Album Review: Nicki Minaj – ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’

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This “rapper” became one of my favourite artist’s when I discovered her mixtapes and her debut album. You cannot deny that Nicki Minaj, at one point in your life was one of your favourite female rappers to listen to. Her debut album, ‘Pink Friday’, was a huge success, it went platinum after a month of its release. We all thought that Minaj was going to be a dominant female in Hip-Hop. I wrote a review on her debut album when it was released. Just like Melanie Fiona’s debut album, ‘Pink Friday’ was one of my most played albums in 2010. Minaj has now released the follow-up to her debut album titled ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’. However, will I be playing this album continuously as I did with her previous album?

When Minaj started off this era I was very confused. A track titled ‘Roman in Moscow’ surfaced on the internet, which had everyone questioning how this album would sound; as ‘Roman in Moscow’ was appalling! After ‘Roman in Moscow’, she announced the first single off the album, ‘Stupid Hoe’. The dislikes on YouTube speaks for the song itself. The music video for the latter currently has 506,263 dislikes and has 233,642 likes. For those who have no mathematical intellect, the music video has more dislikes than likes. So, as nobody was dazzled by ‘Roman in Moscow’ or ‘Stupid Hoe’, what was next for Minaj? She releases a dance record, ‘Starships’. Which if you’re a fan of Minaj for her Rapping skill’s you would’ve been highly disappointed by ‘Starships’. ‘Starships’ is very pop-culture which is the definition of this album.

The opening of the album is defiantly the highlight of the record, especially for the Hip-Hop fans, or should I say “for the people that know quality music!”

The album opens up with the track ‘Roman Holiday’, which Minaj performed at the 2012 Grammy Awards. This track most certainly makes me laugh. Why, you ask? Because I was sitting there questioning Minaj’s writing skills! In the middle of the track Minaj starts mumbling lyrics, not only that but you have lyrics such as: “Witch………… Twitch……………. Bitch” When I heard these lyrics I couldn’t help but laugh. However, I did enjoy the track. Call me deluded, but I enjoy it when Minaj spazzes out. Maybe I have a personality disorder like Minaj? Only time will tell. Have you seen Minaj perform ‘Roman Holiday’ at the Grammy Awards? Watch it below:

Minaj then carries on the Hip-Hop vibe throughout the opening of the album. Can’t forget to mention, ‘Come on a Cone’ where Minaj breaks out singing about putting a dick in somebody’s face. The opening of the album is definitely the highlight of the record, especially for the Hip-Hop fans, or should I say “for the people that know quality music!” ‘I Am Your Leader’ we hear from absent rapper Cam’ron and the jelly-belly rapper Rick Ross. ‘I Am Your Leader’ is said to be a huge fan-favourite on the album. However, I only like the chorus; the track doesn’t appeal to me at all. On the other hand, I definitely took a liking to the track ‘Hov Lane’, ‘Beez in the Trap’ which features 2-Chainz and ‘Roman Reloaded’ which features label mate Lil’ Wayne. Unfortunately, after these tracks I started to lose interest in the album. Even the track ‘Right by My Side’, which features my favourite male artist, Chris Brown, couldn’t bring back my interest for the album.

If Minaj wants to be successful in Pop-culture she needs to have a look at Missy Elliott’s career.

As previously stated, I lost interest in the album after specific tracks. The reason behind this is because the album went from Hip-Hop to Pop. Minaj didn’t waste any time with the transition of genres on the record. After the track ‘Sex in the Lounge’ which features Bobby Valentino and Lil’ Wayne the album just becomes a David Guetta project. I became so disappointed in Minaj, I understand that as an artist you must experiment with different sounds, and I understand that she wants to have a lasting career. However, Minaj must realise that she cannot sing, and her singing all over these dance tracks is not acceptable! I could understand if Minaj rapped over these dance tracks like she did with David Guetta’s ‘Where Them Girls At’ but Minaj is just singing and dropping weak verses here and there and it’s disappointing!

When it comes to the “Pink Friday: David Guetta Reloaded” side of the album the only tracks I enjoyed were ‘Marilyn Monroe’ and ‘Young Forever’. However, the deluxe edition track ‘Va Va Voom’ might grow on me; It is very smooth and I have a weakness for smooth tracks.

Overall, I am very disappointed in this album. Minaj’s debut album was a SOLID record and I was hoping she would continue to release good hip-hop music. She has just proven that she gave me false hope. Minaj’s excuse for this unpleasant music is because she is a “Business Woman”. Lately I have noticed that when artists claim they are a ‘Business person’ it means that they are looking for a hit, something that will boost the zeros in their bank balance. Point out all the artists that say they are a ‘Musician’ and point out the artists that say they are ‘Business people’, compare their music and you have a sociology theory. If Minaj wants to be successful in Pop-culture she needs to have a look at Missy Elliott’s career. Elliott has done dance/pop tracks; however, the reason why Elliott was able to crossover is because she brought “hip-pop” into the industry. Elliott kept it very hip-hop when she crossed over and that is what Minaj needs to do!

Outstanding Tracks

  • Roman Holiday
  • Come On a Cone
  • Beez in the Trap (Feat. 2-Chainz)
  • Hov Lane
  • Roman Reloaded (Feat. Lil’ Wanye)
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Young Forever

Minaj has recently released the video to her upcoming single ‘Beez in the Trap (feat. 2-Chainz)’. Watch it below:


Beyoncé will feature on Mary J. Blige’s new album!

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The track listings to Mary J. Blige’s new album was released yesterday. A shock to the system came about when we saw that the one and only Beyoncé Knowles will feature on a track on Mary J’s new album!

1. Next Level
2. 25/8
3. Feel Inside (Ft. Nas)
4. Midnight Drive (Ft. Brook Lynn)
5. Don’t Mind
6. No Condition
7. Loving A Woman (Ft. Beyonce)
8. Mr. Wrong
9. Empty Prayers
10. Why (Ft. Rick Ross)
11. Masterpiece
12. Living Proof
13. Describe
14. You Know U Want This

Deluxe Edition

15. Journey Continues
16. Miss Me With That
17. Someone to Love Me (Naked) (Ft. Lil Wayne & Diddy)

[Urban Bridgez]

This feature is most defiantly going to get Mary’s fans and Beyoncé’s fans happy! I’m hoping that it doesn’t sound nothing like “Put It In a Love Song.” I Liked “Put it in a Love song” but I know we all was expected a ballad! Apparently a video for “25/8” will premiere mid October. Mary J. Blige album is set to be released on November 21st. 

OH has anybody noticed that the Nicki Minaj feature that was supposed to be on the album didn’t make it? Interesting!





Expect a New Keyshia Cole album around February 2012 !!

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Yesterday night Rap-Up was first to announce that my homegirl Keyshia Cole is looking to release her 5th Studio album Next year February!

Keyshia has been telling us on Twitter that she’s been working with Ester Dean who’s the person who wrote hits like Rihanna’s “What’s my Name” and Nicki Minaj’s first hit “Superbass”. Keyshia has also said that this album is nothing like, Calling All Hearts, A Different Me, Just Like You or either The Way It Is. Keyshia has also been in studio day in and day out. She has been working hard and juggling her wedding which is this week Sunday! “Calling All Hearts” didn’t sell as much as we all wanted and didn’t get the attention that we wanted however with Keyshia’s new management I believe she is reaching for new heights! It has said that Keyshia will like to release some new music by December this year. I can’t wait to hear what she’s going to bring to the table this time around!

“LETS GET THIS MONEY!” *In Keyshia’s voice*

Billboard Awards Coverage

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Just incase you missed the show last night. Here is some pictures of the Artist’s on the Red carpet, and some of the performances. Ain’t I nice to U guys 🙂

Rihanna & Britney Spears performing S&M

Black Eyed Pea’s perform Medley

Beyonce performs “Run The World (Girls)” and receives Millennium Award also thanks the ORIGINAL members of Destiny’s Child

Ceelo Green floating on air

Mary J. Blige performs “Someone To Love Me” With Lil’ Wayne

Nicki Minaj performs “Superbass” then Brings out Britney Spears to Perform “Till The World ends (remix)”

BEYONCE BROUGHT THE ROOF DOWN! Thanking the ORIGINAL Members of Destiny’s Child!? She just singly slayed every Bitch in the Muthafucking game!



BRITNEY …………. That bitch needs some Energy.

Nicki Minaj – Superbass [Video]

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So the anticipated video for Nicki Minaj’s video has finally been released! But does the video have that “Boom doom boom doom boom doom Bass”!?

Hmmmm….. The dance moves are quite what I expected, HOWEVER – I expected more Attitude with Nicki and the Guys. She could have made this video HILARIOUS! Could have a really feminine dude and said “Ugh I can really tell that ur in touch with ur Feminine side” And she could have threw him aside, She could have spazzed out! It’s not the Worse video… But it could have been better. Either way it’s still better than some videos that I’ve seen. Its what I expected but its not what I expected, wanted a little bit more. Still got love for Nicki though!

Sneak Peek – Nicki Minaj – Superbass [Video]

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The “Superbass” video is meant to be releasing tomorrow on 106 & Park in the states. But Nicki Minaj just teased her Barbz and Kens with the Sneak Preview of the album Favourite “Superbass”

She just slayed my whole entire f**king LIFE!!!!!!!!

Lil’ Kim – Black Friday [Review]

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This has been longly anticipated! Its been talked about everywhere! Twitter, Facebook, Radio Interviews, Magazine Interviews. I’m surprised this hasn’t even hit Newspapers (It probably has but not within the UK). Lil’ Kim’s “comeback” mixtape “Black Friday” became availble online!

I would first like to Laugh at Lil’ Kim for charging people $9.99 for her mixtape. Times are hard. Lil’ Kim is an example of that. She gotta pay the bills some way, some how! Another thing I want to laugh at is – Lil’ Kim fans claiming that they brought the mixtape, but NON of them even spoke about the tracks until it was made availble online for FREE.

Before I get into the review. If U didn’t know (then ur late) but Lil’ Kim and Nicki Minaj have industry beef. Lil’ Kim is mad at Nicki Minaj because Lil’ Kim feels that Nicki Minaj has hi-jacked Lil’ Kim’s swagger and persona, and she’s mad that Nicki Minaj hasn’t payed Homage [showing respect, giving her props]. Instead Nicki Minaj has been throwing indirect lyrics such as:

“Yeah, I Took the Spot she Gone – POOF!”

“So Let me get this straight…. Wait – I’M THE ROOKIE!? When my features and my shows 10x ur Pay! 50K for a verse – NO ALBUM OUT!”

“Is this the Thanks that I get for Putting u bitches On? Is it My fault that all of u bitches Gone!? Shoulda sent a thank u note U little hoe, Now Imma wrap ur coffin with a BOW!”

“Nicki she just mad because U took the spot! WORD – That bitch mad because I took the spot! Well if you ain’t shittin’ it then get off the pot! Got some Niggaz out in Brooklyn that will OFF UR TOP.”

Theirs probably even more. Lil’ Kim obviously isn’t having it, and has fought back with her mixtape “Black Friday”. Nicki Minaj’s debut album is called “Pink Friday”. Now to be honest Lil’ Kims mixtape is no where near Nicki Minaj’s album or Mixtapes. The quality of Black Friday is poor.

Lil’ Kim does her own version of Rihanna’s “Man Down” which is Terrible. The Track is called “Cheatin'” which I believe Lil’ Kim is going at Faith Evans in this track. Regardless of who’s she going in on. Lil’ Kim shouldn’t have touched this track.

Lil’ Kim also takes on Keri Hilson “Pretty Girl Rock” which is also a Terrible remake. And shouldn’t have been touched by Lil’ Kim at all. Not to mention she also done her own version of Kanye West’s “All of The Lights” Which Lil’ Kim ONCE AGAIN! Should have been LEFT ALONE! As Lil’ Kims version is Just TERRIBLE. I cannot stress how terrible these remakes are.

Lil’ Kim also decided to do her version of Nicki’s “Did It On Em'”. Using the SAME BEAT. And nearly the same lyrics. Lil’ Kim calls hers “Pissin’ on em” Which one again is TERRIBLE and is no where near Nicki Minaj’s track. The only track that Lil’ Kim goes real hard in is the track “Black Friday” which is still weak but was worth an effort. Kim drops this line:

“Who the FUCK want War!? I’ll FedEx Beef straigh to ur front door!”

“I’m turning Pink Friday into Friday 13th”

She also brings up Drake within this track as well. But still the track is a bit Wack and the video is a bit wack too.

Lil’ Kim has a interview on the mixtape which explans why she is so bitter towards Miss Minaj. I recommend that you listen that. Its quite humorous especially when she states that she thinks Nicki Minaj is Bi-Polar. Quite humorous.

Their is also A track on the mixtape that has Nicki Minaj on it. I guess this is the track that Nicki and Kim was working on before all this beef started. The track speaks for itself as Nicki’s verse is better than Kim’s. Nicki just steals the show.

Moving swiftly on. Their is only Two tracks that I like off Lil’ Kim’s mixtape and thats “6 Foot Tall” and “Buy U Music Feat. Keri Hilson” The rest is just a bit swag. I preffered the tracks where Kim wasn’t coming after anybody and just spoke generally. For example their is a track where she gets quite sexual. Reminds me of the Kim from the 90’s.

Hopefully this album that she’s working on is going to be Good. But for now. This Beef is getting out of hand and petty. And the mixtape doesn’t deserve to be bought. It should be downloaded free of price.


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