So Beyoncé has done a video to ANOTHER song of her Album “I Am… Sasha Fierce” which has been Released twice! The Deluxe Edition and the Platinum Edition! Which has just recently been released. MTV said they was going to play the Video @ the EMA Awards show, but it wasn’t aired, which got those Crazy Beyoncé and Lady GaGa Fans angry because they couldn’t wait to see the video! But the video was finally released and here it is:

iLoved the beginning of the Video where Beyoncé was walking with the troop of men behind her. But iWas disappointed! iWas expecting to have Beyoncé showing off her body and having men record her on a Video Phone or maybe even a iPhone. I was even expecting Beyoncé to advertise the Blackberry or any Mobile phone that is Hot these days in this video, but she never. iGuess her and Lady GaGa wasn’t going for the Cliche video.

One thing iLike about the video is the Dance off between Lady GaGa and Beyoncé. U can tell Beyoncé was getting all Sasha Fierce on GaGa ass though! Beyoncé was hitting them moves HARD! GaGa didn’t look like she could keep up! Beyoncé was like “No way Imma let this girl come on my video and dance better than me!”

iDo think Lady GaGa should have had more than her hair blowing in the wind than just a side view of her! Another point – What is up with the guns? iDon’t like the concept of the video!

However iDo think Beyoncé and GaGa are defiantly lined up for a Video Award for this video… it is an Epic video without a doubt! The video does remind me of Check on it!