Keyshia Cole Annouced that she will be releasing “TAKE ME AWAY” as the next single of her album “Calling All Hearts”. This is one of the Favourites of the album! Everybody wants “Take Me Away” or “So Impossible” to be the next single but I’m glad that she has gone with “Take Me Away” as it shows a different side to Keyshia!

Keyshia said via her twitter that she would be recording the video on the 21st January, and I believe you can start requesting it on American Radio Stations from February 1st!

LETS GET THIS MONEY! In her voice!

HOWEVER… Keyshia took to her Twitter page on Monday saying

“Would like for u guys to know tht Manny Halley is no longer my management.”!/keyshiacole/status/27099393844838401

I don’t know if is this going to put a Delay on “Take Me Away” being the next single but that is some Interesting info!