My Girl Keyshia Cole is BACK! If U didn’t know – I am a BIG Fan of Keyshia Cole and her Music! [There is a big difference when Ur a BIG Fan of the Artist and not just a fan of their Music! And I ain’t a big fan of her because she’s good looking either!] So Keyshia Cole is back with her 4th Studio Album “Calling All Hearts” And Boy, Oh boy did she call some hearts!

At first Keyshia announced the first single of Calling All Hearts, was “I Ain’t Thru (feat. Nicki Minaj)” As a big fan of Keyshia this song took a while to grow on me. It is very smooth! HOWEVER! Listen to the lyrics!

“See I ain’t worried about y’all! All u Hating Ass BROADS! With your hating ass fits! Hating ass THIS! Hating Ass LIPS! So give me my Elbow room! It’s time for me to come through!”

This song is underrated but I can understand why it is. It shouldn’t have been the first single of the album however it is a Righteous song within its own right! Keyshia was just making a point that she ain’t finished and I understand that. But wasn’t wise as a Single choice.

Keyshia then dropped the 2nd Second Single “Long Way Down” Now this is the Keyshia Cole that I Love! The soulful Keyshia! This is what I’m talking about! Keyshia is discussing how she is fed up of all the “Flossers” and the “Betrayers” that isn’t what she wants no more! Don’t waste her time, because she certainly doesn’t want to be wasting urs! “Long Way Down” should have been the first single! This song is what everyone loves about Keyshia Cole!

The Album Is AMAZING! She has a track on the album called “If I Fall In Love Again (feat. Faith Evans)” which I like, until Faith Evans verse kicks in. I don’t know, just not feeling her voice on that track! However it’s still a banging track! It sample’s one of B.I.G’s tracks which gives it that Old Skool vibe!  However this is one of my least favourites on the album.

Now tracks like “So Impossible” LORD. This song captured my heart!! [Calling all hearts – Do U get it!?] Keyshia drops these lyric in this track:

It is what it is – We’re just not meant to be. I’m not meant for you and you’re not meant for me! Ain’t no need for us to deny, what we had is so gone ‘Cause my heart is still beating… for love”

U got these lyrics with a nice slow beat! I’m telling u if this doesn’t capture ur heart then, ur missing something in ur life. This song says everything that I wanted to say to someone a couple of months ago! Keyshia called my heart on that one. However she is not finished calling!

We have the track “Sometimes” which I LOVE this track. Keyshia has said on her twitter that she wrote this song for her fans! I personally believe this song is what Keyshia needed to say on the Just like You album! With lyrics such as

“Sometimes I wish that I could step outside of myself! Sometimes I just wanna go way from myself”

I needed this from Keyshia! Because believe me we all have had those moments when we just wanna run away from OURSELVES! And I’m glad that Keyshia feels the same way that I do. Real fan right here! [Called my heart #2]

“CONFUSED IN LOVE “– RIGHT! I’m not going to get into how I feel about this song. It called my heart #3 and shall I tell u why!? This is why!!

“I Used to be Through with Love, Confused in Love! No way in knowing what I wanna do with love! But NO MORE! I won’t Stress No More! Used to Cry at night, Lay awake at night – hold my pillow tight, It will be alright! BABY GIRL!”

DO I NEED TO SAY ANY MORE!? This song speaks for itself. Please, if you’re confused in Love I seriously recommend this song. This is Medicine for the broken heart’s right here.

The next song I want to talk about is a new Hit for the radio. “Take Me Away”. This song is one of those songs that U dance around in ur underwear while U wake up from a text message from ur boo! Keyshia defiantly hit it big with this song! This defiantly will have SUCCESS if it’s released as a single!

This review is getting long enough as it is already, so I’m gonna skip some tracks.

Keyshia Cole ends the album with a track called “Better me” which is defiantly dedicated to her Fiancé. This is a wedding song and is a nice slow jam! It’s a nice way to end an album and is defiantly some good R&B.

Over All – Keyshia Cole called my heart on this album and I believe she will be calling other hearts on this album too! Keyshia worked with Timbaland on a track “Last Hangover” which is a BANGING Track. She also worked with her Adopted Mother Yvonne Cole on the Track “Thank You” Which has the Gospel vibe to it as well. If you haven’t got Calling All Hearts yet I suggest you get it. It will call ur heart, I bet its calling your heart after reading this review!

P.S. You need to buy the DELUXE EDITION of Calling All Hearts to get the track “Confused in Love”. P.S. I couldn’t stop singing every track while writing this review 😀