Chris Brown – She Ain’t You [Music Video]

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Chris Brown has dropped another single of his Gold certified album “F.A.M.E”. The video is a tribute to his idol Michael Jackson! Check out the video, its very cool!

Chris Brown is G R E A T :-). Please excuse me while I go in Hibernation to learn the dance routine!


Chris Brown – F.A.M.E [Review]

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WELL! One of the Most Anticipated Albums of This year! Chris Brown’s F.A.M.E album was released THIS WEEK! And It has been kicking up a STORM. After everything that has happened with Chris Brown, I don’t think people would have thought he was gonna come back HARD like this. But He has come Back HARDER than anybody could think!

After being Nominated for a Grammy for “Deuces” which orignally was a track on a  Mixtape. Just incase you didn’t know, If a Track from a Mixtape turns into a SINGLE and then gets Nominated for a GRAMMY it really means that the song is SUCCESSFUL! As Artists’ usually release mixtapes just to give their fans a taster of what kind of material they’re doing for an upcoming album. So if a Track of a Mixtape gets nominated for a Grammy and goes Mainstream it means that the artist has pretty much hit the JACKPOT. Chris starts of the album with Deuces. I don’t need to speak my views on this song because if its Nominated for a Grammy it speaks for itself! He also put “No Bullsh*t” On the album as well.

The Album… is… WOW… I’m actually speechless (Okay maybe I’m overracting!) But when I first heard “Beautiful People” and “Yeah 3x” I actually thought that the album was going to be this Dance/Pop crap that everybody seems to be jumping on. But I was mistaken! The album is seriously Versatile. Not to mention I like the Dance tracks that Breezy has put on this album!

The Next single “She ain’t You” Is a Sample of the Classic SWV – Right Here. And this is a GOOD Remake! When I first heard It the exact words that came out of my mouth were “EASY!!!!” Breezy has really impressed me!

Tracks that stand out for me are “Say It With me” “Oh My Love” and “Wet The Bed (Feat. Ludacris)” Ludacris always steals the show when he drops his bars on his features! The beat on “Say It With Me” is RIDCULOUS! Another track that stands out is “BOMB (Feat. Wiz Khalifa)” which has got that caribbean vibe to it. BOMB is definatly a Club banger!

Honestly this album is NUTTS. Seriously quote my words its worth the money; The Deluxe Edition especially! This album is definatly going to be nominated for a Grammy and all sorts of Awards that come along with it. Breezy is back man! Its time to forgive and let the man have his shine.

Favourite Tracks:

  • Deuces
  • No Bullshit
  • Look At Me Now
  • She Ain’t You
  • Say It With Me
  • Yeah x3
  • Wet The Bed
  • Oh my Love
  • Beautiful People
  • BOMB
  • Love The Girls
  • Paper, Scissors, Rock
  • Beg for It
  • Champion

14/18 tracks will be hitting my iPod!

P.S. Chris – I would have liked the Duet with Justin Bieber if it was someone else. But Its ALL GOOD!