X-Factor’s theme this week was “Queen Week”. The only song iKnow from Queen is “We Will Rock U” that’s round about it! iWasn’t born when Queen was Star struck!

To start of this week’s show was the Rocker himself Jamie Archer Who sang Radio Ga Ga, which me personally was a good song choice! Because Jamie knows how to impress the crowd. But Cheryl said she doesn’t like Jamie’s afro! iDid! It needed a bit of Hairspray and some Grease! It suited him to be honest. But was Jamie’s afro enough?

Lloyd Daniels came along singing “A Little Thing Called Love”. iAm not a big fan of Lloyd! He is still in the competition for his looks! Which is just disgraceful! X-Factor has become an entertainment show these days not a Singing Competition! It’s Ridiculous! Lloyd’s vocals are not strong enough at all! Hearing his album would be like listening to my own funeral! iJust might turn deaf! Get Lloyd out! His not good vocally! On another note – Lloyd people have been searching for ur hairstyle on the Internet… iDon’t see whats special about ur hair but… others…somehow… do!

Olly broke his little finger trying to punch John & Edward! (Joking) He broke his little finger by punching a pole while playing with John & Edward. Olly came with his typical performance… Olly is always dancing and doing some sort of musical. I’m not saying he isn’t good at what his doing at this present moment but iPersonally want to see Olly sing some Ballads to be honest. iWant to see his vocals expand, Right now i’m just seeing the same thing… Olly please come with something different! Ur one of my favourites. His getting a bit to predictable.

Joe McElderry is now my new Favourite to win X-Factor! This guy is very serious! And iLove his performances. However he does seem a little Will Young or Gareth Gates, but Joe does have his own little spin on him, but he does have a Will Young and Gareth Gates image to him. Joe’s performance was good! iLike the fact that he used the choir! Forget what Louis Walsh said about the Choirs… Joe’s performance was Class… Wasn’t brilliant but it was class! Joe needs to belt out a Note and I’ll be on my way to buy his ALBUM! Joe to WIN!

John & Edward … Sang Under Pressure By Queen. Lets mention that one of the twins nearly dropped by smashing through the white paper. Then Calvin Harris decided to run on stage with a PINEAPPLE to mimic JEdward’s hair! This performance was a bit of a shambles… but when is John & Edwards performance ever together? It’s a shame they have Lovers! Also JEdward had a little spin on things and put “Ice, Ice baby” in the song! God knows how… God Knows Why! But Louis Walsh needs to get his head sorted seriously!

Stacey sang a very heart-felt/Soul-ful song! She sang “Who Wants to Live Forever” which iPersonally believe was a VERY good performance! At the start iFelt that Stacey was Boring me! She is becoming to be another Leona Lewis. Stacey just needs to sort out that little Geeky and snorty personality! Which makes me LAUGH every time iThink of her being in an Interview. If Stacey does music like how she sang on this song this week… iWould buy her records! Her voice really suits soulful songs! Well done Stacey! iWasn’t feeling u last week but this week u nearly gave me goosebumps! Well done!

Big Mouthed – Drama King! Danyl Johnson was next and last person to perform! iCan’t help but say that when Danyl sings and hits his high notes he looks like he is YAWNING! Danyl sort that out man! Your mouth opens WIDE when u hit them notes! U look like ur about to Swallow the microphone! This performance was Okay. The choir was okay the song was okay… iDon’t think it personally suited him but it was an okay performance. The last note was very on point! However Louis there is a problem with a singer being Arrogant and has a big MOUTH while singing! A Big PROBLEM!

The Bottom Two was very upsetting!