially if u had a partner that got on your DAMN nerves! U can feel this song inside out.

My favourite tracks of this album are:

  • Holding you Down (Going In Cirlces)
  • Good Enough
  • Love you Long Time
  • Excuse Me
  • U Get On my Nerves (Feat. Ne-Yo)
  • Luv Back

6/11 Tracks I’m feeling… NOT TO BAD!

Overall this is a good effort from Jazmine Sullivan, However I’m not happy with the promotion she needs more promotion we can’t afford to sleep on Jazmine Sullivan she is another Legend within the making. However this album is a good follow up to her First album however not as good as her first album. Hopefully her THIRD album will be even better! But it is a good album.

Has Alexandra Burke Really Overcome?

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The Debut album of Alexandra Burke “Overcome” was released on Monday! There has been a lot of hype over the album. With her debut single “Bad Boys” being released (featuring Flo-Rida). Her performance on X-Factor, and just Alex in general! Me personally, I was excited for the album! iHeard the track “Overcome” It self long before the album was released and iThought that “If the album is gonna sound like this then I’m defiantly getting it” I’ve finally got it… But am I impressed?

Opening the album with her debut single was Bad Boys (featuring Flo-Rida) Next in line was “Good Night Good Morning (featuring Ne-Yo)”, Alexandra working with Ne-Yo, iThought would be a good combination, In my head iThought it would have been another “Hate that I Love You” track, iWas  mistaken! The track, is OKAY but not up to standards! I expected more from Ne-Yo and Alexandra VOCALLY! U then get welcomed to the track called “The Silence” which is a BIG SONG In my eyes! The lyrically content, The vocals, the beat! The song is cutting the cheese! After hearing “The Silence” iThought this album isn’t gonna be as bad as people say it is! Until iHeard Bury Me (6 Feet Under) iWas disappointed! The album is really “Pop” Generated! Which iDo not understand!

When Alex won X-Factor… The songs she sang on X-Factor was quite soulful apart from when she performed “Candy Man” & “Toxic” but that’s nothing major, to be in X-Factor u have to show u can be a versatile artist! But most of Alex’s songs where soulful, Her wining song “Hallelujah” was soulful! But Alex doesn’t express much SOUL on this album at ALL! The album is very Pop/Dance genre!

Another thing… If ur gonna call ur album OVERCOME. Please do tracks that show what U have Overcome. The one track isn’t good enough. When I first heard Alex was calling her album Overcome I got the impression Alex was gonna talk about her personal life within the album! I wasn’t expecting her to be talking about Going out clubbing, and BrAlexandra Burke Album starsoken Heals! However the track Overcome it self is such a SOULFUL track! And really expresses Alexandra’s vocals! but on other tracks U do not hear that soulful Alex coming out… Ur just hearing club songs! (I wouldn’t personally dance to some of these songs if they played them in a club I went to)

Talking about the album title. The image of the album cover does not EXPRESS that Alex has Overcome anything! Misinterpretation!

Over all iAm very disappointed within this album as it wasn’t what I expected! @THESKORPION said that Alex’s album was all over the place, and also pointed out that “Alex said she has been influenced by Beyonce but we see no Beyonce influence within this album” Which is honestly true! To be honest on some of the tracks Alex sounds like she should be in the girl group Sugababes!

It kills me to say that this Album wasn’t what I expected! because I was really happy that Alex won the X-Factor and that she was rising to fame. I do believe she needs to change her image!

Alexandra Burke – Overcome = 4 Stars/5 Stars

Favourite Tracks:

  1. Bad Boys (Feat. Flo-Rida)
  2. The Silence
  3. Broken Heals
  4. Overcome

Lets Talk about the Mobo’s


The Mobo’s this year was in Scotland, normally its in London. To be honest with you… I COULDN’T TELL THE DIFFERENCE! The reason I couldn’t tell the difference is because The Mobo’s has always been unprofessional and the performance’s are Never up to scratch! If u compare The Mobo’s to “The Brit Awards” “The MTV VMA Awards” even the “BET Awards” U WILL SEE A BIG DIFFERENCE AND THE LACK OF PROFESSIONALISM! (Check me out with that big word!).

The first performance if iCan remember was from Tinchy Stryder, and to be honest… I didn’t even watch it – because to me… It was Sh*t from when he got on the stage! He had some Lights flashing around him, and iDon’t even like Tinchy Stryder to know what song he was singing! If he performed the song he did with Amelle from Sugababes, iWould have been more interested because that song is OKAY compared to his song featuring N-Dubz. The performance was so wack to me, that iWent to go prepare some food! He wasn’t worth watching in my eyes! (Sorry Tinchy Fans it’s just the way it is!)

After Tinchy performed it was time for the “Best Newcomer” award. If iRemember right The Nominee’s were

  • Jade Ewen
  • JLS
  • Alexandra Burke
  • Master Shortie
  • Laura Izibor

iLike Alexandra Burke and iAm a BIG FAN of Master Shortie! JLS… Well, U know – Do iNeed to say any more really? Anyway The Winner is going to be announced and iWas really hoping Alexandra Burke would win, because iKnow Master Shorties fan base isn’t that large YET! But we All know who won! JLS! -sigh- iFelt to change the station there and then! Sorry all u JLS fans but Beat Again was a BAG OF CHEESE! Anyway well done JLS for winning Best Newcomers. While i’m on the Topic of JLS, lets talk about their performance! All I’m saying is… it was the stage performance of the “Beat Again” video! AND I DON’T LIKE THE DANCE MOVES! THEY R A BAG OF CHEESE! and they look… Oh… Just Don’t get me started! iDon’t wanna offend NO-ONE! But JLS need to hire a New Choreographer and some back-up dancers A.S.A.P. Plus iHeard how they was Lip Syncing which doesn’t surprise me because its only Aston that can Sing in that group! So another Bag Of Cheese event for JLS! Well Done Boys! Not only did JLS win Best New Comer, they also won Best Song for “Beat Again”

I’ve gotten so deep into the Performance’s iAlmost forgot to mention the Host’s! Reggie Yates and Keri Hilson. In my eyes The Mobo’s are very LUCKY they got Keri Hilson to host that school talent show! Reggie looked different, and sounded different to me (maybe that’s because iDon’t listen to Radio 1…?) Anyway people at my college was talking about Reggie’s Navy blue trousers. They was saying how they never matched his outfits and all sorts, but iWasn’t really paying attention to this whole awards show to actually see what He had on. But Keri looked CLASS! Until she did a costume change and put on Silver lipstick she looked like she should have been on Star Treck! (Still Love Keri Though)

While we on the subject of Keri Hilson, she did a little… erm… iDunno what U would call it… A Remix? Or a Mix? I’ll run with a Mix… She did a mix of “Energy” and “Knock You Down” Without a doubt Keri Hilson can perform! She is a GOOD Performer, Singing Live!? OUCH she might as well Lip Sync! And iLike Keri Hilson’s music – but it is nothing but the truth that Keri Hilson cannot sing live! Everyone knows that in the middle of Knock You Down Ne-Yo’s version is nearly everyone’s favorite verse! So – EXPLAIN TO ME HOW THE HELL TAIO CRUZ IS SINGING NE-YO’S VERSE IN THE PERFORMANCE!? iWas sitting in my chair IN SHOCK! Taio came out of NO-WHERE and started singing the verse! iWas thinking to myself… Ne-Yo has had 3 Studio Albums and they’ve sold MILLIONS! Taio Cruz has sold ONE album and he hasn’t even Cracked America yet! Taio needs to sit down in my eyes! And iKnow it gave him a BOOST that he got to perform with Keri Hilson and got a chance to sing Ne-Yo’s part in the song! Taio Cruz wasn’t even Nominated for BEST UK ACT – So – in my eyes he does need to sit down!

Okay moving on swiftly. Its time for Best Album. The Nominee’s are

  • 808’s and Heartbreaks – Kanye West
  • Catch 22 – Tinchy Stryder
  • Catch Me If U Can – Bashy
  • I Am… Sasha Fierce – Beyonce
  • Uncle B – N-Dubz

I’m expecting the winner to be at least Beyonce, Bashy or Tinchy Stryder. Me and Kanye have beef from the VMA Awards so he doesn’t get no expectation! The Winner is … Uncle B – N-Dubz! WHAT!? Sorry – come again!? Once again Sorry N-Dubz Fans… But they are a BAG OF CHEESE! N-Dubz are given the microphone to give their speach, and this is where Mobo’s became a SCHOOL TALENT SHOW! Dappy decides to Thank EVERY NAME UNDER THE SON (Over Reacting) But he literally was! He was hogging the microphone saying who he would like to Thank! Like he isn’t in a Band with 2 over members and they have people they want to thank as well! While i’m on the Topic of N-Dubz their Performance was a BAG OF SH*T! What was Dappy wearing!? He had a Taliban scarf around his head with that STUPID (YES ITS STUPID! IT DON’T GET WASHED!) HAT ON TOP! Someone needs to sack Dappy’s stylist A.S.A.P! He looked like a right FOOL! The Mixed Raced dude in the group (iDon’t know his name I’m not a FAN!) Has better swagger than him! iCan’t wait for N-Dubz to be dropped from there Record Label and I’m being Serious! Not only did N-Dubz win Best UK Album they also Won Best UK Act (Rolls Eyes)

Beyonce looked like a Ghost in her Video for winning Best International Artist and Best Video for Single Ladies. That’s all iCan say about that! LOL!

On the Topic of Beyonce… Kelly Rowland time! Kelly’s Performance proves that the Mobo’s isn’t professional and is a Polished version of a School Talent show! Kelly was set perform her Number One Single “When Love Takes Over” With David Guetta. iPersonally had the impression that Kelly was about to Tear it up with her performance. Well… Just see for urself! iFelt sorry for Kelly because she is Professional! and iKnew she had that performance on LOCK. She didn’t show no sign of discomfort till after something went wrong! At first iThought she forgot the lyrics. But my heart does bleed for Kelly! This is what she had to say about it on Twitter:

“@KELLY__ROWLAND OK. So, I’m at the MoBo’s and getting ready to have a GREAT show with David and the MoBo’s F’d my sound up!!!!! PISSED!!!!!”

“@KELLY__ROWLAND HONESTLY, that just makes me work harder! But, what I will say is the MoBo’s owe me an apology!!!! I was LIVID after the show!”

“@KELLY__ROWLAND I wanted you guys to be the 1st to hear it from me! rehearsals. were fine. soundcheck. was fine. performance, wad a struggle at 1st”

“@KELLY__ROWLAND But, I got through it!!!!!!!! So—–It happens! The next show will be Better!——–TRUST!!!!!!!!!”

So Kelly Rowland has proven that the Mobo’s is unprofessional and is a polished version of a School Talent-Show! But Kelly went HARD during the performance!

On a Positive Note!

Shaheen Jafargholi showed the WHOLE of the Mobo Awards, what a REAL performance sounds like and how U r supposed to act during an Awards show! Shame on Dappy! A 14 Year old showed u how to behave and Shaheen hasn’t even released an album called “Uncle B” yet! Shame and Disgrace! Shaheen sang another Michael Jackson song at the Mobo Awards. His performance was apart of the Tribute to Michael Jackson along with Jermaine Jackson’s Performance.

Peter Andre also made me proud! He was doing all the backstage hosting, and he was good! Especially when Dappy came trying to be Ghetto and all sorts, Peter looked scared iHave to say LOL! But he did a Good job!

Another positive note is Alexandra Burke looked Good. Especially presenting at her First Award show with Lemar. She looked ever so Good. My Mum thinks her Dress was way to short but that’s mother’s for U! In my eyes she looked Good 🙂 Bless her!

Overall All I Can say about the Mobo’s Is




“After I Watched the MTV VMA Awards, I Was inspired… After I Watched the Mobo Awards I was uninspired – Malachi Campbell-Hare”