X-Factor this week was “Wham! week” With a touch of George Michael. There was a lot of press circling a certain contestant this week on X-Factor, but all that will be revealed as the blog goes on. I Was kind of excited to see who will sing what this week. My favourite song by George Michael is Faith, and iWas very anxious to see who will sing it, and if they will sing it good.

First to open the show was Lloyd with my favourite song by George Michael. Yes – he performed Faith, and surprisingly he sang it well! It was in his vocal range. Lloyd also done something to his hair which made him look a bit better, he also had fake tan on him (which iDidn’t see the need for) But this performance was okay! Lloyd does need a MASSIVE improvement though!

Next to perform was Stacey, she sang “I Can’t Make You Love Me – George Michael”. She looked stunning, but iDo think she should do more than singing ballads! It was a bit pitchy as well. But Stacey is a brilliant singer and she could be in the line to win, but last week’s performance was better than this week’s performance. I felt the emotion with last weeks performance, this week it was just all about her vocals which was kind of on point. Stacey would defiantly get far. However iDo think Stacey looks like Leona Lewis!

Then it was John & Edward to do their Weekly exercise (aka jumping and down on stage). It was very predictable that John & Edward was going to perform a Wham! song. They can’t sing ballads which we all will see later. What was up with JEdwards Skinny Jeans! They was too tight! They looked like they was entertaining Simon though,  But here is the dreadful performance

This week the Press was surrounding Danyl, because he ran out of the X-Factor studios throwing a tantrum because Simon wouldn’t let him sing the song he wanted to sing (which he ended up singing in the end anyway) also Danyl threaten to quit the show. Danyl you must learn you are not a Diva yet! You cannot be throwing Tantrum’s because your not getting your own way! U haven’t even won the show yet and ur throwing unnecessary tantrums! And the thing about u quitting is RIDICULOUS! It’s a once in a life time to be on X-Factor, do not take that for-granted Son! The public could take that from u at any moment in time! Going back to his performance Danyl was trying to hard in the song and he went a bit off tune, without a doubt Danyl can sing, but iThink he needs to tone it down. But iDo agree with Cheryl Cole his image is on point!

Olly was after Danyl, and sorry to say it, Olly was a big threat to be in the Bottom 2, this week. Also it was predictable that He was going to sing “Faster love” I personally want to hear Olly sing a Ballad. I do want him to slow it down a bit. Olly is dancing week in week out. iActually want him to do a Stacey and stand still and sing 🙂 But yes iWas fearing that Olly would be in the bottom two this week.

The winner was next to perform. Yes the WINNER! I’ve found my winner! Joe McElderley to WIN! However – during the video of Joe going home to see his family and College friends, Joe was walking like Beyoncé in the video… Joe that is a big No No! Tone it down! Do not get to feminine! Scariest thing is – He actually knows how to do the Beyoncé walk… Moving on! This performance Was Brilliant! Joe has a good voice! And He can SING! His performance touched me and was a good way to end the show! Joe McElderley to win X-Factor by far! He is brilliant! Joe turned me into a big fan! I do agree with Louie It was the best performance of the night!