Dawn Richard’s #ATellTaleHeart Mixtape Review [Download Link Included]

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Dawn Richard, just in case you didn’t know she is the main singer in Dirty Money, the new found name of Diddy’s money making strategy. Dawn used to be a part of Danity Kane. Now touring the world with Diddy and released an album with Diddy called “Last Train to Paris”, she is now getting a name for herself and getting the recognition that she deserves.

Dawn has released a mixtape called “A Tell Tale Heart” I became a fan of Dirty Money when I heard a track called “Love Come Down” which wasn’t on their album “Last Train to Paris”. In fact I quite despise “Last Train to Paris”! However I still wanted to see what Dawn Richard had to offer on her mixtape especially since it didn’t have the annoying man “Diddy” on it, I wanted to hear what she sounds like as a Solo artist.

Dawn has impressed me! I really wasn’t expecting the mixtape to impress me the way it did. However the mixtape does have some tracks that will receive the biggest negative bashing ever.

FOR EXAMPLE: Superhero (Accapella). Dawn love – Accapella does not include Auto tune and if it does in your books then I am seriously worried!

However Dawn does have some good tracks on this mixtape that are very Single Worthy! For example “Me Myself and Y” the smooth vocals and beat will defiantly get a lot of radio play! Another track that I think is class is “Broken Record”.

Dawn Richard sounds like a Cross between Ciara/Brandy and sounds a bit like Toni Braxton. She defiantly sounds like Ciara within the track “Vibrate”

Tracks that are defiantly worth listening are:

  • Superman
  • Biggest Fan
  • Me Myself & Y
  • Broken Record
  • Vibrate
  • Bulletproof

Download the mixtape here

The mixtape is a good effort from Dawn Richard! I hope to see more Solo stuff from her! I personally think Dawn is smart, If I was Dawn I would use Diddy to gain some Fame and get a name for herself and then she should move on to Bigger and better things! Because she defiantly can make it big within the right hands and the right team, because Diddy is only going to use her and Dirty Money to make the numbers in his Bank Account rise!


Toni Braxton – U’ve Let Me Down

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If ur a big fan of my Blog [Fan – LOL] then you’ll know that one of my recent post’s attacked Mary J. Blige on her new album “Stronger With Each Tear” and why I am dissapointed within the fact that she has removed some tracks [Tracks that I like] and replaced them with Tracks that iDon’t like! Within that post iSaid stay tuned to see which other artist iAin’t happy with… Well…

“iLove Toni Braxton’s new album Pulse”

Toni Braxton has been away for quite a WHILE. What iRemember of Toni Braxton was her song back in the 90’s “He Wasn’t Man Enough” other people might remember her for her Signature song “Unbreak my Heart”. Toni Braxton now has a new single called “Yesterday” and there is a version of Yesterday featuring Trey Songz. I have to say so myself that Yesterday is a Big tune. So since Yesterday was such a good song iDecided to hear what Toni is dealing with in her new album “Pulse” and iLove Toni Braxton’s new album Pulse. It has nothing but Good Slow Jams and Club Bangers on it.

HOWEVER! Whilst browsing the internet [As you do] and Tweeting away on Twitter [As you do] it came to my Attention that Toni Braxton is releasing an EU version of her album! Basically the same thing that Mary J. Blige has done! And Guess what readers! Toni Braxton has AXED songs that iLike off the album, just for the country that iLive in. Now iUnderstand that Record labels are doing this because they think that certain material will sell in the UK and certain Material won’t. But for goodness SAKE! This is a FUCKING PISS TAKE!

The tracks iLike off Pulse are:

  • Yesterday [Original and Remix featuring Trey Songz]
  • Hands Tied
  • I Hate Love
  • Its You
  • Looking at Me
  • Don’t Call Just Text
  • My Ring

Can iJust mention iDidn’t even take the time OUT to listen to the EU Version of the album, iJust saw the track listings and said “FUCK IT!” This is the EU Tracklistings for Toni Braxtons New album!


01. Yesterday (Ft. Trey Songz)
02. Make My Heart
03. Hands Tied
04. Woman (Not Enough)
05. If I Have To Wait
06. Lookin At Me (Ft. Sean Paul)
07. Wardrobe
08. Hero
09. No Way
10. Pulse
11. Why Won’t You Love Me

There is some new tracks, which I haven’t taken time to listen to! But iHave to give it to Toni because she has let Trey Songz be on the EU version of her album unlike Mary J. Blige! But Sean Paul on “Lookin At Me” iHaven’t heard it, But iLike the original and iThink it should have been left alone! But iCan’t judge, it probably is better than the original!

But the Original Version of “Pulse” has 14 Tracks… The EU Version has 11! I’m saying Toni Braxton better TRY and do a Sasha Fierce and release a Platinum Edition or a Deluxe Edition of the album and Add the tracks that iLike to the EU Version of the album! They are Vital tracks!

-Sigh- Once again… This is why people download ILLEGALLY! Now iWill take time out to listen to the EU Version… and will inform you all 🙂 @iMallyUK